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Sunday, 4 January 2009
09:27:16 AM (GMT)
Chapter 1

“Helloooo?  Anyone there?”  I opened my eyes…and said “great I get to wake up
to the cow…again”. “Well it’s not my fault that you like to share a room with
me” Haru said. “For one this is my room! You gave your room to Shigure!” I
remained him. “Still let’s go get breakfast Tohru made eggs!” Haru just smiled
and ran off. I yelled “You Know I hate eggs!” “That’s why I asked her to make
them!”Haru yelled back. I reluctantly got up and got dressed. I tried to keep from
myself that today was the day I would have to spend the rest of the school year
dealing with Haru every day. Even though I am younger I was allowed to skip my last
year of junior high and go to high school..More along the lines of Hatori made me but
still. I accepted what Hatori did and I was going to stick to it…especially since I
get to live with Haru and he is m- “Good morning Miss. Iszuma-chan” I suddenly
jumped then turned around..It was just Sohma-san.”  “A-and a good morning to you
to Sohma-san.” “Miss. Iszuma-chan did I startle you?” “A bit..” I said
trying not to make it sound as bad as it was. Then all of a sudden Haru bursted in
and said “Leia were you trying to take my Yuki from me?” “No! Why would I?!”
Haru just replied “You put blush on today?” I suddenly felt the heat coming from
my cheeks.  I think Sohma-san saw that I was getting red, not from the blush but 
from anger and quickly said. “Haru will you meet me out in the dining room?”
“certainly my Yuki.” And ran off. Sohma-san said that he hopes he gets to see me
after the ceremony. I felt another wave of heat go to my cheeks and I just said
“Hope to see you there to.” Then Yuki just walked out. I was thinking about how
to get back at Haru when Tohru came in she said “Good Morning Leia! You should of
told me you don’t like eggs or meat! No wonder you barely ever eat! I made you a
fruit salad so you won’t have to starve. Ok.” I asked who told you I don’t like
meats  or eggs? “She said that Yuki-kun did..then Haru said that he forgot about
that.” I said thank you and she went off. I got my bag together and went out to the
kitchen. I sat down at the only seat left between Haru and Sohma-san my food was
already there at the seat I looked at Tohru and She smiled I smiled back. Then she
said “Leia why are you wearing the long skirt?” I said kindly “I just like the
longer one better.” “Then Shigure said “ Leia you would look stunning in a mini
skirt!” I yelled “ Like I would ever wear that kind of clothing in this house 
with you around you perverted old man!” Everybody just started at me with a stunned
look everyone but Haru..he known’s how easily I can turn. Like Haru going from
white to black. But Haru says I go from White to face flames up when I am
angry. I had noticed that it was silent until Momiji and Kisa came in “Hi guys!”
Momiji  said. Kisa just quietly went up to Tohru gave her a hug then to me. I saw
Sohma-san look down at his watch and then he said that it was time to go. Tohru
looked at the clock on the wall and said that we have a hour before the ceremony
begins. Sohma-san looked at me and reminded me  that he promised to introduce me to
the student council members. “I remember now thank you for reminding me
Sohma-san.” I said. Then I got up and said that I would see everybody at the
ceremony. Once we walked out of the house I looked at my keychain watch and said that
it is only seven that we could have stayed for a few more minutes. He just looked
down at me with a sweet smile and said “ I know but did you want to have to deal
with that” He stopped walking and pointed back at the house a few seconds later we
heard Kyo start yelling about how could it be the first day of school and that he
would of murdered the person that started the whole concept of school. Sohma-san just
smiled I asked what was so funny about him yelling to the world that he wants to
murder somebody. He said “ This happens every time even at the main house…wait
you never heard him?” Sohma-san asked. “No my room was at the west end.”  I
just looked puzzled, he said that he thought that only Akito-san’s room is in the
west wing. I just said that there were always two rooms. The one with the small door
was mine. Sohma-san said that he was always told that that was a storage closet. I
knew everybody that ever lived in the house but only a few people knew about me ever
since he said that I had a sibling and that is why he had kept me away I always
wondered if my life would be different if I grew up with Haru. Then I walked into a
pole. “owww that hurt!” “Miss.Iszuma-chan are you ok?!”  Sohma-san asked

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