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Sunday, 7 December 2008
05:23:39 PM (GMT)
i named it that so people would read :D
ok ive been gone all weekend.
i just got home like 30 minutes ago.
ok. on Friday i had a pretty good day. then we went to the Christmas parade :D
ohmygosh Bomfre was like i cant wait to see Santa. he was like ohmygosh. when i see
santa on the float im gunna run to him and yell,"SANTA!" and im liike and when you
figure out its not the real santa im gunna laugh when you kick him in the nuts and
yell,"YOURE NOT SANTA!" hahahaha
then we went to the coffee house and Bomfre halfed with me so i could get in.
then Jordyn and i were gunna sing karaoke. but we didnt. we didnt know any of the
and i had to call bomfre to see where emily was and then dakota had his phone and i
called him and she answered and started talking and i was thinking, who in the hell
is this? and then shes like i cant fiind bomfre! and i turned and she was right
beside me and i tapped her shoulder and go.... YOUR TALKING TO ME and shes like....
now i feel stupid!
then we went home and then i spend the night with emily and we woke up in the morning
and went to see her mom run the 13 mile race... half marathon. thennnnnnn we went to
Johns house.
and we met this guy and he sucked at guitar hero and we kept distracting him :D and
he was like ok lets see you do better. haha i did. on medium. and then he was like
ill give you $20 to shut up through a song. and we did and he wouldnt. and he had
flowers on his shirt so the ohter guy called him a flamer.
the flamer didnt give me my money. then we went to church and evan started textiung
then we went out and ate dinner. then went home and at like 11pm i started thinking
about going to the dentist and imagined how they give me 3 shots to numb my mouth and
then afterwards i move my mouth and it hurts and thewn i started thinking of my last
panic attack then i started thinking of how im clostraphobic and thennnn i started
thinking how i was on the couch covered up and my dad sat on the covers at the bottom
and i felt like i couldnt breathe and i freaked out and was like screaming like i got
shot and then... i couldnt breathe and i started having another panic attack and i
took off my pants and started jumping arounf emilys bedroom and said,"I need to
flutter" then today we watched elf and then walked to jordyns house in the cold and
we met with sharifa bomfre patrick & jordyn and we had fun then we walked to the park
then me and sharifa started cracking up about how my hands were being weird and numb
and bomfre tied my shoes and gave me a dollar and then we walked back to Em's and on
the way i sat on bricks and talked to this random guy and i was like hi. i like your
dog. nemo lives in an anemone and i couldnt say it and then he was like wtf? and then
i saw a dude on a bike and im like hey! i know you! whats your name? and he goes...
mitchell and im like i have you added to my friends on myspace! and i tod him id
message him XD bahahahhaa now i have sharifa's necklace and my parents went out to
get me something

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