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Lost girl (Ch.3)Category: Story
Wednesday, 27 August 2008
10:09:56 PM (GMT)
Chapter three: Penelope
         I went to bed eventually. I didn't have any more of the pizza but some other
guy brought a glass of water in. He looked around seventeen, with brown hair and
thick eyebrows and he seemed a bit sad to see me but he didn't burst into tears at
least. I tried to ask him who he was but he just sort of shook his head and walked
out. Come one people, if you want me to remember stuff aren't you supposed to do
stuff to trigger the memory? Like oh, I don't know, tell me your names?!
      I did figure one thing out at least. The little round window and nailed
down furniture should have tipped me off, and I really should have figured it
out when I felt the floor moving but now I know for sure: I'm in a boat. And after
laying down sideways on the bed and looking up awkwardly I could see things beside
the sky through the window. Judging by the fact that I can't see any land and we
passed two fishing boats I'm guessing we're in some ocean. Lucky I was listening to
the conversations in the halls (hey I was bored, sue me) and I heard somebody
complaining about "this god forsaken boat", and something about slipery floors.
      Falling asleep is proving very difficult. I wonder if eyebrows-boy locked the
door after he left? I have to say, I don't know why a teenager would be in on a
kidknapping conspiracy. Although if he did lock the door then you never know.
But if he didn't... Maybe I could go walking around? I mean it's not like anybody
told me to stay, although the whole door shutting thing implies it...
      Forget it, I'm not falling alseep I'm going to go try the door.
It was a bit hard to open, I guess it was sticking in the frame or something, but
after a bit of tugging it came open. Outside was a long (grey, ugh) hallway with
doors scatterd along it and a stair case going up the end. I walk toward the stairs
hoping to get some fresh air on the deck, figuring I would really know if this
was an ocean if it smelled salty when I notice a side hallway hidden just out of veiw
from my doorway. My room was at the end of the hall, plus it was the only open door,
so I figured it was okay to walk around without worrying about if I could find it
again. So I turn down the side hallway and the first thing I notice is that it's
pretty bright. Not that it was eerie in the other hall but this just had better
lighting. Can't say I'm crazy about fluorescence but here it works. Or maybe it's
just that these rugs were a warm brown as opposed to a dull grey. Whatever it was, it
was nice.  The second thing I noticed was that this hall had bathrooms. I went
towards those figuring that if anyone did find me, it would be easier to
convince them that I had reason for being out of my room if I was in the girls room.
       I went inside. The whole place was yellow. Yellow walls, yellow ceiling lamps,
yellow sinks... The stalls were white but I have a feeling the toilets themselves
will be yellow too. Maybe it was just being surronded by grey all day, but all this
yellow was blinding. There was a woman brushing her teeth who didn't even look at me
as I went into a stall.
      I was right. They were yellow. The woman was still there when I came
out, applying moisturizer to her hands and for some reason her elbows. I went to a
sink to wash my hands but as I reached for the cold lever I noticed my reflection in
the mirror. I suppose in movies this would be a very dramatic moment in which all my
memories came rushing back, knocking me to my knees and leaving me
gasping for breath. In reality the only thing there was to gasp at was the
state of my hair. It was very messy and looked like it hadn't ben brushed in awhile.
    I washed my hands then went to comb through my hair with my figures. I really
wasn't bad looking. Striaght, light brown hair framed my heart shaped face, falling
halfway down my neck. Pale feckles crossed the bridge of my nose and crossed just
under my light brown eyes. I looked around fourteen. As I combed through my hair I
found a knot that took some effort to get undone.  While I was working on it I
noticed two little scars on my neck, right next to eah other. They really were small.
They were probably a cat scratch or something. As I continued to work through my hair
though I saw a scar that was anything but little. Way at the top of my forhead
and to the far right, partially in the hair line was a horrible scar. I counted four
curling, intersecting red lines in the scar forming almost a circle. This time I
really did gasp.
     The woman looked over at me. Her eyes flitted right past the scar and to my
hair, and a expresion of concern crossed her face.
"Want to borrow a comb? Your hair seems a bit tangled." she said. I nodded and she
handed me a little black comb, with close bristles on one half and more seperate ones
on the other half. This time I did remember something... It was just an image of a
comb like that in my hands, a line of kids, and some cameras. Maybe it looks like
something I used on school picture day. I combed through my hair quickly and returned
the comb to her, then thanked her. I figured it was safe to ask since she
didn't seem to know me so I asked her
     "What's your name?" She smiled at me in a friendly way and respoded,
"My names Julie. What's yours?" I falterd wondering what to say, when I was saved for
the moment from responding by the door opening again. Julie and I both turned to the
girl walking in. she was around my age and carrying a tooth brush, but when she saw
me she stopped dead. A very brief moment passed and then she beamed revealing
braces-clad teeth. her naked joy caught me off guard after the way everyone else
looked sad and disappointed after seeing me. Her smile contiued to grow for a moment
      "PENELOPE!!!!!!!" she shrieked. I was helpless to do anything but
Last edited: 28 August 2008

‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   28 August 2008   789294  
Wow, interesting chapter. I don't think I could improve it in any
Maybe fix a few typo's, and that's it. 
This was fun to read.
Kirti says:   28 August 2008   349774  
usually I go back and edit alot. like a whole lot. I read it
five times over usually. (I count each time)

I had alot of trouble with this though. technical stuff. my computer
went back a page when I hadn't saved and I almost had to re-write it,
somehow all my work got erased (something about highlighting by
mistake disappeard) and I had only copy-d around half way through so I
had to re-write alot from memory... by the time the problems had evend
out and I actually finished it was a few minutes past the time I meant
to go to bed. (whoops)
Kirti says:   28 August 2008   767633  
but that ended up being good(sorta. in a way.). because I was up late
I was awake when I suddenly had to go inot the bathroom. not
use it mind you but I just felt I should walk in there. so I
stood in the door way and I heard the mice rustling around in the cage
and I had the same urg to look in at Yin and Yang. so I look in the
little mousy bed room and theres little black Yin but I don't see
Yang. but thats not weird 'cause she's a white mouse sleeping in white
bedding fluff. but I don't see her. I poke at the fluff but she
doesn't run down the tube.... and neither does Yin. Yin is just sorta
quivering like she doesn't want to go downstairs. but finally she
leaves and I look more. Yangs not there. so I look in the lower cage.
Yin is acting really... weird. She's a real scardy muse but she
didn't go hide in the wheeel like she normaly would. there was some
scatted fluff in the wheel and around the cage and normaly Yin would
hide under it or in the hut but she just sorta quives next to the
wheel. she won't go in and she won't leave. and I notice a weird
smell. I figure Yin or Yang had just gone ya' know? used the toilet
without a toilet? but Yang is no where to be seen. I poke at the wood
chips and the fluff but Yang didn't go running.... and neither did
Yin. So I figure Yang got out which worried me becuase we have cats.
so I look under tables because thats the first place she would go.
nothing. so I look in the cage again... the fluff in the wheel is
Yang. on her side. mice just don't sleep like that! Yin saw that I had
found her sister and went back to the bedroom. I poked Yang. it was
warm... but she was dead.
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   28 August 2008   953155  
I loved this chapter. Sorry about Yang,she shouldn't have died.
Kirti says:   28 August 2008   568245  
thanks. (for both)
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   1 October 2008   735518  
this chapter is good!
Kirti says :   2 October 2008   851968  
I know the first two were a little rough. This is where I meant it to
get going.

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