:O uamhans in constructing a story :O or is hes? i dont know who is
uamhan any way right me uhhh yes i dont have multipull personalitys do
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:O uamhans in constructing a story :O or is hes? i dont know who is
uamhan any way right me uhhh yes i dont have multipull personalitys do
Category: (general)
Thursday, 19 June 2008
05:25:14 PM (GMT)
so as you may of heard corected: may have read woo i smart aint i :D woo any who yes i as you may of heard oh god dam it ok as you may have read (woo i did it :D) im im going to limit my use of the internet to kupika and other means of talking to people and drawing and writeing information (ya like thats gonna last) so ya any who me is thinking of writeing a story it may be a spur of the moment thing :P but ya if i do manage to complete such a feet of awsumness i wil most likely post on teh kupika or sell for millions either one works for me so like yas i dont know ho to write a book :O nooooooo there we go fixed that problem any who so like ya i have ideas as i always repeat always have ideas how ever bad they may be but none the less they do work occasionaly such as scaming my priciple woo free lunch but back to the topic i would be grateful for any ideas you may have from names of characters setings any thing i was think of a manga sort type mubob but idk so like yas counts yup thats alot of lines :D any ways ya any ideas would help now for the awsumnessest thing ever it is *drum roll* THE CHEESE DANCE/SONG !!!!!!! here we go!!!! cheese is a kind of meat a tasty yello beef i milk it from my tyte but i try to be disscreate ohhhhhhh cheese ohhhhhhhh cheese cheese is a kind of beef a tasty yellow frite *a crap atempt of beat boxing* cheese is very sweet and then thats it any who so like ya....... i was think while writeing down that song :P woo go me i can think so whta was i thinkoing about uhhhhhhhh ehhhhh oh ya for the story i could make it realy random and funny or serious if you ask me i would say random probably the best for me since like ya i can type 45 words per minute that make sense but are random so ya any who that would be it its over nooooooooo ya its over sry dam that sucks sry man it had to end some time no it didint yes of corse it did realy? ya hey wait your just makeing it last longer arent you no! ya you are nuh uh uh huh ok maybe i was realy na ya you wear no uh oh forget it ok did i just type that yup you did dang my bad whoops ehh i dont have alter egos do i ya you do shhhhh i trying to miss lead them wow realy i wow you realy suck at it nu uh uh huh *bang* ha so worth bloing off half my head any who ya thats just about it by the way im quessing some people will think the cheese song is stupid and crap but its real ill prove it it even has unreal dancein and all so tya i told you soooo no you didnt dam it hes back ok thats it ya cya every one i have some unfinished bussiness

‹itsjenny_betch(:› says:   19 June 2008   797614  
i was having a bad day till i read that
‹aquafire› says:   20 June 2008   775365  
it great that ur writeing a random book!
but we'll miss u on kupika!!!!!
‹The Pursuit of Happiness› says :   20 June 2008   565531  
heh ? i aint leavein kupika

im not gonna do other things im

stayin on kupika im glad you liked lala


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