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Monday, 5 May 2008
07:46:37 AM (GMT)
Stolen from orca1234.

1. Do you like your name?
- In Chinese writing, yes. But not when people pronounce it because they pronounce it
'Jaaaaaaaaaaayyy' in English and 'Jia1 Yu2' in Mandarin..... which is wrong, since my
name means 'rain' and not 'fish'. :|

2. Have you ever wished to be your opposite sex?
- Yep.

3. If you were to have children, what would you name them?
- I won't. But if I do, ... Apple, Brinjal, Coconut, Banana?! :D -gets hit by a stray

4. Do you even like kids?
- Definite no. D:

5. What time do you usually go to sleep on a weekday? On a weekend?
- On a weekday when my dad's around, 11 PM. Weekend, mm, either 10 PM or 1 AM.

6. What's your favorite word?
- Stab.

7. Have you ever tYpED lYk dIs at some point in your life?
- ... no.

8. What's your dream career?
- Don't know. To be able to advance in office work needs you to be aggresive. xD;;
Well. That's what I heard anyway.

9. If you could be any other race, what would you be?
- Japanese ahurr~ -is a weeaboo-

10. What are you listening to right now?
- The washing machine leaking water.
........................................ o'shit.

11. Grab any book by you, turn to page 69 and type out the last full sentence here:
- That one sounded as if the speaker's nose were being pinched.
~ Inkheart ~

12. Do you like country music? Rap?
- No.

13. How would you like to die?
- Painless?

14. Do you like taking pictures (not necessarily of yourself)?
- Yeah.. >:

15. Do you use ":]" a lot?
- Used to.

16. Are your neighbors annoying?
- We don't talk.

18. What was the last thing you drank?
- Plain water.

19. The last time you left your house? Where did you go?
- `` 6:50 AM; school.

20. Are you loving life?
- I don't know why. About life.

21. Do you like the way you write?
- No.

22. What's your favorite animal?
- None.

23. How many times have you used the restroom today?
- Twice.

24. Are you hungry right now?
- No.

25. Turn on your TV (unless it's already on). What's playing?
- O.o; A commercial advertising some facial product.

26. Do you like video games?
- Not really, no.

27. What's your favorite Pokemon?
- Gardevoir. :>

28. What was the last thing you watched on YouTube?
- FictionJunction YUUKA - Blessing.

29. Are you cool with bugs?
- they stay away from me, yes. They don't, I crush them.

30. Do you like Halloween?
- We don't celebrate it.

31. What do you want for your birthday/Christmas?
- Ever 17 - The Out of Infinity. :[ Though, it approximately costs RM60+ so my
parents wouldn't allow me to buy it. If the video game stores in Malaysia sell it.
Even though I DO have the money.

32. Have you ever fasted?
- Not intentionally, no.

33. What's going on tomorrow?
- I get to stay in the library for about 2 hours and risk getting locked up in it
because I always read quietly at the back, so Aunty Librarian doesn't notice me until
I either finish reading the book or drop it. Har har har, don't worry, I'm used to
it... -goes to a corner gloomily-

34. Are you doing well in school?
- Yes. Of course. Whenever you feel pressured by schoolwork, ditch. :D That's the way
to gooo~

35. Do you have online friends?
- One good friend. A few normal friends.

36. Do you think you're popular?
- Read #33. Does that seem like a popular kid to you or a nerd? :C

38. When was the last time you laughed really hard?
- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.              There. Now.

39. What's on the cover of your science binder?
- 'Science Process Skills' ... I think.

40. Do you believe there's such thing as an non-racist person?
- No. They'd have to be saints to be non-racist.

42. What do you do for fun at home?
- ummmm. -shrugs-?

43. Can you wiggle your ears?
- No.

44. Why did the chicken cross the road?
- argh I'm sick of this joke. Because it wanted to get to the other side, durr.

45. Do you like your voice?
- Not when I speak. :C

46. Are you good at receiving/giving compliments?
- Receiving: -blank-
- Giving: I tend to compliment a person too much to the point of flattery... :|

47. Have you ever won a contest?
- Nothing out of primary school.

48. What are you using for your messenger avatar/icon?
- A chimp. For real.

49. Can you imitate something/someone well?
- .___.'' No...

50. What's your favorite amusement park?
- Jurong Bird Park, SG which has a huuge bird feeding area. It's fun, even though
I've only visited once and a bird nearly made me drop my camera. O.o;
- Sunway Lagoon, KL, MY. :DDD This is the funnest place! It's like, a great big water
theme park! Rachel and I had so much fun sliding down the looong slides from the top
part. lawl. And once, somewhere around 3 pm, while we were climbing the stairs to the
top of the slides, a worker there said, "HEY! haven't you been here already since the
time this theme park opened?!" when he saw me. :D Ah well. so we were there from 10
am to 5 pm. It was fun, anyway (even though my fingertips turned into some mushy skin
and we almost got stranded there just because we couldn't get a taxi back x.x).

Sorry for being part-hyper, heh.

51. Do you have any REAL autographs (not the cheap ones on posters!) of famous
- Not interested.

52. Do you cry easily?
- When my pets die.

53. What's something you do at home that you don't do in public?
- Wear shorts.
- Snuggle. ( :/ )
- Talk more than necessary.

54. What do you think about boyfriends/girlfriends?
- An official love-love relationship between two people. I'm not too sure about what
other people think, tho.

55. What's something you regret doing as a child?
- ..... they're too humiliating to say...

57. Where do you think wind comes from?
- Heat, erm. Cool air goes down, hot air goes up... rotate rotate.....

58. Do you like sour cream?
- When it's mixed with tiny sliced up onions... Yumm.

59. What color are your fingernails?
- Normal? D:

60. Do you like animal crackers?
- Animal crackers remind me of those.. those... so-called 'sweet and delicious'
animal-shaped vitamins. ugh.

61. Can you do a split?
- ?

62. What do you smell like?
- Nothing.

63. Have you ever done anything stupid at a drive-thru?
- never tried.

64. Do you like to use song lyrics that relate to you?
- It doesn't matter.

65. Do you have a problem with odd numbers?
- Yes. They just don't feel right.

66. What's something you're proud of?
- Being able to be in an average family.

67. Do you think you'd be a cool teacher?
- No.

68. What are your pet peeves?
- Players. The people who toy around with people's feelings and take them for
granted. They're seriously disgusting.

69. Do you know what the number 69 represents?
- ... no. What's that?

70. How do you pronounce "caramel"?
- Ka-ra-me-ll.

71. If you could be any animal in the world, what would you like to be?
- A human.

72. Are you the jealous type?
- Don't know. Never gotten past infatuation.

73. Do you keep a journal/diary?
- no.

74. Have you ever used Xanga?
- Registered... then abandoned.

75. Do you have a made-up language/alphabet?
- .___. No.

76. What fingers do you use to type?
- Mainly the middle fingers. ;D

77. Is there something you need to have/to do to be able to sleep?
- Stop thinking.

78. What day is it tomorrow?
- Tuesday.

79. What time is it now?
- 7:47 PM.

80. Do you believe humans evolved from monkeys?
- No.

81. What's your favorite board game?
- None. I'm too stupid to play them using strategy.
Last edited: 5 May 2008

‹Jamssy› says :   4 December 2008   469718  
i stole stole this this (:


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