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ways to annoy deidaraCategory: naruto funnys
Thursday, 1 May 2008
05:26:11 PM (GMT)

1.Ask him if you can play with his hair.

2.If he says no, whine and cry till he says yes.

3. Constantly ask him stupid questions.

4.When he gets mad, laugh and poke him.

5.Whenever he walks into a room, start singing "U and Ur hand"

6.Sneek into his room when he's sleeping and stare at him till he wakes up.

7. When he wakes up and asks why you're staring at him, slap him and run away

8. Feed his hands foreign objects. (Money, metal, pencils, etc.)

9. Before he goes on a mission or fights someone shout "DON'T GET HURT, DEI-DEI-CHAN!

10.Dye his hair aqua blue with green streaks.

11. Tell him you like the way he smells.

12. Make your self look like him by any means necessary. Draw mouths on your hands
with a marker; carry play-dough around with you and through it at people while
shouting "KATSU". And say "un" "yeah" and "hmm" after every sentence.

13. Buy him a dress.

14. Buy him a bra and say, "You're an A-cup, right?"

15.Jump on his back and shout, "HI HO SILVER! AWAAAAAAAY!!!!"

16. Walk up to him and swing his arms around singing "I love you. You love me." (the
barney song) And at the hug and kiss part, hug him and kiss him.

17. Follow him around all day with your thumbs up saying "Duuuuuuuuuuude!"

18.Tell everyone that Deidara left you because you were pregnant with his kid.

19.Write "Pancreas Lover" on all his shirts.(OMG! RC will get this one.)

20.Then whenever you see him, start singing the pancreas song by Weird Al Yankovic.

part 2

1. Call him a girl.

2. Ask if you can check weather he's a boy or not.* 

3. Commentate everything he does. 

4. Agree with Sasori when Deidara and him are having an argument about their veiws on

5. Mock him by saying "un" and "yea". 

6. Call him Dei-Dei-chan.* 

7. Call him Dei-Dei-chan in front of the Akatsuki.*

8. Pull his ponytail and shout "DING DONG!"**

9. Ask him if the mouths on his hands are for self pleasure.* 

10. Whatever his answer, tell everyone over and over again that they are, until you
get beaten.* 

11. Tell him he's your bitch.**

12. If he disagrees, start crying.** 

13. Call him sexy and kiss him in front of the Akatsuki.*****

14. Ask him what shampoo he uses. 

15. Read him SasoXDei yaoi as a bedtime story. 

16. Dye his hair pink and blame it on Sasori.

17. Tell random people a guy named Deidara left you because you were pregnant with
his kid.*** 

18. Knock on his door when he's trying to sleep.*

19. When he answers and asks you what your doing, say you were trying to see if he'd

20. Repeat every two minutes until beaten. 

21. Hug him every five minutes or less.***** 

22. Hug him in the middle of an important battle.

23. Stare at him.** 

24. When he asks what your staring at, shout "YOUR MOM!"**

25. Cling to him for no reason whatsoever.**********

summertimeisclosetoover says :   1 May 2008   887819  
LOL those made me laugh but id be too scared to do anything like that
to him what if he explodes again hmm?

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