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Sunday, 21 September 2008
03:44:33 PM (GMT)
Alright, so it's been decided. Since I'm a gonna be uber busy, all the school
functions just started up, I'm actually going to be writing more. It releives stress,
and I find it comforting. But when I'm done with this unnamed story, which I like the
Secrets one, I will just be writing short stories. Not the Pixie one. I will not have
the time nessacary to do an essay and a story. SOOOO..... Short stories after this
one : )       (I've already decided the ones I wanna do... isn't that sad? [Mask
and... has no name yet, these are jsut things I spend my nights on, trying to fall
asleep, devolping characters and plots, living everything through a day at a time. I
really hope you enjoy this story, my short stories, and Pixies Revalation!]

  I just stared at her until she hauled me in the door. The large meadowy thing was
full of aged tables. There was a short one at the front, where Peter and some unknown
boy sat in the very middle, disscussing in a low voice. Then there was a small round
one right in front of that, where Brandy Saphron and Jacob sat looking as confused as
I felt. Then two long tables behind them. I saw Seirra and Erin in one of tehm, then
Aubrey in the other. Then tehre was Cele who grabbed my arm and ran up to the
circular table, seating me in the front so that I was facing teh two long tables. She
sat across from me.
    Peter looked out and saw that everyone was here and then cleared his throat.
"Well, I'm glad that you all could show up. I know that the vampires aren't quite...
enjoying the scenery, but the temple is just too small to host 50 and some people. I
don't know if all the vampires know why were all assembled here, so i hand the torch
over to the reason we are here." And with that as his closing, Peter sat down adn
motioned for me to stand up.
    "Um, hi. Well, i was just Hauled into here without an explanation, so if
one of you would please tell me whats going on." Peter looked down at Cele and she
mouthed the word Fawn and I suddenly felt dumb. "Oh... Ummm, that." And so I droned
into the long story. "And yeah. So I kinda need your help."
   Then the guy next to Peter stood up, who's name was Kevin, "I will fight with you.
But I do not force my Coven into anything they do not wish to do. So, a voice from
the crowd."
   Erin gradually stood up, looking about wildly, "Well, uh, I, uh, I agree with you
Kevin. If Fawn has the, er, power to wipe out the,uh, um, the other students, then
she'll, um, she'll probably find us too." Then she started an outbreak.
   "No One can catch us!"
   "Where silent as night!"
  And toher call outs where thrown at her. Then Seirra stood up and looked at the
long table full of seething vampires. "She is stronger then you think. I would know.
She stole my secondary power. She stole the werewolve Ly-Ann's and she is in alliance
with the Shadow." The shouting continued til the word Shadow came out her mouth.
   "It's Illegal! the last witch sealed him! She was the strongest!" Came out
surprise and shock from both tables.
   Then it was Saphron who came to full height. "The strongest witch in the history
sealed him. Now think, I too am a Witch and I have been obliggued by teh rules in
which the witch history has been documented. It is said that Fawn released the
Shadow. And the book does not record lies." There was mute silence that was soon
inturpted by a scream. 
   "Whst is that?" I said, scared, to Cele.
   "I.. I dunno..."
   Peter looked around and then yelled out loud, "It has been decided! We will stadn
with you, Witch! Now, everyone, go!" Everyone scrambled to the doors, I was pulled
bewteen Saphrona dn Brandy as Jacob ran behind us.

   Everyone was dumbfounded by what had happened. I stole a quiet look at the
calender and silently screamed, there was one week before the picnic, and I knew that
the fight would be horrible. I couldn't sleep, so I got up and searched for the
flashlight. Then I heard the noise. The oven door shut quickly and so I followed the
noise and fall down into the land of the bests, right on top of Aubrey.
   "What are you doing here?" She hissed at me.
   "Follwing you! Why are you here?"
   "I woke up and saw Ly-Ann missing, I suspected she'd be here, so i wanted to make
sure." Then the yowl broke through again and I shivered.
   "What is that?"
    "The reason Ly-Ann's missing." I looked at ehr confused but she just walked away,
holding the flashlight in her hands. We walked on for what seemed liek ever, until we
saw a glwo from a gas lamp sitting on the grass. Then I saw her. 
  Ly-Ann was sitting in the grass, murmuring unheard words.
   "Ly-Ann?" Aubrey whispered. She twiosted ehr head around and growled.
   "Oh... sorry. Why did you guys come here?"
   "We were worried about you." I said. 
   "Peter said that you weren't supposed to come here, you know."
   "I really don't give a care what Peter said! I can come here whenever I want!"
   "What's here?!" I said exsasperated. then I heard a familier laugh. 
    "I'm Here." I looked around until i spotted the white haired boy.
   "Rick? Why are you here?" He was lying in teh grass, his arms stretched out and
was just relaxing. Then he stretched up and I gasped.
   His body was covered in deep logn scratches, all looking more painful then the
last. His shirt was off, so I could see the way teh lines wove up and down, also
including a few savage bite marks. 
   "Wha... What happened?"
   "'Member ho my brother mauled him? Yeah, that's what it leads to. Hold on,
Ly-Ann..." Aubrey said, Ly-Ann groaned but still followed. She lifted up the back of
her shirt so that i could see her abre back, also ringed with scars and bite marks. 
   "Hold on... I felt like I might go swimming, so I have my swimsuit." She said,
turning ehr head and smiling. So after a moment of fidgeting, Ly-Ann had ehr shirt
over her head and the green bikini was in sight. I looked at teh disturbing, alomost,
matching scars on teh two.
   "So, wait... If that was from Peter... then is that from...?" I looked at Aubrey
who just nodded, looking at the grass. Ly-Ann put back on the top, then sat down.
   "So, tell me. How does it happen? You know, like, if you bit me, will I become a
   "No, it has to be like that. Basically a mauling. But most people don't survive
the cahnge anyway. The venom doesn't release unless you do it on purpose, or if your
really insanly upset. Peter came up with this medicine thingy that stops the venom
though. But not problem with me. If you inject venom once, it never happens again."
   "Why are you cooped up here, Rick?"
   "Rapid changing. The first month is uncontrollable, so I'll be out somewhat soon.
Like, next week. I've been practicing. And since the fight is next week, and I'll
still have a little rapid changing stuff, I can fight as a wolf." I saw Ly-Ann glare
at him.
   "I can't. And neither can Aubrey. Or anyone else in our level." I laughed.
   "We'll just have to get you prepared." I smiled. And for the first tiem, i was
somewhat happy, with the fake full moon shinging down on us and the crickets

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   21 September 2008   484343  
Awesome....just awesome...

JunoSarah says :   23 September 2008   574816  
HI LAUREN!! *hug* 

BYE LAUREN!!!!! *another hug*


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