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Ive destroyed 93% of my school reputation ;]Category: <3
Wednesday, 6 August 2008
08:23:24 PM (GMT)
Stolen from DeadKiller

[x] gotten detention

[x] gotten your phone taken away in class

[x] gotten suspended

[x] gotten caught chewing gum

[] gotten caught cheating on a test

Total So Far: 4

[x] arrived late to class more than 5 times

[x] didn't do homework over 5 times

[x] turned in at least 3 projects in late

[x] missed school just because you felt like it

[x] laughed so loud you got kicked out of class

total so far: 9

[x] got your mom,dad,etc to get you out of school

[x] talked to people during class

[x] passed notes

[x] threw stuff across the room

[x] laughed at the teacher

Total So Far: 14

[x] been in a fight at school (fist or verbal)

[x] took pictures during school hours

[x] called someone during school hours

[x] listened to ipod,cd,etc during school hours

Total So Far : 18

[x] threw something at the teacher

[x] went outside the classroom without permission

[x] broke the dress code

[x] failed a class

[x] threw food during class

total so far: 23

[] gotten a call from school

[x] couldn't go on a field trip cause you behaved badly

[] didn't take your stuff to school

[x] stuck up your middle finger at the teacher when they were not looking

[x] cursed during class loud enough so the teacher could hear you

Total So Far: 26

[x] faked your parents signature

[x] slept in class

[x] cursed at a teacher

[] copied homework

[x] got in trouble with the principal

[x] called a teacher or sub a vulgar name

Total So Far: 31

Total: 93

DazzelBloom says:   6 August 2008   587198  
I am so....proud of you!
falloutrocker says:   6 August 2008   434824  
lololol :] ME TOO 8D
DazzelBloom says:   6 August 2008   531269  
Who isn't?!?
falloutrocker says:   6 August 2008   591488  
My parents >:

im ina band..like one of those..freaky ones

the kind that shave fans heads and give away merch
and set people on fire and whatnot. were pretty much the second
mindless self indulgence. really. hmph.

i dont care though

MetroCab is all i need :]
‹SumSumSumSummerSummerMurder x x› says:   6 August 2008   885893  
Hah, Nicely done :]
Myenna says :   6 August 2008   638449  
MetroCab is amazing. Yeahhhh man.


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