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Tuesday, 28 October 2008
10:50:53 AM (GMT)
Science -
-Who sits beside you? Taylor,Ashley,Kristen,Travis,Kendra,DANIEL. :D
- Did you ever fall asleep in this period? No,the teacher's too hot.
- Who asks you for help most? Taylor xD
- Have you ever skipped Science? NO,THE TEACHERS TOO HOT.But sersly.I get Science
this year. 

Math -
- Who sits to your left? Taylor.
- Are you failing this class? Probably.
- Is this your favorite class? Uh,no.
- What reminds you of Math? BUSSEYYYYYYY.
Long story.Our math teachers name is Mr.Bussey,and he's like THE BIGGEST NERD.He
talks way too fast and stutters alot and he makes this pouty face when he's thinking
and his butt jiggles when he walks.SO EVERYONE JUST CALLS HIM "BUSSEYYYY" xD
- What do you do during Math period? Definetly not Math.Not when Daniel is in that

Art - 
- Is your crush in this class? Yeeep.
- Do you ever have fun in this class? Lots.I just finished up my drawing of Robert
Pattinson and everyone said it was great.But the shadowing sucks and it looks like
one side of his face is burnt. xD But Daniel and Kristen are in that class so we
always talk about porn and sexuality and shizz. <3
- What's your teacher like? Really nice. :D
- Who sits beside you? Not assigned seats.

English -
- where do you sit? Every class is the same.In teh back with
Taylor,Ashley,Kristen,Travis,Kendra,and DANIEL. :D
- Who do you talk to? Daniel.WHO ELSE.
- Do you chew gum in this period? Yes. :D
- Is your best friend in this class? Taylor and Ashley.If only Morgan were here.It'd
be 10 times the fun.
- Is your crush in this class? Hellz yeah.

- Anyone you want to shoot during this period? A lot of people.Travis,because he's
like "ELLLLLLISSSSS GTFO MY TEAM!" and DonnE because he's like telling how to play
- Is your crush in this class? Yeah,but it's unfortunate that he sees me at my
- Do you ever have fun in this class? Not really. xD Unless I'm sitting out.
- What's your teacher like? HE'S a pregnant pedophile who has kids with
a college student but still feels the need to make girls run extra laps so he can get
a better view of their asses.
- Who sits behind you? ROFL.We all sit in a circle like it's story time!But then the
story he tells us is that we suck and his 2 year old daughter could do what we
do,only better.Well if she's Mr.Catling's daughter,YEAH!She can do way better. xD
- What's your favorite sport to play in gym? Hockey.
- What class's do you share it with? Just us.

- Who do you talk to? Daniel. :D 
- Do you chew gum in this period? Yep.
- Is your best friend in this class? Taylor and Ash,but I MISS YOU MORGAN! </3
- Is your crush in this class? Hellz yeah.
- Who do you sit beside? Daniel.Taylor.Ashley.The bunch I sit next to every class.
- whats your favorite thing to do in this class? I'd like to do what Morgan
does(crack jokes about Jesus),but my friends a Christian,so that wouldn't work
out.BUT.We do crack jokes about BUSSEYYYYYY!We made an "Ode To Sir"

Health -
-Is there a seating plan? Yeeee.
-Whos your teacher? Mrs.Byrne.Fucking annoying bitch who has breathing problems and
talks like "TODAAAY CLAAASS. *Deep breath* WERE GOING TO BE LEEEEARNING *Deep breath*
-What's your favorite thing to do in this class? Poke fun at the teacher,of
course.But I'd like to point out that our Sex Ed book says that you can get hairy
palms from masturbating.
-Are you allowed to talk in this class? Even if we weren't,I would.
-What are you currently learning? Stress.Like I care.

-who is your locker by? Taylors and Ashleys.
-Do you know any of your friends locker combinations? Taylors and Ashleys.
-what color is your locker? I actually don't know.I don't go sizing up my effing
-Whats the middle digit of your combo? Don't have one.Kristen's too cheap.
-And your locker number? Like thirty something.

WoahItsMorgan says:   29 October 2008   358472  

Dude, I gotta see your Robert Pattinson drawing.

Im doing an Abstract painting in art. 

I Miss You <3.

SexFlavouredPancakes says :   31 October 2008   712676  
I love you  babeh. <33
Yeah,when I finish.Which won't be in the meantime. x]
I thought I was done but the teacher made me like.change it a bit.And
make the shading better.

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