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Religion thingy belief =]Category: (general)
Sunday, 29 June 2008
09:05:09 PM (GMT)

| What`s your religion?: Wiccan

 Are your parents the same religion as you?: No, I was aloud to choose which religion
I liked best and I chose Wicca because I love nature and I love their beliefs 

| Do people disapprove of your beliefs?: Lol of happens with every
religion..actually my fiance's dad who is SUPER religious just recently found out
what religion I am and completely freaked out saying I put a love spell on my fiance
and not kool

| Do people often have the wrong idea about your religion?: Yes, all the time.

| Are most of your friends the same religion?: No actually.

| Would you date someone who had a different religion then you?: I'm engaged to a guy
who is Catholic so yes you can say that lol.

| Are you a member of a religious club/school?: Well I took classes to study the
religion but I'm not in it anymore.

| Do you pray daily?: No

| Is religion a big part of your life?: Not really.

| Did you ever make up your own religion?: Lol no not that I'm aware of.

|Do you believe in...

| Ghosts?: Yes. 

| Fairies/Faeries?: No. 

| Heaven/Hell?: No

| God?: No

| The paranormal?: Yes. 

| Mermaids?: No. 

| Out-of-body experiences?: Yes. 

| Souls?: Yep. 

| Curses?: Yes

| Magic?: Yes

| Fasting?: Yes. 
| Satan?: No

| Yin/Yang?: Yes

| The Buddha?: No

| People being possessed?: By evil spirits yes...there are always evil spirits.

| Jesus?: No

| The DaVinci Code?: No. 

| The Bible?: No

| A Goddess?: Yes

| A God other then the Christian/Catholic God?: Yes. 

| Humans evolving from apes?: No. 

| God creating the universe?: Yes. 

| The Big Bang theory?: No. 

| Life on other planets?: You mean aliens? No. 

| Dinosaurs?: Yes. (:

| Have you ever...

| Done/attempted a divination?: No. 

| Cast a spell?: Well I had to for a class but it was VERY small and wouldn't hurt me
or anyone else around me..

| Put a curse on someone?: No, its against Wiccan religion.

| Prayed for someone?: No

| Criticized other`s beliefs?: No. 

| Used God`s name in vain?: No. 

| Questioned your own beliefs?: No. 

| Converted to a different religion?: No.

| Considered converting to a different religion?: Nope.

| Stopped talking to someone because their beliefs were different?: No. 

| General beliefs.

| Are you pro life or pro choice?: changes depends.

| What`s your views on abortion?: Its not my choice..people have every right to do
whatever they want just as long as they have a good reason to do whatever choice they
make up...

| Are you a feminist?: No. 

| Do you think sexism is still around?: Yes. 

| Should there be women`s football?: Yes.

| Do you think gays should be able to marry?: Yes. 

| Do you think gays should be able to adopt children?: Yes.

| Are you a vegetarian?: Nope.

| What do you think of slaughterhouses?: As much as I hate the fact of animals being
killed I love food so..idk lol.

| Are you an environmentalist?: Yes. 

| Do you recycle plastic, glass and paper: Yes,. 

| Do you cut the soda rings before throwing them out?: Yes. 

| Do you litter?: No.

‹Queen Of Thee Pit Of Darkness xD› says :   27 October 2009   452589  
Im Wiccan also.
Do you think that maybe getting together
all the Wiccans on Kupika and making a club for 
us would be good? Please message me and let me know what you think.


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