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Tuesday, 24 June 2008
03:36:27 PM (GMT)
Then he said  "get up now." I cant my leg is broken. " I dont care you will have to
deal with the pain!" He picked her up and tied her to the bed then he ask her "Do you
have to go to the bathroom?" Yes sir. He grabed a diaper and put it on here. I am not
peeing in that. "Fine then I will make you." He grab a bucket and put her hand in it
and waited. Angel peed and cried because she  was scared and wanted him to stop.
After she was down he took the diaper of and put her undies on and lift her up and
pur her in in the bathroom. He took her clothes and put her tub. He gave stuff to
wash her self and then he truned the shower on.

She slowly wash her cuts and she tryed not to scream when she wash her brokon leg.
She got out and went to the to the towel  and she put on the purple undies and the
purple dress. 

She tried walking and she hit her head of of the sink. She fell with a thud on the
floor. When the guy heard it he ran into the bathroom and ran to her

"Angel get up. I know your fakeing!" He brought her to the bed and saw that her head
was bleeding. He put a cloth on her head and put her in the car. He drove to he go to
his friends house 5 miles down the rode.

He pick her up and ran inside and when he saw his friend he ran up to him and said
"you got to help me please." He look at Angel and then he got his doctor kit and then
he ask what happen? "I dont know I was sleeping and i woke up to a loud bang."  I
will sew her head and then i will give you pills if she starts to have pain and she
should wake up in five hours. He took the pills and brought her to the car. 

He drove to her house and killed her parents and then he grabed her stuff and left.

When Angel woke up and saw that she was  tied to a chair. The guy came in and said
"You are a bad girl you know that." What did I do? "Oh by hurting you self you will
go to the hosipal but you are wrong?" It wasnt my fault I hit my head I fell while I
was trying to walk. "Now that you cant be trusted i will have to wash you so now when
you go to the bathroom i will be waching you and when you take a shower i will wash
you and I will dress you abd since i am not here during the day i will put a diaper
on you and tie you to the chair." But it wasnt my fault. Tonight you will clean the
bathroom while I eat in front of you and you will be sent to bed.

She limp to the bathroom and started to clean  and when she said I have to go to the
bathroom he said go ahead go to the bathroom nobody stoping you. Its hard for me to
go pee in front of people. He truned the water on and told her to pull her undies
off. She did as she was told then he stuck her hand under the water. She peed on the
floor and he grabed her face shove it in the pee and then he said "Sit in it!" No I
am not going to sit in it because you made me do it. "Your better listen to me  or
you will be punish." I dont care I am not sitting in it. turned the tub on and put it
on ice cold and told her to take her clothes of but leave her undied on. No I am not
doing that any more either. He picked her up and said "you better do what i tell you
to do." I hate you! He put her back on the ground and went to go get the neddle. She
limp out of the bathroom and walked out of the bedroom. She tried open the door but
it didnt budge. He walk up to her and then he

kenna_horselover says:   24 June 2008   447495  
ello good chap lol nice i can't wait till chapter 4 ciao lol i iz
bein british
‹Emma Bear› says:   24 June 2008   413984  
lol thanks
Orbitzs says:   27 June 2008   477254  
dude all of these so far r really good
‹Emma Bear› says:   27 June 2008   839852  
‹Visably-Vacant› says:   6 October 2011   914355  
Sorry but you just plain suck at writing.  Is english your second
language or something?  You need serious help.
‹Emma Bear› says :   20 October 2011   728018  
Thank you so much if you shoild know I was twelve when I wrote this
so that was like 4 years ago so you are 4 years to late to give me a
bad comment


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