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Sunday, 6 April 2008
09:00:05 PM (GMT)
This story was for a contest, but I've decided to continue on with this idea and
make a short online series of it. 
If you have any pointers on anything such as, grammar, spelling errors, or even parts
of the story that are not clear then please tell me!
I'm working to become a author and I can only get better from learning my mistakes.
So please, help me!

                    The Mirror

Greetings, my name is,Mika Chido. I'm in the eighth grade and working on up to become
a comic writer. To complete my goal, I've entered many classes such as art and
computer design. During this trip toward my career, I never thought that it would
lead me to something amazing as the world of Lurkers. Let me start from the

I toss to one side on the soft, silk covered bed. Noises of all sorts were herd from
outside my dorm room from kids sneaking out for parties or to just go out on a
stroll. Even though our school doesn't allow us to leave after ten pm, many students
ignore the rule. I admit that I've also ignored it on a couple of occasions.

My eyes stare up at the white ceiling, "I can't think of what else to write" I
thought gloomily. A note book laid in one hand while a pen laid in my other. Our
school newspaper was about to send out the final printing and I haven't finished my

"Mika? Mika, you in there? Aren't you coming? The party will be great! I know you'll
love it!" I herd a voice call through the wooden door. "Alright, alright. Just quiet
down before a teacher hears you or even worse, one of the principals" I replied to my
loud mouthed friend, June.

Sitting up, I gather my writing tools and head out the door. "Your working? That's no
fun if you bring school work to party", June whined as she looked at my note book.

"I don't know what to write and the deadline is four days away", I replied after
letting out a long sigh. "I have no choice", I stated as both of us headed down the

We crossed multiple streets, lamp posts, and cars. Finally we stopped at our
destination and we were glad for it. The wind nipped at our exposed skin, the dark
was creeping us out, and we were exhausted from the long trip. My red dress shined in
the dim light of the lamp posts, Junes black, velvet dress blended into the dark

"Hey, Mika?" June muttered in a whisper. My eyebrow rose at the sudden volume change,
"Yes?"I replied blankly.

"Don't go into the back room, the one with the mirror. Many believe it will take you
to a endless cloud of darkness"June explained.

I blinked and almost laughed at my dear friend, endless cloud of darkness? That's
almost as stupid as believing ghosts are real, better yet a vampire being real. Just
to amuse her, I nodded in reply and promised to not set foot in the room with the
sooo dangerous mirror.

We rang the door bell a couple of times and soon could hear someone bolt down from a
stair case. The house was three stories high, it almost looked like a mansion because
of how big it was.

A young boy came to greet us, his eyes were emerald and his blond hair was greased
back. He wore a suit that you would see at a special occasion, a spinning image of a
Tux. "Hey there, red heads"he said with a childish grin.

"My name is, Mika!"I growled at him, but my anger just made the boy laugh. "Yeah,
Yeah, I know"he said.

"George, is everyone else here yet?" June asked.

"Nope, we still have little while till everyone starts showing up"George replied as
he moved my long hair out of my face so he could see my light blue eyes. He backed
off once I stomped on his left foot.

"Good, I can try to do my newspaper article"I said cheerfully. My moods change very

I left the two gocking at one another, they must've been surprised by the sudden
switch in attitude or the fact that I worked way too much.

Looking around for a room on the second floor, I pushed a couple of colored balloons
out of my path as I entered through a red door. On it was engraved, 'Attic.'
Normally, an attic is downstairs, but not this one.

I headed up the wooden stair case and came into a old room with cob webs, dust, and
scattered junk. A mirror was also their, near the front and covered with a white
sheet. "This must be the room she warned me about"I said to myself and advanced the
strange object.

"Why am I so interested in this? What June said isn't true."I said to myself in a
huff. Slowly, I placed my hand on the glass front.

My hand, it went right through it! Curiosity got the better of me and I paid the
price for it. I struggled to get my hand out of the mirror, but the mirror pulled me
completely in. All I remember is a strange light and someones voice calling my name.

When I woke up, my body was rested on a bed of hay. A young man with brown hair
peered down at me, fangs stuck out of his mouth. "Welcome"he said to me. "Welcome?
Where am I?" I asked in confusion. "The land of Lurkers, a place where vampires,
witches, and other magical beings roam"he explained. "I am Eclipse"he introduced.

After that, my eyes rolled back into my head as I calapsed on my bed. I fainted in
front of the poor guy.

When I woke again, Eclipse was still their. His gaze on the small fireplace, we were
in a small wooden cabin. "Your awake, you don't plan on fainting again, do you?"he

"I-I'm sorry"I stammered. I felt cold sweat fall down my back, face, and neck. "Can I
go back? To my friends home?"I asked. Eclipse seemed puzzled.

"Where does your friend live?"he asked.

"In a three story home with a large front yard and a fountain near the left"I
explained and would of said more if Eclipse didn't stop me.

"Hold on a minute, what city or area do you live in?"he asked next.

"China, in Osaka"I replied and Eclipse just stared in even more confusion.

"There's nothing by the name of China or Osaka here, you don't seem to be from this
realm"he said.

"Realm? Are you kidding me? How can someone not know where China is? All of Earth
knows"I explained in rage. "But, this is not Earth. I said it before, your in the
land of Lurkers"he said.

I couldn't believe it, my home and my friends were apparently gone. How was I going
to finish my news article or have a party with my friends? 
This world is interesting, but that doesn't change that fact that I have no clue as
to how I'm supposed to get back to my world. Earth.
Last edited: 6 April 2008

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