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HAWAIAN MONSTER !Category: schooldays, evil mean girl
Monday, 25 August 2008
08:14:39 AM (GMT)

Scene 1: Popeye
ON FRIDAY Ms. aliuhu gave us let's just say, a Philosophy quiz. It's crazy. But lucky
me, i'm doing this other important thing with my "special duty" friends, Takiaki,
Simba, Kanzala, Benibala, and Owololo. soo yeaah, her class is like soo damm noisy.
even in quiz times. nobody would notice anyone cheating, but sometimes people doesn't
want to cheat anyway. EXCEPT FORRRR R R R this girl. So she moved from this school in
Greenland hahaha. SHE'S A MONSTERRRRR!!!! She looks like Popeye so let's call her
Popeye. her reputation is like BAD in school.  AHHH SOMETIMES I JUST WANT TO KILL

Scene 2: Popeye and her pal, Ham-Face
So, what happened was that..... about the Phil quiz, she sucked at it. She can't do
it, she neede help from her BFFN which is Ham-Face. Ham-Face was also unable to do
this quiz, so the asked ALONSO. Alonso happened to be like...a part of my history. We
used to get a long. But now there's Popeye. SO, Popeye was soooo thrilled to talk to
Alonso, and she started giggling i just want to eat her!!! get a life. Then, Popeye
whisper to Ham-face then they stare at my friends , Nakatiki and Dehumbawa. Then she
said "I'll have my revenge" . Like of course Nakatiki and Dehumbawa should be pissed,
they were all like "what a freak. popeye's so pathetic". 

Scene 3: Our Response
Nakatiki was MAD, so she came to the L-4 room then she told the story to me and
Takiaki. soo i was like "YOU DUMBASS POPEYE !". Nakatiki was almost crying. Then i
hugged her, and she was calmed down. BUT THEEEN,Takiaki began to cry. SHE SAID THAT
reason. LAME. So i went into the class room, and I saw Ms. Aliuhu just. sitting.
there. like nothing happened. Of course if she's just doing that everyone could
cheat! Then I saw Dehumbawa sitting on her desk, looking at her quiz sheet. At least
she's trying, i thought. I also saw that dumbass Popeye giggling all over the place.
Oke. why am I doing this? This is so not worth it. Am I........ jealous? blah. sooo I
looked at Popeye, and all i could say was "DIE, POPEYE, DIE."

ps: popeye, i'm still here with my games.. watch and see -K

icesk8er4ever says:   25 August 2008   623588  
Does anyone want to join a rollplaying club go here for more information http://kupika.com/icesk8er4ever/rollplaying
Nite_girl says :   31 August 2008   655448  
thank you for commenting.. but i think this is not the place for


Next entry: Diary Part 2 (first is "HAWAIAN MONSTER") in category boy guide is needed :)
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