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Sunday, 29 June 2008
11:36:48 AM (GMT)

| What`s your religion?: Christain
| Are your parents the same religion as you?:yeah but i think my dad is having
| Do people disapprove of your beliefs?: one kid. But he thinks everybody else my
religion is stupid too.
| Do people often have the wrong idea about your religion?: idk...
| Are most of your friends the same religion?: yeah i think they are all my religion.
(not racist just only three people with other religion in our school)
| Would you date someone who had a different religion then you?: why not?
| Are you a member of a religious club/school?:nope
| Do you pray daily?: sorta I always pray for good dreams.
| Is religion a big part of your life?: I don't let it control my life if thats what
you mean.
| Did you ever make up your own religion?: Sort of. But i don't really believe in it.

|Do you believe in...
| Ghosts?: yesh. personal experience convinced me
| Fairies/Faeries?: not really
| Heaven/Hell?: yeah
| God?: Duh...
| The paranormal?: uhuh
| Mermaids?: No 
lout-of body experiences?: no? yes? idk
| Souls?: yesh
| Curses?: no
| Magic?: yesh
| Fasting?:no
| Satan?: i guess?
| Yin/Yang?: Huh?
| The Buddha?: nope
| People being possessed?: sorta?
| Jesus?: yep
| The DaVinci Code?: idk i don't know anything about it
| The Bible?: yep
| A Goddess?: no
| A God other then the Christian/Catholic God?: no
| Humans evolving from apes?: I'm not really sure.
| God creating the universe?: I don't know about the universe but i believe he
could've made the world
| The Big Bang theory?: the thing about the universe exploding from a ball? well
then, what created the ball? NO.
| Life on other planets?:sure why not?
| Dinosaurs?: yeah, duh. 

| Have you ever...
| Done/attempted a divination?: a what?
| Cast a spell?: sure... lets go with that.... >_< (make believing people)
| Put a curse on someone?: no
| Prayed for someone?: Yes
| Criticized other`s beliefs?: not really
| Used God`s name in vain?: If you believe saying "oh my God!" is vain then yeah. if
not no.
| Questioned your own beliefs?: sorta
| Converted to a different religion?:no
| Considered converting to a different religion?: no
| Stopped talking to someone because their beliefs were different?: What? NEVER!

| General beliefs.
| Are you prolife or prochoice?: a prowhat and prowho?
| What`s your views on abortion?: I am against it unless the mother really really has
| Are you a feminist?: not totally
| Do you think sexism is still around?: Yeah, even woman get paid less.
| Should there be women`s football?: why not? seriously whats the big deal about it?
| Do you think gays should be able to marry?: duh. They can love who they want to
| Do you think gays should be able to adopt children?: people who think they
shouldn't are stupid. Of course they should.
| Are you a vegetarian?: nu uh
| What do you think of slaughterhouses?: well, um.... i believe that you should still
treat them with respect. Even if they are made into burgers.
| Are you an environmentalist?: I'm not a HUGE enviromentalist. I agree with some of
their ways.
| Do you recycle plastic, glass and paper?: yep
| Do you cut the soda rings before throwing them out?: sometimes. But we don't really
get those kind. when we do i do.
| Do you litter?: NO WAY! not on purpose at least.

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