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The little orphan chapter 8Category: The little orphan story
Saturday, 28 June 2008
03:50:59 PM (GMT)
the gruop rode with an energy totally new to them. Mana felt it the mosy. She felt a new need to save Eichiro. She was a bit embarresed to admit, but that wanted to be with him as much as possible. The harder they peddled,the farther the mountains seemed to go. Mana's patiance was close to gone. She had the confidence to fight a whole army,and she would if she had to. The ride was long. Longer then any other ride she had been on. longer then the leave from New York,or The plane ride. It was the anticipation that made it seem so long. Mana was very anxious to meet Eichiro in person. He had high expectations of Mana and her friends,But Mana still felt Nervous about it. How were they going to get him out? Nonetheless,they continued on. * By the time they actually reached the mountains,the sun had set long ago. They parked on the side of the road and camped out for the night. Mana lay on her back, looking at the night sky. She had never seen so many stars in her life. In New York, it was almost impossible to see even one star. and to see a whole sky full of them was breathtaking. She tried to stay awake as long as she could, but she soon fell asleep,the stars still burned in her sight. * Mana is once again in the cell in the mountains,And Eichiro is waiting for her. He can't help but smile when he sees her. Mana manages a smile and walks toward him. "hello again,Mana." Mana's face showed a bit of worry. "Is something wrong?" The way he spoke made Mana's heart thud. "Not really Eichiro. I am now in the rockies,and i never realised how big they were. how am i going to find you? These towers of rock are too high to even try to climb..." Eichiro trys to comfort the girl. "I'll guide you in the morning." "How can you do that? you're in here. you can't show me." "You'll see." Mana was confused,But she believed and trusted him. This dream was the most pleasant Mana had experienced. It was the only dream without haunting guards or worries. It was just Her and Eichiro. They spent the dream talking to each other, not caring what the other though. When morning came, Mana was dissapointed. How she wished her time with him could have lasted longer! With a final goodbye, Mana faded back into the world of reality. * Mana woke up to find that her companions were still sleeping. She quickly shoke them awake and told them of her dream. "...he said,that he'd show me the way to him,but i don't understand how..." "Maybe he has a flare or something close to that..." Shiki said hopefully. Mana was about to reply,but her vidion went blurry and she couldn't think straight. Was she going to pass out? She was able to keep awake,but she couldn't focus on anything. Her friends gave out cries of alarm,but she couldn't understand a word of it. She starts to have troubles standing up straight. Mana's thoughts are filled with views of the mountain ending at a castle jutting out of the mountainface. Mana's vision clears and she regains her balance. "What happened? It looked like you were going to pass out!" Sera said with relief and worry mixed. "I know the way." "How?" "I was Eichiro." Mana smiled confidently at the mountains,in the direction she was being showed. she felt like she had explored the mountains 100 times over,as she now knew the way. How Eichiro did it, Mana didn't know,but she didn't care about that now. She starts to walk into the forest on the mountains. "Are you coming? Leave the bikes,we can come back for them if we hide them!" she called back to her friends. * They had been treking for hours,and everyone seemed to think they were going in circles. everyone exept Mana. She led the group as if she lived there. When the castle was in sight,it was Noon. It didn't look as majestic on the outside as it did on the inside. that was probably for camoflage. as they sat down for lunch,Mana couldn't stop thinking about Eichiro. Was his personality and kindness for impressing her? if it was, it was working. As she ate, she thought of different plans in hopes of finding one that worked. There was no stopping them now!

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   28 June 2008   831335  
This story is AWESOME! It's weird how Eichiro can do that thing he
did.  Hmmm.
‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   28 June 2008   653132  
I agree with aqua. cant wait for the next chapter!
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   29 June 2008   172684  
Eichiro is a mysterious person. and only I KNOW WHY! :D
‹Ashe_Amu› says:   29 June 2008   322384  
cool![but how did they get 2 the mountains so fast?]
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   29 June 2008   725433  
are you kidding? it took them all day! they left in the morning and
arrived at night! i just skipped it XD
MeepingMeep says:   29 June 2008   725921  
You are rally good, no epmtiness in thsoe words! I PROMISE! Great
story, yet again/
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   30 June 2008   638193  
Thanks meep. i'm trying to figure out a rescue chapter,but it's hard
Kirti says:   3 July 2008   614935  
again I'd be a tad creeped out. somebody else coming in your head
uninvited? *shivers*

but hurray they're ganna save him!
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   3 July 2008   198258  
Mana doesn't mind. she enjoys being with Eichiro
Kirti says:   3 August 2008   983979  
*snicker* the rockies aren't all that high. or steep for that
but then again these are city kids, so a hike up a mountain might seem
like a big deal.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   4 August 2008   936222  
yeah. They never been in the mountains, and when summer comes, you
get all sluggish. *experience*
‹Joanna;FinallySetHerselfFree♥› says:   1 May 2009   348446  
The end line's kinda funny.


I hope Mana and Eichiro get together, they're such a cute couple!
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says :   1 May 2009   428675  

We'll see about that. >:]


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