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What Hurts The Most~Chapter OneCategory: fanfic
Friday, 18 July 2008
03:21:33 PM (GMT)
Summary: Ashley Rabb is (almost) thirteen years old.  She loves soccer, flute, art
and reading, and is obsessed with Joe Jonas and David Archuleta.  Couldn't be more
normal, right?  But when it appears her life is taking a turn for the better, it's
really taking a nosedive into the whole-lot-worse.                                   

                                 Chapter One~A Typical Life

   Ashley slapped her alarm clock nine times before actually managing to turn it off.
 Yeah, that's bound to happen when your eyes are closed.  Although it was only
five-thirty, she liked to get up extra early with her mom.  Unlike her sister
Lindsay, who was still fast asleep, she thrived in the early hours of the morning.
   She padded her way across the carpeted floor so as not to wake up dad and Lindsay,
who were surely still sleeping.  She wandered into the bathroom and her green and
yellow toothbrush.
   As she brushed her teeth, her mind was allready wirring, despite the early hour. 
In reality, she would go downstairs, eat breakfast, go to school, ya da da dadada,
blah blah, blah.  She would (hopefully) get back that stupid French test from that
stupid French teacher, in which she would probably find at least two marking mistakes
because of her 'illegible' cursive.  Yeah right, she had the best cursive in the
class.  Stupid blind old bat.
   But Ashley had a wonderful imagination, which would help her to get through the
boring day that provided no space for creativity and absolutely no wiggle room.  No,
instead of moving at the speed of molasses through math, science and gym, she's be on
a cruise ship with her parents and sister, helping them fight crime!  Honestly wwhat
was the point of having parents in the Navy, the first line of defence for the
country, and the Marines, the Semper Fi, gung-ho ones, if you never got to go on
butt-kicking missions with them?
   Alas, that would probably never happen.  Ashley sighed as she ran her fingers
through her strawberry-blonde hair.  God, how did that happen?  Although she reaized
years ago that her very un-Rabb like hair colour was probably a combination of genes
from her paternal grandmother, who was blonde, and her maternal grandmother, a
redhead, it was still as amazing, as both her parents were so dark.
   Downstairs in the kitchen, her mom was making lunches for her and Lindsay.  
   "Good morning, mommy!"  Ashley said happily.
   "Hey sweet pea!"  Mac replied.  "What do you want lunch?"
   Ashley rolled her eyes. "You know, mom, I can do this myself.  And, as a case in
point, so can Lindsay."
   "I know, I know," Mac said with a laugh.  "So what do you want?"
   Ashley stood there for a moment, considering.
   "Bacon with mayo on toast, please," she finally said.
   "You're going to give yourself a heart attack if you keep on eating that way,
Zash," Mac said, in her most annoying overprotective-mom voice.
   Ashley laughed.  "Oh, you're one to talk!  Besides, bacon is good!  Bacon is
ultimate!  I love it!  Bacon rules supreme!"  There was a brief pause, and then, "why
don't they make bacon-flavoured pudding?"
   Mac laughed out loud.  "Because no one would eat it," she exclaimed, still
   "I would!"  Ashley said, slightly offended.  "And I bet Mary-Catherine would,
   "You go and ask Mary-Catherine, and tell me what she says!"
   Ashley smiled.  She just knew she was right.  How could someone not love the idea
of bacon-slavoured pudding?
   Three hours later, Ashley and Lindsay were, as expected, off to school.  Exciting,


   "Oh.  My.  God.  Who watched Idol last night?" Sidney Fryer squeeled at lunch.  A
depressing chorus of 'I did' came from Ashley and her friends, knowing what was
   "Wasn't David just so hot?  Like, wow!"
   Riley MacNeil asked, "Which David?"
   "Archie, duh!"  Kyla Fowler responded mockingly.
   "Okay, okay, I thought it was an honest question!" Riley said defensively.  What
was with the obsession with David A.?
   "Hey, I'm with you, Riley!"  Mary-Catherine  Ganley said.  Riley smiled a little
   "Anyway," Sidney near-shouted, "he looked so good.  He was on fire!  And dude,
he's such a good singer!  Even my mom said so!  Given, she's kinda young.  But
still... I wonder what he smells like.  Maybe he smells like Hollister.  What do you
think, Zash?"
   Ashley rolled her eyes.  True, he was crazy hot, but still WHO CARES what he smelt
like?!  "Okay, first if all, he doesn't seem like the Hollister type, and secondly, I
don't care what he smells like, and I don't have a clue.!"
   She zoned out Sid's ranting about how she was no fun.  Wo the heck cares what a
guy on the other side of the country smelt like?  Oh yeah, it was tough being one of
the mature ones.  Then she remembered.
   "Hey Mary-Catherine!  Would you ever eat bacon-flavoured pudding?"
   Mary-Catherine looked as though she'd never heard a stranger question in her life.
 "Umm, no, not really, Ashley."
   Bummer.  It appeared Ashley was alone on the pudding front.
Good?  Bad?  Ugly?  Tell me in a comment please!  Oh, by the way, I know it was sort
of short, but the next one will be a bit longer, I promise!    Check back on
Sunday, it might be up by then.  It'll definitely be up by Tuesday, and I might not
be able to update after Thursday for about a week or so, due to my cousin coming
over.  (See my profile for more information)  Love ya! 
Last edited: 20 July 2008

faerie_fanatic says:   18 July 2008   899132  
David Arculeta is hot! ^o^
tiggerlemon101 says:   18 July 2008   336292  
Okay then... actually not my opinion, LOL!  But Ashley is based on my
real-life friend Ashley, and it IS her opinion.  So ya.  That's where
it came from! 
‹<3!!!!CamelsandOttersRock!!!!!<3› says:   27 July 2008   854489  
Hey, this is good! Kyla is a pretty name ()! Good, creative,
names!!!!! Anyway, I would totally eat bacon flavoured pudding! I love
tiggerlemon101 says:   27 July 2008   995167  
LOL, is all my dance friends, but I had the urge to put in Kyla cause
she's Sid's friend.  You'll be making a cameo as her cousin, in case
you were wondering!
Kirti says:   7 November 2008   474699  
It's great! Although I caught a few typ-os.

also is "Zash" and "Mac" nicknames for Ashely and the Mom?
tiggerlemon101 says :   9 November 2008   238433  
I know.  I have MAJOR TYPO ISSUES!!!!!!
Yeah, Zash is Ashley.  Adn Mac is Mac... she goes by Mac, it's her
name.  not Sarah.  Mac.  MAC!


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