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Friday, 11 July 2008
09:26:31 AM (GMT)
Ok for a change i'm going to put on installments of my fanfiction on here if thats
all right with the bosses.

First one will be...Lord of the Rings 

(oh just before i begin you can also see this fanfiction on under my
user name there Tallianna Sulbane)

Chapter 1

Down through the Shire

The young woman sat blissfully watching the world go by, it was quiet here, peaceful.
The Shire seemed a haven compared to the world out side, as the country side slowly
passed by the woman felt that something was missing from this perfect scene, it
needed a voice a musical expression of the simple wonder of the world of the hobbits.
She reached into her small bag and pulled out a delicately engraved shell ocarina,
with the ease of a practiced act she began to play a gentle tune.

The old wizard who sat at the head of the cart turned in his seat, “If your going to
start to play something at least make it a travelling tune!” the woman sighed
changing the tune to one they both knew well, as soon as the wizard heard its plucky
notes he began to sing.

“The Road goes ever on and onOut from the door where it began.Now far ahead the Road
has goneLet others follow it who can!Let them a journey new beginBut I at last with
weary feetWill turn towards the lighted inn,My evening-rest and sleep to meet.”

The woman stopped playing and laughed, “and what might I ask is so funny Miramed?”
the old wizard demanded superiorly.

The woman smiled “nothing sir it’s just that you’re singing leaves much to be desired
for the common ear”.

She ducked swiftly as a poorly aimed stick struck the air that her head had just
occupied, “learn your manners young lady” the wizard ordered and he placed his staff
down once more to rest beside him, the woman chuckled under her breath “it was a joke
Gandalf”, her eyes turned to him mischievously “you had better get used to such jokes
since we are on our way to a hobbit party”.

It was Gandalf’s turn to sigh “true, I suppose I will have to put up with many a joke
before the day is out”. They were nearing a small crop of burrows the sun was sinking
down below the horizon and the light was turning orange, a small nestle of trees
lined the road one side creating dappled shadows on the emerald grass, Miramed
watched the shadows with curiosity then before her eyes something stirred, her heart
beat quickened and she reached slowly for her sword that lay hidden under the fire

She was about to draw the blade when Gandalf reached for her arm "wait Miramed lets
see who before you attack", the young warrior tried to pull her arm away but the
wizard was suprisingly strong.

"Fine" she whispered "but someday you will wish you had been less trusting of the
unknown" she let her sword remain below the gunpowder, however she did not take her
eyes from the thicket. They were parralel with it now, Miramed felt a wave of calm
sweep across her, it was just a hobbit Gandalf gave her a know all smile and
pretended not to see it.

The hobbit ran up to the road side and planted his feet squarely giving Gandalf an
obviously fake frown "your late!" he stated.

The grey man looked up slowly "a wizard is never late, he arrives exactly when he
meens to", they remained there for a while staring at each other both wearing a fake
frown, when finally

"oh Gandalf its so good to see you again!" the hobbit lept with a single bound from
the bank were he stood to the cart and flung his arms around the wizards neck,
Gandalf laughed heartily and hugged the hobbit back. Miramed watched them happily she
could not remember Gandalf ever looking so happy.

(If you lot respond i'll put more up)

tiggerlemon101 says:   11 July 2008   428655  
Oh hey, cool idea!  Too bad I don't like Lord of the Rings.  But
thanks for the idea anyways, I think I'll do this too!
Kally says :   14 July 2008   266427  
Every one to their own. I can't wait to see what yours is about


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