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~A bit about Piggy.~Category: Personality
Tuesday, 18 March 2008
06:47:12 PM (GMT)
Name: Penelope Anne. (Laugh and you DIE.)
Nickname: Piggy, Squishy, Penny XD
Present Town: CRAZY TOWN!
Screenname: PiggyPudding

 .:Do you :.

Own your house: Oh,cheah XD
Have any pets: 2 piggies >w<
Have any siblings: Nopers.
Have a Boyfriend: Not at the moment.
Have a crush: Do fictional charaters count?
Have a Best Friend: Many.
Own a TV: A-DUH!
Have Boobs: Erm, yes? (I wear a 34C XD)
Sleep naked:  NO! I'm don't sleep commando either, FWI.
Sleep walk/talk: No. I mumble random things sometimes though  Y_Y

.: Have you ever :.

Sat in gum: Sat in it, stepped in it, swallowed, it, you name it.
Been kissed in the rain: I've been kissed in a bus XD
Danced in public: Every day!
Smiled for no reason: All the time!
Laughed so hard you cried: Many times!
Pee'd your pants: ONCE! I was laughin' real hard.
Written a song: Yep XD
Sung in the shower: Almost every day.
Performed on stage: I <33333 to act ^.^
Looked in the mirror every time you passed it: I'm not that vain.
Kissed your mum in public: Of course, I LOVE MY MOMMY!
Held your dad's hand when you were scared: I still do.
Tripped someone right after you helped them off of the floor: No, but that's been
done to me. (I trip a lot XD)

.: Who was the last person who :.

Said hi to you: My friends Jess (We're on the phone at this moment)
Kissed you: My MOM!
Hugged you: My daddeh >.>
Told you they loved you: My mom ^.^
Said +F word+ You, +B word+: Never been done to me XD
Wrote you a note: Kylie-chan.
Took your picture: Emily with her cellphone..
You called: My friend Shiney XD
Called you: SHINEY! XD
Went to the cinema with you: Emily, WE SAW ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS!
IMed you: Llama-chan
You wrote a poem to: NO ONE!
.: What's the last... :.

Time you cried: Last night. (I made myself cry for no reason!)
Time you laughed: 5 seconds ago
Book you read: Azumanga Daioh XD (The last BOOK I read was Maximum Ride)
Food you ate: Macaroni and cheese
Flavour of gum you chewed: Classic.
Shoes your wore: My combat boots.
Store you went in: Barnes & Noble.
Thing you said: "Oh wow , isn't that MANLY?!"
Time you looked at the time: Man, this question just made me look at it XD
Film you watched: Howl's Moving Castle.
Joke you told: The "cliff" joke XD
Song you sang: The "I'm Too Fat for You" song form Ed Edd and Eddy (I DON'T EVEN
.: Can you :.

Write with both hands: Yes. Badly.
Whistle: Yes ^.^
Blow a bubble with gum: I STILL can't do that.
Cross your eyes: I do that a lot.
Touch your tongue to your nose: Yes XD
Dance: YES, in my opinion XD
Stay up all night without any sleep: Yeah.
Speak a different language: Yepper.
Impersonate someone: I love doin' that XD
Prank call people: Yes.
Make a card house: Too hard >.>
Cook: I like to bake ^.^
Sing: YEAH.
Love: I love to love.
Say your ABC's backwards: I love doin' that XD
Hop on one foot & keep your balance: No, I have bad enough balance already >.<

.: Finish the line :.

If I were a/n: real pig, I'd be happy ^.^
My Best Friend is: so hilarious.
So many people don't know that: I eat paper sometimes 0_o
My Boyfriend is: Invisble, apparently XDXD
Stolen from: Miki-chan! I'm sorry, but I like stealin' stuff from joo XD


Hannah_12 sings :   18 March 2008   454461  
amg.. im reading random peoples diarys (nosy much? o.o) and i ate
paper when i was little and in trouble and wasnt aloud to eat the rest
of my supper.. i ate a paper sandwich and almost got a paper cut ;_;

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