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The melty eyes- By Cody (digo) part 1Category: (general)
Saturday, 7 June 2008
03:59:57 AM (GMT)
The bell rang as the kids ecstatically ran out of the classrooms, while I stayed
behind taking my time. I looked out of the window and started to think of an idea for
my new story. I put my homework in my purple backpack and zipped it up. i flung it
over my shoulder as the weight pounded against my back. I moved swiftly to my locker
and put in the combo.
It clicked open and i grabbed my water bottle. I closed it with a swift kick. and ran
down the hall and down the stairs.
I got on my bus and made my way to the seat named  '4'
I started to get comfy when a girl sat next to me. I took a glance at her and noticed
how beautiful she was. Her flowing Brown hair and her glinting Greenish eyes. She
looked at me and smiled i blushed and smiled back. She had eyes that could melt your
heart right out. 
"Hi! My name is Camille. Whats yours?"
I straitened up fast,
"My name is Cody. Uhm You look very nice."
She giggled lightly at my pathetic attempt to compliment her. I Blushed madly and
started to read one of my old 120-paged novels. I was Way pass that now. I was up to
320 last time i checked. And that one was a year ago. I needed to think about a topic
for this year--
"Umm Are you there?"
She was waving her hand in front of my face. 
"Huh? Yeah... I am fine."
" OKAY!" She had said like a bomb, "What are you reading?" 
She peeked over my shoulder.
"I've never seen that book before..." Camille said. She had the most Queer face as
she pondered. I asked her if she was okay and she asked me where did I get my book.
"Well to be honest I, Kinda, wrote it myself."
She looked astonished.
"YOU DID? I haven't even writing a 12 page story with out it being bad."
She looked at me happily. And I smiled. I tried to look pleasant.
"How many pages?"
I showed her the number 120 on the last page. She analyzed it carefully.
The bus slowed down to a stop as she stepped out of the seat and into the aisle.
"Thanks for talking to me!" She said.
"Not a problem."
I noticed she lived a block away. The next stop came supremely slow. The bus came to
a stop as i pulled myself off the seat named '4' and walked out of the bus and onto
my drive way. I ran up to my House and opened the door and ran to my room. I finally
got an idea.

'The Melty Eyes'

JojoJURASSIC says:   7 June 2008   484267  
It was pretty good. It should have been a little longer, though. ^^ 
Not bad. Better than what I could do, for sure.
Digo says:   7 June 2008   173378  
I knew it should have been longer i will lengthen it tomorrow.
til' then sleepy time.
NekoLover says:   7 June 2008   571126  
funking awesome!
Aww she must be really special.
Digo says :   16 July 2008   449364  
uh... ok...


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