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Dark angel ProlugeCategory: My story
Monday, 11 August 2008
06:42:56 AM (GMT)
May have some blood and a couple of curse words. This is based off of the following
Kakmikaze Kaitou Jeanne 
DN angel 

This story sucks and if it offened you in anyway please don't comment. 

A girl ran as fast as she could. Her short black hair, fluttering behind her and she
was bleeding badley. But, even though she was bleedinh, she was smiling boldly. She
looked back when she heard a voice yell, 
"Kill her! Kill the demon!" 
The girl laughed and held up a dark purple crystal necklace with a black cross on the
front of it. 
"She's got the Dark Crystal!" 
A boy, her age, ran towards her with his blue-grey eyes shining wiht hatred. The girl
laughed and smiled even more. 
She winked and said, 
She then held her arms out and black angel wings burst out of her back. She winced
and closed her eyes. the wings flapped a couple of times before the girl jumped up
and started flying. The boy stopped running and looked at the sky. His white hair and
light grey armor, shining in the sun. 
"Sai! You monster from hell!" 
Sai looked down at the boy and smiled even more. She was very amused with this.
Stealing was her favorite hobby and messing with Chiaki's mind was an extra bonus. 

She was flying 30 minutes before she felt a sharp stab of pain in her right wing. She
looked at it and her smile dissapeared quickly. An arrow was in it. Making it bleed.

"A ambush." 
Sai whispered to herself. 
Soon, she felt another pain. And another. And another. Tons of arrows were shooting
at her in all directions. She fell to the ground with a thump. She gheard footsteps
and forced her head to turn to chiaki. She closed her eyes and she felt hands
touching her hair and face. The feeling was warm but clod at the same time. 
Chiaki stood up and smiled at the blood on the ground. 
"You let your gaurn down Sai. And because of that, I won the bet." 
He said. 
Sai opened her eyes and looked at him. 
Chiaki looked back and stepped on her left wing making her scream in pain an anguish.
The sound sent a shiver down Chiaki's spine. But, he kicked Sai. Making her roll
over. She was still clutching the necklace. He stepped on her hand and she let go of
it. He picked it up and took out his sword. He made Sai roll over so she was laying
on her back. Hen bent over Sai and kissed her on her forehead. Afterwards he stabbed
her in her heart. 
"No one will ever remember you, Dark Angel." 
He chuckled. 
Sai, despite her wounded condition, stood up and stated, 
"On the contrary. Every 50 years, i will return the this world. And that Crystal will
help me." 
Sai held out her hand and released dark energy. Throwing chikai against a tree. He
tried to take out his sword but the blade had shattered. Sai stumbled over to him and
took a dagger out and stabbed him in his heart. Chiaki's eyes went wide and he fell
Sai fell down right beside him and reached for the crystal. She grasped chiaki's hand
that had the crystal and closed her eyes.her last words were, 
"See you in 50 years......" 
they both faded away. 
Wating for the final judgment on their souls..

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