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Someone up there is looking out for me.Category: Love
Saturday, 29 November 2008
12:31:05 PM (GMT)
I just have to tell all the world of this wonderful man.

Fate has played me a unique card, one that no one else in the world will ever get. I
don't know if it was God himself or some other angle but someone up there has sent to
me Aizu and I could never thank them enough.... Its amazing how the smallest gestures
of affection can make the biggest impact on a heart. Last night Aizu did one little
thing for me and stole my heart all over again.

I called him last night, a little later then usual but I had forgoten that he was
staying the night at a friend's house. So I rushed to my room thinking he would be
nearly asleep and called. He answered hyper as hell drunk off Dr. Pepper and it was
really damn cute ^-^ We talked a bit and I threatened his friend with what I would do
to him if he hurt my love, and my love threatened his friend and warned him to not
even think of hurting me. Well Aizu then said that he would call me in the morning
which was a little dissapointing because we usually talk for alot longer but I
understood that he was hanging with his buddies and such so I said ok. But then... he
said goodnight. Which isn't bad except for the fact that he skipped saying I love
you. So I said it and he said good night again.... with that I just said goodnight
and hung up. 

Now, heres a quick piece of information. His parents know about me but not of how far
involved we are with each other. So I understood that if he said I love you infront
of these particular friends word might get back to his parents. But it still nkinda
hurt that  he couldn't say it. Here is another bit of information. We have talked
every single day/night ever since the very first time we called each other. He lives
far away so the phone is all we have really so its important. He had also never
before missed a single chance to say "I love you" to me.

I tossed and turned for a while, thinking of how a record would be smashed in the
morning, thinking of how he didn't say the words I adore and need from him. I know he
would have said it if he could, and I know he felt bad that he couldn't. So after an
hour or so I called back. He answered as quickly as ever and said hey in his happy
tone ^-^ So I asked him if he could do me a big favor. Of course my lovey said sure,
what do you need. I asked him if it was possible for him to get away from his friends
for a moment and I heard him shout to them that he would be right back this was
important. I instantly felt bad at that.... worried that he wouldn't see it as
important... once he was alone he asked what was going on. I said "First, I love
you." And in his intoxicating,sweet and tender voice he said "I love you too" and no
one could ever imagine how just those simple words set my heart on fire. So then I
went on to explain how it was almost the first time he didn't day those words to me
but then reality kicked in and I felt stupid for making him leave his friends just
for those words and I started apologizing but he shushed me (XD) and said that he
would choose me over them anytime. We said I love you agian and hung up for the
night. I still stayed awake for a while just thinking and saying in my head over and
over that I was the luckest woman in the world to have such a wonderful man in my
life at such an early age. It may not be that big of a  deal to anyone else but my
love understood it was a big deal for me.

KyroPuppet says:   29 November 2008   643295  
(Sorry for the  typo's)
Drago says :   2 December 2008   766545  
You do love him, don't you?


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