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Facts About KatCategory: Here comes info. about meh.
Saturday, 12 July 2008
11:04:18 PM (GMT)
5 Facts 1. Middle name: Something that you don't need to know :] 2. Astrological sign: Aquarius 3. Eye color: Dark Brown. 4. Birth date: Feb 14, 1994 5. Home state: Arizona 5 Favorites 6. Fave movie: The Dark Knight 7. Fave book: I have waaay too many. 8. Fave candy: Warheads 9. Fave makeup: I don't wear make up. 5 People 11. Newest friend: Stephanie 12. Childhood nemesis: I don't really have one 13. Longest-lasting crush: Link 14. Role model: Probably my Dad 15. Kindergarten teacher: Was a girl xD I don't remember her name.. 5 Things 16. My mantra is: Don't have one 17. I can�t find my: I've found everything. 18. My friends say that I�m: Weird, funny, different, unique, sweet. 19. My parents were going to name me: Katrina, Catalina. 20. I would never eat: BUGS. ]x 5 Moments 21. I read my first book when: I was 6? 22. The first time I lost a friend was when: Well, She didn't die. She just moved away. 23. I had a really good laugh when: My Mom's dog fell off the chair 24. I was so proud of myself when: I passed 8th grade 25. If I could, I would go back to: 8th grade. 5 Places 26. My first kiss happened (or should happen) at: I want it to be a surprise. 27. I spend most of my time at: Home. 28. I used to hide my diary: I didn't have one. 29. My favorite place to unwind is: My room with my Ipod or talking to someone close to me(Link, Cody,Steph) 30. I'd hate to live in: A house that's in the forest or is on top of a hill. 5 Either/Ors 31. Morning or night: NIGHT <33 32. Cats or dogs: Cats. 33. Computer or cell phone: BOTH. I couldn't live without either 34. Pop or soda: Yeah, that's basically the same thing =.= 35. Vegetables or fruit: Fruit x] 5 Ifs 36. If I could move anywhere, it would be: Colorado 37. If I were an animal, I would be: A cheetah 38. If I could change one thing, it would be: My life 39. If I had one superpower, it would be: Fire 40. If I had a million dollars to spend, I would: Buy my grandma a house, make a check for a charity, and put the rest in savings. 5 Pasts 41. My first word was: I think it was "Mom" 42. When I played make-believe, I: Pretended to be a mermaid >.> 43. I used to watch, on continual repeat: Powerpuff Girls xD 44. I can�t believe I worried so much about: My Mom. I'm not an evil person or anything, it's just a long story 45. I was so afraid of: The dark. I'm still am. Dx 5 Futures 46. When I grow up, I want to be a: A Pastry Chef or an author 47. Before I die, I hope to: Make a difference 48. I'll be friends with: Anyone as long as their not fakes. 49. I'll live: In a house with the love of my life <3 50. I'll make a difference by: Speaking up
Last edited: 30 December 2008

Scream_It_Kristina says:   12 July 2008   821119  
goshh this is so personal ppl cud find yew.
im gunna be yer stalker X)
just joking around 
yo visit maii profile/
and cupcake908s profile
i made her about meh and background n stuff
and mi kpipage plz (:
‹CristolGelWinn› says:   13 July 2008   795798  
ur missing a number 10 i just noticed that XD
‹CristolGelWinn› says:   13 July 2008   244894  
i'm goin to steal this he he.....
‹CupcakesAndCandy› says:   13 July 2008   915579  
Oh, dang it. I am Dx
‹GatorBoots› says:   13 July 2008   244962  
We have so many things in common.

I thought it's technically not a 'crush,' 
when you're actually going out with the person?
But of course I don't know much about relationships, or things like

Oh, and the "Aren't they the same thing?" on 34 isn't part of the
question(?), it was part of my answer.
‹CupcakesAndCandy› says:   13 July 2008   773686  
We do :]] Well, I don't really know either. I just thought I'd put your name down. xD Yeahh. I changed it. :]
bugzz359 says :   26 July 2008   151887  
I thaught that ur favorite movie was BATMAN!!! And i think no matter
how mad i get at u or how mad u get at me we will be BFF!!! LYLAS


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