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The little orphan chapter 7Category: The little orphan story
Thursday, 26 June 2008
12:06:52 PM (GMT)
Now that there were 6 of them, their chances of saving Eichiro increased. Mana was feeling good about this rescue mission! it was going to be easy now! Kiri and Takuya showed them the sites of Calgary, telling them stories along the way. By the time they started to head to Takuya's house, it was well past dusk. Kiri and Mana were chatting between each other. "how did you afford getting from New York to here?" "I've done several jobs over my life and i now have over 200$ in savings." She claimed holding up the wallet.She feels a breeze on her right side and the wallet has dissapeared from her hand. A dark figure sprints down the street. "Hey! that's my money!" Takuya reacts quickly and dashes after the thief. Takuya was hot on the thiefs heels. He eventually got close enough and did a jumping tackle on him. the thief struggles to get free, but Takuya's weight holds him down. When Mana and the others catch up with them, Mana grabs her wallet back and Takuya pulls the mask off the thief. underneath is a 16 year old Teen with jet black hair. Sera's face goes Beet red when she sees him. "What do you always keep getting yourself in trouble, Ato?" Takuya asks. They have met before? The theif now introduced as Ato slowly gets up, his hand on his chest where Takuya was. "Ato,this is the sixth time i caught you red handed. when will you go back to school like everyone else? "School's a drag. That's why i ran away." A runaway from school! NOW Mana had met everyone. But she was a runaway herself... "I oughta arrest you, but since you're my friend from school, i'll let you go." Was that Takuya? He seemed awfully soft hearted for an FBI... "That is, If you come with me and my friends on a little adventure we're on." That was more like him. And what a good idea too! Ato would be extreamly helpful in the rescue mission! Ato's face stiffens. "What kind of adventure?" "I'll explain when we're at my house. It isn't too far now." * Takuya's house wasn't too fancy, but it was nice enough to call home for the night. Mana even thought it was kinda cozy. "You play guitar?" Sera asks standing next to an acoustic guitar. "Yup. i also play electric, but that one's in my room." The mention of music reminded Mana of her flute. She realised she had not played it since she left. She had neglected it as she was travelling the country. She takes it out and starts to play. she was a bit rusty,but she soon got into the hang of it. The sounds the flute made was almost otherworldly. "You play flute?" Mana swings her head to see Kiyomi behind her. "Yes,I haven't gotten a chance to play it since i left New York. It was from my mother..." Mana's voice trails off. She had constantly wondered what her mother was like, and why she abandonded her... "You play beautiful." Kiyomi compliments. Mana beams at her and comtinues playing. It was strange, she missed New York, yet, she was glad to be gone. who else would they meet on their trip? what talents would they have? Mana pondered these questions as she slowly drifted to sleep. * As she would expect, she was back in the cell in the rockies, only to find it empty. She bravly jumps through the wall on the cell and out the hall. The place was a lot larger then she thought. it was really more like a palace then a dungeon. If they didn't know the way, and got lost, they would most likely be captured or killed.When she went to turn a corner,she found herself face to face with a guard in front of a door. He didn't seem to see her, in fact, he didn't even look at her. Mana felt daring and boldly waved a hand in front of his face. he didn't even flintch. Mana had to hide her giggles as she might still be heard. She snuck behind him and looked through the keyhole in the door. She could make out what looked like Eichiro standing in front of a rather older man about 23, and it is easy to tell he is not pleased. They were too far away to be heard, but she could tell they were arguing. How she desperatly wanted to burst through the door and help Eichiro. she felt so helpless as she leaned against the door. She didn't want to be in these dreams anymore. She tried with all her might to wake up and eventually she did. * When Mana awoke, she felt tears wet on her cheeks. These dreams, which were now becoming nightmares, started to frighten Mana. She wiped the tears from her face and looked out the window, and the sun was rising. She went to the main floor to find more of her companions were awake. She saw them all in Takuya's kitchen, eating breakfast. Mana didn't feel hungry. all she wanted to do was to go home to New York and forget about the whole thing. but there was no turning back now. She sat in a corner in the living room and wrapped her arms around her legs.How would she rescue Eichiro now that she knew all the hazards? The whole idea seemed like a suicide mission. "Are you ok, Mana?" Mana looked up to see Sera looking at her with a worried face. "Not really,Sera,no. Last night, in my dreams, i saw a bunch of hazards and i am having second thoughts about the whole plan. I don't know what to do..." Fresh tears rolled down her face. Sera put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "I think we have a pretty good chance of saving Eichiro. Don't worry about a thing." Mana swung her arms around Sera, holding her in a tight grip. "You need to eat breakfast,Mana. or else you won't have enough energy to peddle today." Mana got up and went to the kitchen to eat. * The 7 of them had gotten bikes set up (with the exeption of Ato, as he was able to drive a motercycle.) the three bikes were set up with Mana and Sera, Shiki and Kiri, and Kiyomi and Takuya. they had their provisions packed and soon peddled out of the city. the rocky mountains were clearly visable to the west. Mana felt a new hope that she had not felt before. Maybe they did have a chance...

MeepingMeep says:   26 June 2008   188859  
Yay, it's still going great! REALLY GREAT! :]
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   26 June 2008   648957  
thank yous! ^_^ i only added it today so no new chapter for a few
days if i don't have motivation XD
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   26 June 2008   997747  
Cool chapter! It IS really great! Can't wait for the mext chapter! 
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   26 June 2008   818245  
okey dokey! i will work hard on it. the group are getting close to
saving Eichiro
Kirti says:   3 July 2008   553837  
horray! two km to the North-west and straight on 'till morning!

hmm, sounded better when Peter Pan said it.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   3 July 2008   753711  
XD lol peter pan is for lil kids.
Kirti says:   3 August 2008   196531  
GASP! (I do beleive in fairies, I do, I do...)

common you have to admit some of his line are catchy.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   4 August 2008   718242  
lol, well yeah.....
‹Joanna;FinallySetHerselfFree♥› says:   1 May 2009   162933  
It's getting pretty good, Sam!
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says :   1 May 2009   361335  


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