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Leftovers - Part 1, Chapter 1Category: Uglies fan fiction
Friday, 29 August 2008
07:55:52 PM (GMT)
This is a fanfiction based on the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld. The setting is
much like the 4th book, Extras, meaning it takes place several years after the
mind-rain when the bubblehead operation has been discovered and obliterated. 

Have you ever wondered what happened to the Specials, primarily the Cutters, after
the mind-rain? Most of them, like Dr. Cable, were forced into submission and cured.
Some, like Shay and Fausto, were cured of their own accord. One or two even managed
to rewire themselves, like Tally.
Over the years, they've tried desperately to blend in with society and live as normal
a life as possible, considering the circumstances. In general they keep a good job of
staying hidden...
Until a small group of people remember the days of the Specials and wonder, like us,
where they all went. For the Leftovers you are about to meet, the world turns more
upside-down than before when they're sought after to be separated from humanity and
kept under close watch in an enclosed environment, and some are even killed.

The story will be from a few different points of view. Part 1 is one story, part 2
another, and so on, so forth. Part one is about an 18 year old girl named Lime. Lime
was given the cure, but something in her system rejected it halfway through, so she
remains unstable. All her friends have lost that dangerous quality.
Lime's town, like most others at the time, revolve around fame. Lime's shocking looks
propel her to the top possible face rank of 2, preceded only by Tally Youngblood
I hope you enjoy.


You've been cordially invited to a wild bash, hosted by Emsey! Costume attire is anything wild and animal-like. Think pre-Rusty, even. The party is at Shuttlebug Hall at 8:30 PM. Kisses! Emsey
Lime groaned and rolled off her bed. Her finger flexed instinctively to fire off a reply ping to her best friend. "Get your pretty arse over here right now before I have to come over and personally drag you over, and I promise it won't be pretty!" She barked loudly. Then she groaned again. "Room, how could this happen to me?" "I believe Emsey wishes to lift her face rank," the room answered. "But how could she not tell me first?" Lime continued. "I'm more famous than that silly kicker!" "I suppose, if you want to look at it negatively," her room said smugly. Lime tossed her shoe at the wall, though it did nothing. "You're useless," she muttered. A sharp knock lifted her spirits and she looked up. "Zo-la!" She cried, jumping up. "Did you get Emsey's ping? Did you?" Zo sat on the floor. "How come she didn't tell you first?" She said, mimicking Lime's thoughts. "That's so bogus." "I know!" Lime said. "And in only one hour? Totally not bubbly." Zo stood up, though she had just sat down. Her Special body moved so fast it would have been a blur, but Lime's eyes caught her every move. "We need to make it bubbly, then," Zo said. "How 'bout animals no one would think of?" "I don't even know any animals," Lime grumbled. "'Cept from pictures." Her face brightened. "Zo! Bugs! I read about one called a... a... a fireflu, or maybe it was firefly... Room, show me a picture of a firefly, Rusty era?" The picture flickered to life on her wall. It was a little brown bug with a giant green light on it's butt. Zo giggled. "Lime-la, you're crazy." She considered. "Do it." Lime requested it from her hole in the wall, and after several tweaks and arrangements, they settled on a look that worked. Lime's body was encased in a shimmering, skin-tight brown suit with a giant green bulb on her back. With a twitch of her finger, the orb burst into light. "What do you think?" She asked, spinning. Her wiry wings fluttered. "Icy," Zo commented. "But, that light. Ouch. My eyeballs." "Too much?" Lime asked nervously. "Maybe," Zo considered. "Perfect," Lime said with a smile. "Much is bubbly." Zo agreed with a laugh. They picked her to be a butterfly. Her wings took up almost three times as much as her body. Ping. "Zo-la, it's 8:30!" Lime said. "Let's go!"

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