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Dying (Lioneh's new story)Category: (general)
Thursday, 25 December 2008
10:25:46 PM (GMT)
Panting heavily, a SOLDIER in his late teenage years stood among the wreckage of the
slums of Midgar, making an attempt to catch his breath. A sudden vibration in the
pocket of his coat indicated that his phone was ringing, forcing him to blindly
fumble his left hand around in the pocket to find it. Once retrieved, he flicked his
wrist and opened the flip phone with a snap, putting it up to his ear.

“…hello?” He mumbled between breaths, impatiently waiting for a response.

‘I’ve just received word from Sephiroth that all Wutai troops have been
eliminated. Secure the area and check for casualties. I’ll give you the all clear
shortly.” An ever patient and calm Lazard Deusericus spoke clearly, speaking as the
director of ShinRa’s elite fighting force, SOLDIER.

“Got it.” Genesis Rhapsodos muttered, flipping his phone shut and returning it to
his coat. A surprise attack from a group of elite Wutai soldiers had caught ShinRa
off guard that day, making one load of a task for the array of SOLDIERs to take care
of. The 1st Classes were among the first few sent down to investigate, finding
themselves thrown into armed combat as soon as they arrived.

Genesis picked his way through the heaps of scrap metal that were left over from the
construction of the plate, making his way over towards a clearer section of ground. A
few 2nd Class SOLDIERs were standing about, recovering from the rush of adrenaline
that came with battle.

“Hey!” The redheaded SOLDIER hollered, “Get a move on! Start securing!”

They nodded in recognition, and began blocking off the area to ordinary civilians to
stop them coming in. Genesis sighed, slightly thankful that he had the authority of a
top ranking SOLDIER now. He stepped over once last scrap of metal and a piece of
wood, making his way towards the area where the majority of combat had taken place.
Out of the corner of his eyes, he managed to spot a crumpled figure that lay at the
edge of the battlefield. Squinting with his enhanced vision, he identified the person
to be a female civilian, and she wasn’t looking in a very good shape. Gently, the
SOLDIER made his way over towards her, identifying several nasty wounds that would
certainly make saving her life difficult. With care, Genesis kneeled down beside the
young woman and looked her over, seeing several gunshot wounds to the chest. Her
breathing was shallow and her eyes were closed, tainted with teardrops that she had

Genesis’ mako infused eyes widened with concern as he gently rubbed her shoulder in
an attempt to get her attention, trying his best to make her conscious again.

“Hey…” he said softly, seeing her eyes opening slightly. They were a deep
brown, filled with pain and yet…they were so…beautiful.

She coughed, trying her best to see the figure that was hunched over her. Her eyes
widened as she caught a glimpse of the sword that lay in Genesis’ right hand.

“Don’t worry. I’m with SOLDIER.” Genesis spoke gently, placing his Rapier
down beside himself in order to reduce the girl’s fear. The distress left her eyes
as she eased, clearly succumbing to the welcoming realm of unconsciousness again.
“Hey, hey! You’ve got to stay awake, or I…I won’t be able to help you.”

“You…can’t…” she whispered, struggling to come to terms with her agonizing
injuries. Genesis shook his head, refusing to believe that he wasn’t able to save
the girl.

“What’s your name?” He asked quietly, keeping a hand on the shoulder of the
quivering female.

“…Cara.” She whispered, squeezing her eyes shut as she winced in pain. Genesis
felt a pang of sympathy from within himself as he tried his best to comfort the dying
girl, slipping an arm around her shoulders.

“Sshh…” Genesis whispered, moving some of the girl’s dark brown hair out of
her eyes. He hated to think about it, but the extent of this girl’s injuries meant
that even if he did carry her, she wouldn’t make it. “…I’m Genesis.”

Cara barely managed a nod, feeling her eyes well up with tears as the pain increased.
The SOLDIER’s expression changed to one of sadness as he saw the distress the young
woman was in, feeling so helpless that he wasn’t able to save her. He brought his
left hand to his face, gripping the glove with his teeth so he was able to take it
off without removing his other arm from the Cara’s shoulders. The red leather glove
landed in his lap as he moved his hand to gently wipe the tears from the girl’s
cheeks, murmuring to her comforting words.

“It’s okay…it’s alright…” he said softly, stroking her cheek with a shaky
hand. She lifted her right hand up slowly, taking hold of the SOLDIER’s fingers
weakly. Genesis responded by taking hold of Cara’s hand, holding it securely as she
gripped tightly, struggling with the pain. She cried out through her still falling
tears, finding it hard to keep her gaze with the redhead. She just wanted to look at
him while she died; he was the only thing keeping her clinging onto life.

“Ssshh…it’s okay…” Genesis faltered, beginning to lose hold on his emotions
as Cara looked up at him, an almost pleading look showing in her brown eyes.

“Th…thank…you…” she whispered, finally accepting what was happening. Her
grip fell limp in Genesis’ left hand, letting him know that her time had come.
Unable to help himself, the SOLDIER let his own tears fall, his eyes squeezed shut as
he still held on to Cara’s hand. He shuddered as he tried to contain his distress,
trying not to let the sobs continue. He leaned his head downward, giving her cheek a
gentle kiss as his final goodbye.

Genesis looked at her face, seeing her cheeks now tainted with the teardrops he had

My notes: this is another story....Lioneh has a talent with angst..she has great
english language..

Momoka  girl of the rich~

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