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BellaxAro :: Edward's worst nightmareCategory: Twilight Romances - a compilation of one-shots
Wednesday, 10 September 2008
11:00:35 PM (GMT)
-[I am EdwardxBella all the way, but when I was reading Breaking Dawn, I just
thought there was a flirtatious spark between Aro and Bella that hooked me. Enjoy.]-

"Immortality does become you, Bella..." Aro murmured. His voice was close to my ear,
a rush of air that sent my nerves on fire.
"So I've heard," I answered breathlessly. 
I heard his smile, the sound of his lips pressing together, the muscles bunched to
pull the corners of his mouth. I managed to hate that smile, only for occupying his
"I usually dislike repeating my thoughts, but for you, I make an exception," Aro
explained. Again. 
My fingers twitched. I looked anywhere but his face. The room was empty, square,
small. A closet. Edward wasn't here.
I tested my shield around us. Aro's thoughts were shielded as mine were, preventing
my husband from learning of our activity. Let him hunt in peace. I would play.
"I've heard that, too," I said with a nod. My eyes flicked to his face, then away,
but not quick enough to prevent my skin creeping with remembrance of his beauty. 
"Enjoying my gift, I see?" Aro whispered. His hand touched the large jewel
carelessly, abandoning the gem to stroke my neck. I stopped breathing, as did he. The
closet was quiet.
"It comes from the best," I managed to say without taking a breath. Aro's hands
gently caressed my face.
"Nothing of great worth," Aro commented. "A stray item, useless to me, so lovely on
you... I do believe it is the best fit I have seen-"
"Would you shut up already?" I gasped, finally looking at Aro, but not fast enough.
First I thought he had leapt at me, suddenly angry with my snapped words. I curled my
fingers to claws instinctively, but if he had already struck, I would be dead before
I could even put up a fight...
Only the force of his mouth against mine relaxed my hands. I loosened my knees and
allowed him to back me into the corner, still kissing. 
His hands left my neck. They shredded the soft material of my shirt without a second
thought, as easily as though slicing his hands through water.
Alice, I thought randomly for a moment. Alice would kill me. I had actually
bothered to dress up for once, and now the blouse was ruined. 
Oh, well. It was worth it.
My hands crept under Aro's shirt, feeling his chest, well over a millennia of muscle
crammed into one body. I moaned softly. He was all over me, around me, in me... 
Aro was gone, leaving cold air in his place. My eyes were open so fast it was
disconcerting. I hurriedly crossed my arms over my chest, fastened my pants, fingers
flying in a blur.
". . . Edward?" I croaked. 
His face was livid. I opened my mouth wordlessly, but closed it again, realizing
there was nothing I could say.
"I'm sorry."
Suddenly Edward didn't look angry anymore, only... heartbroken.
"I guess forever was a long time to promise," he filled in for me. 
"Maybe it is," I said softly, so softly, but I knew he heard. 
"Then I'm sorry," Edward said. "For it could only be my fault."
I saw the blur of movement that was him leaving.
"Edward." I choked the name again, but it was no longer a question. I was pleading.
But he was gone.

KisaRoar says:   22 September 2008   851728  
Omg This Looks Awsome ^^
‹Charlotte speaks with Silence› says :   31 January 2010   507248  
I agree, it is awesome, i have never read a Bella/Aro fanfic b4


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