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Fairlanda Acadamy Year One--------Part 1Category: (general)
Monday, 18 August 2008
11:19:25 PM (GMT)
On a warm sunny auguest day in Sandchester an old fairy and her bonded pixie were
wondering "Why are we one earth?No magical beings live here. There must be a problem
with the list" 
"Well there is one way to find out if they are magic" said the pixie, the fairy gave
her a quizical look."Well if on magicical people can see pixies then we just ask if
they can see me."And they were off to find the Kali sisters. You see the old fairy's
name was Magika and her pixie's name was Teltora. Magika was headmistress and
Fairlanda Acadamy for Futuar Fairies. She was once again telling the girls they were
excepting and also giving them their pixie. Every year there was a list the school
made the list, you see the school was technicaly alive. The list went in last,first
name alfabetical order so when telling the new fairy was done the list moved Teltora
and Magika to the next girl just like that.
  Magika stopped at the door of number 1717 stevens st. she knocked swiftly 3 time
took a step back and waited. A shot red-haired woman answered the door. She smiled
and said " Yes, how may I help you." 
"Hello ma'am, I am headmistress Magika I am here because your daughters have been
offered a place at my school."
"And which school would that be exactly?"
"Fairlanda Acadamy" said Magika stepping in."Oh, I see, Girls!" called Mrs.Kali.
Three girls came down the spiral staircase. The first had brilliant blue-green eyes,
tan skin, she had long slender legs and a petiet figure.Her hair was midnight black
with a single white/blonde streak near her right ear that she had been born with, and
on her neck was a creasent-moon shaped birth mark.  The second girl was her twin only
she had blonde hair with a midnight black streak near her left ear that she to had
been born with, she instead of a moon shaped birthmark had a sun-shaped one. The
third and last girl had red hair like her mother and milky-brown eyes, she was short
and not as slender as her two sisters. 
  "This is Selene" she said pointing the he first girl. "Apolla" she pointed to the
blonde, "and Juli" she said pointing to the third girl. "Girls, this is Headmistress
Majelika I mean Magimka, I mean Magika. She has kindly offered you a place at her
"That is if they pass the test, they can have it now I will take them one at a time
so I will need a room for testing and a room for when they are done, ahhh this will
do." she said pointing to the kitchen. She ushered Selene out of the hallway into the
kitchen. Selene sat down at the island. As Teltora entered the room Magika shut the
door. Selene  didn't seem to notice the pixie fly in at the last moment, it was
because she was to busy overlooking Magika. Selene scanned her blouse, her skirt, the
small rings on her finger, the pearl neacklace on her wrinkled neack. She looked like
a normal aging headmistress. But still, something was strange about her, something
that Selene thought was diffrent about her, only she couldn't put her finger on it.
  "Tell me what do you see next to my right hand?" Selene confused looked at the old
woman's right hand where Teltora fluttered. 
"I..I...I see a blonde....person...f..f..flying...in a g...g...green dress" said
Selene barley making out the words from pure shock. 
"Excelent, please step into the dinning room and close the door behind you." Selene
did as she was told and Apolla was brought into the kitchen. Once again Magika asked
what the girl saw her reaction and anwser was much like her sister's. She too was
pointed to the dinning room and Juli was brought in. 
"What do you see next to my right hand?" asked Magika calmly.
"A milk jug...."
Magika nodded and ushered Juli and her parents into the dinning room. When everyone
had been seated Magika spoke. 
" I am, happy to say Selene and Apolla have passed, but sad to say Juli has not..."
Juli's jaw dropped.
"So, you will both be excepted at Fairlanda Acadamy for Future Fairies." this time
everyones jaw dropped.
"Yes girls, you are both fairies and you will be trained at the acadamy along with
hundreds of otheers like your self."
"You mean, other girls in this town could be...faries."
Magika shook her head " No, seeing as you are both adopted your birth parents were of
magical sort and you were brought here for some reason.". "This is a slide show of
the school" said Magika, and with a wave of her hand a slide appered. Picture
appered, three girls with wings in a garden laughing, a teacher writing on a board,
two boys in white capes helping girls up, girls laughing in what looked like a dorm
room. Then what looked like the school, it was on a white water fall, it had large
blue gates tall white walls, gleaming spirial towers, gardens, courtyards, and
balconys over looking the lake. Then a final shot of the lake, on the left end the
waterfall the school sat on, in the middle of the lake was a large collum with
windows all around, and large plaforms every 8 floors or so, at the top a large
statium. It was...purely amazing. "Mom, may we go?!?!" 
"Well all right..."
"Good then all we need is to give you your pixie's."
"Their what!"
"Their bonded pixie they are like small fairies and are forever bonded to the fairie
they were born with."
"Born with?"
"Yes the moment a fairie is born so is her pixie."
"Now what day were you born"
"September 22, 1995"
" 5 fairies born that day so you choose from 5 pixies."Five pixies appered Apolla's
eyes hit the one with black hair and a blue robe with stars on it. "Your adorable"
she mummered. " Your dreams are so imaginitive!" squeled the pixed flying to Apolla.

Selene looked at the blonde her hair curled and flowed, her dress was white and gold.
"Your so..so..magnificent" Selene said under her breath. "Oh, your heart shows many
wonderus paths...". Juli, Mr, and Mrs.Kali looked bewildered, stunned, and slightly
"Your pixies grew up next to Fairlanda so any questions you have they can answer,
school starts on the first of September, I'll see you then." with a small rush of
wind Magika vanished. 
"I'm Selene, and this is my sister Apolla"
"Oh, Im Allopa pixie of heart and this is my sister Eneles pixie of dreams."The girls
and pixies rushed upstairs leaving their parents and Juli stunned, bewildered, and
slightly frightened. 
   Selene and Apolla shared a bedroom it was large and cozy at the same time. The
walls were pure white with black moons stars, and suns. At the far end was a
fireplace with pictures of family. two desk sat on a wall each had a laptop waiting
for it's owner to return. The carpet was also white, the canopy beds each had white
curtains and midnight blue sheets, each sheet had a large A or S in tiny pearls. The
bay window has a blue pad on it and a in-wall book shelf surrounding it. Another
window wasn't a window at all but a glass door leading onto a small balcony
overlooking the town. The pixie's snapped their fingers and 2 miniture replicas of
the girl's bed appered on the bedside tables. Each miniture bed had blue curtains and
white sheets, each sheet had blue stars to make out and E or and A. 
"I like this room, it's cute, we should bring it to Fairlanda."said Allopa
"I wish we could.." Apolla
"Hello, of course we can your fairies, your have MAGIC powers!" said Eneles.
"Oh, right, but how do we bring it?" asked Selene
"Apolla link your right hand to Selene's left, Selene hold onto my left, and Apolla
hold onto Eneles' right" they did as told then both pixie's raise one hand and
pointed it at the room and said: "Roomus, replicus, pactius" a small suit cas landed
next to Allopa's tiny feet. "There everything from this room has been copyed and
packed, just open it in the empty room at fairlanda and poof the room apperers!".
   For the next two weeks the girls and their pixies practiced magic, and talked
about the school. "Just across the lake is the White Water Acadamy for Heros and
leaders. The boys in the magic realms go there, well some of them at least. And under
the Black Forest is Negrales School for Witches. And you DON'T want to mess with
them.". Juli didn't talk or go near them if she could, she was too afraid. Then the
day of departer came.
  Mrs.Kali cried saying how much she will miss them, "How will you get there?" asked
Mr.Kali. Eneles and Allopa have portals we can travle in". "Well," cried Mrs.Kali "I
guess we will see you during vacation." "Yes we will come home for spring break."
Then with one final hug the portal openes the girls waved and stepped in with Allopa,
Eneles, and their one tiny suit case. With in the time on a blink they started
spinning, up, down, left, right, Selene and Apolla's head started pounding harder an
harder like the beat of a drum. Then it stopped. They looked around hundreds of other
girls had enter the same way and were walking to a line of girls to enter into the
school. Together they headed for the long line. 

more later bc right now it's 11:30 and I wanna look some stuff up the rest might come
up in about an hour

Kiko_Mikan says:   19 August 2008   461556  
Cool! Did you base this off of Winx?
Also, do you accept characters?

 elouai's doll maker
Kiko_Mikan says:   19 August 2008   531481  
elouai's doll maker
Apolla_and_Selene says:   19 August 2008   677274  
yes I did i thought this might be a good story... just tell me what
realm she is from and what powers she has,
BoneOrchird says:   21 August 2008   133497  
(Sorry took me a while to comment)
This is such a kewl story! 
I'm like tottally hooked now. ^-^
I can't wait for the next part.
Kiko_Mikan says :   27 August 2008   663568  
Um...the realm of...Electronia.
My powers:
electricity and air

Flo, pixie of wind


Next entry: Characters....(Will be updated as characters are added in category (general)
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