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A girl named Halyn - part 2Category: Halyn story
Tuesday, 7 October 2008
09:08:56 PM (GMT)
As the two girls entered the school, Halyn and Marlina met another person. This one
was a boy. Nick Carson. Halyn's other best friend. He also had a secret in which
Halyn had figured out. You see in grade seven Halyn had heard Nick singing out on the
roof. He sounded the same as the leader of the band Sour Rockets. So the next day
Halyn was eating lunch on the roof and Nick came up. He sat down across from her. She
blinked a few times then looked at him. " So, You're a singer?" Nick started choking.
Halyn had to save his life by preforming the Heimlich maneuver. After that day they
became friends. Though there was another secret about Nick that Halyn didn't know
about. You see Nick wanted to be more then friends with Halyn, but he thought that
would never happen. So he never got around to asking her out. It seemes that Nick is
pretty unusal as well but like I had said before this story is about Halyn. Not Nick
and not Marlina. They may be apart of this story though. Now we should get back to
      Nick turned at the sound of other voices. He smiled as he saw Halyn walking
towards him. He waved and yelled, " Halyn! Happy Birthday!"  Now this is where I get
to add another twist in this crazy story.Marlina has a crush on Nick. She doesn't
know how to act around him so she gets all quiet, which makes NIck think that Marlina
hates him so he gets all quiet. He can't go out with Halyn if her best friend hates
him and Halyn is oblivious to the whole situation. Which makes it awkward being
around both of them at the same time. Though it was not just a coincident. It was
what most people call fate. FOr this will be a big part of the story later. Now
remember that. Well either way they all stood there in a horrible silence. That is
until Halyn began to talk. " Hello Nick" She smiled politely. 
     Nick smiled back and fished something out of his pocket. " I got you something."
He took out a small box with red wrapping paper. It was strange because Marlina had
the same colour wrapping paper. Though like I said before, today Halyn's lucky colour
was red. 
     " Thank you," The girl smiled. She took the box from Nick's hand. Her hand
touched his slightly and he turned a light shade of pink. She unwrapped the gift
slowly and gasped. It was a hair clip. Not just any hair clip either. About a month
before Halyn and Nick were walking towards the place of his next job. She had seen it
in the window of a jewelery shop. It was a very simple silver colour. Though there
was a red rose on it for decoration. Halyn thought it was simply beautiful. Though it
was way out of her price range. So they had moved on but Nick kept thinking about it
and knew she would love to receive it for her birthday.  
      Halyn looked up at Nick and hugged him. " Oh, Nick! I love it!" She backed up
slowly and looked at the boy in front of her. " I can't believe you remembered." Nick
was blushing pretty hard so he stared at the floor.
      " It, really was no big deal Halyn." Nick said trying not to stutter over his
words. Marlina just watched. She didn't know what to say or do. She figured out that
Nick liked Halyn a long time ago but it was just horrible what he had just done to
her. Marlina felt really bad and didn't want to start crying. She began to walk to
their classroom. " Um, excuse me but we need to prepare the classroom before other
people start coming," Marlina ended up saying in an icy tone. 
      Halyn nodded. " Oh, right sorry." Without even noticing that icy tone of
Marlina's. Though Nick noticed it. He sighed and stared at the floor. He was thinking
that Marlina really did hate him. It was amazing that he was so far off. They all
continued to the class room and began with the preparations. Placing books on desks,
arranging flowers in jars, writing news on the chalkboard. Things like that. 
        As they finished up other students began to arrive. Halyn was given more
congratulations on her birthday. She really didn't like all this attention because of
something so small as her birthday but everyone liked her and thought  she deserved
all the attention. 
        Soon the morning classes had worn through and lunch time came. Halyn went up
to the roof before Nick and Marlina. She wanted a little time for herself. She sat
down on a bench and began to eat. Halyn had already finished eating and Neither Nick
or Marlina showed up yet. She sighed and stood up. She went to the fence preventing
her from killing herself. The girl placed a hand on this fence and sighed. She closed
her eyes and began to sing.

‹Stephy Star-Bright› says:   8 October 2008   674138  
it is very good i can't wait till the third part
‹Casey_Be_A_Vampire› says :   9 October 2008   859219  
oh my crap

loveing it


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