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Oblivious: Chapter TwoCategory: Stories
Monday, 4 February 2008
06:49:16 PM (GMT)
Chapter Two

Serena’s Story

    During my first year of high school, that’s when I first set my eyes on the
love of my life, Colin Duple. He was exactly what I wanted in a boy; rugged, tall,
and so dreamy, in other words, he was a major heart throb. I let out a satisfied
sigh, I could picture our wedding already; he would be wearing a classy black tuxedo
and I would be wearing a long white dress, we would invite some close relatives, but
that’s it. We would also hold the wedding outside, in September. 
    My daydreaming was cut off by the childish snickers of my classmates; had they
seen me staring at Colin? I felt the blood rush to my cheeks, and all I could feel
was utter embarrassment. I needed to find a hole to crawl into. 
     That’s when I noticed I wasn’t the one being laughed at; I turned my
attention to a strange looking boy, someone I have never seen before. His face was
contoured into pain, and all I could do was look at the poor boy and give him a
sympathetic smile; I’m just glad it wasn’t me. 

      The persistent shriek of the dismissal bell rang and I listened to its painful
cries as the echoed throughout the cavernous hallways of my ancient school. Every
class I didn’t have with Colin seemed painfully slow. It was as if my body ached
for him, my thirst could only be quenched when I could reassuringly hold him in my
arms; I just wish he felt the same way and maybe then, these feelings would calm down
just a little bit? 
      I trudged impatiently towards my house; I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come,
just so I could see Colin again. Before I knew it, that strange new kid was walking
up beside me, when did he get there, had he been walking beside me the whole time,
why hadn’t I noticed him? 
      I started feeling uneasy beside his graceful strides, there was something
abnormal about him, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I decided to strike a
conversation with him, since the tension between us only seemed to rise. Had I done
something to upset him?

     “It’s pretty cold isn’t it?” I asked him trying to keep my composer once
he gave me an unsettling glare. 
     “It’s not too bad,” he gave me a simple reply, his voice very stale and
      I gulped, feeling the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, my instincts
told me to run, “you say that and you’re only wearing a sweater.” I chuckled
nervously, pulling my thick wool scarf closer to my face concentrating on the walk
ahead and during that whole walk back, we were both incredibly quiet. The air around
us seemed to shift a little bit too, and before I knew it, I was becoming more and
more comfortable by his side. 

     A couple weeks turned into a year and I grew more attached to the new student,
Alexander. Before I knew it, we were like two peas in a pod. Despite that, I always
felt like he way hiding things from me. I just wish he would open up more, and maybe
let me know what he’s thinking- it was so hard to read that stone cold face of his.
I sighed taking my usual seat beside him, and in the front rows of the classroom I
could see Colin. Though my infatuation for him wasn’t as strong as it was three
years ago, I still had some feelings for him. For example, my hands would become
clammy and my heart would accelerate, but that’s it. No longer could I picture us
together walking down the aisle of a beautifully coordinated wedding. His face was
exchanged with another, but whenever I tried to focus on that face, it just seemed to
blur, was there something my heart wasn’t telling me?
    I heard the familiar shill cry of the dismissal bell and I prepared my things to
leave. Like every other day, I met Alexander. Stranger thing was, he seemed edgier
than usual- what was eating him.     Whenever I turned to him, he seemed to recoil as
if he was disgusted by my appearance; I couldn’t admit that I was hurt by this
    “Do you remember what day it is?” He asked me politely in a voice that I have
never heard him use, it sounded so sad it made me want to comfort him. That wasn’t
the only thing different though, his eyes held a great emotion as well, something I
have never felt. They held such passion, such thirst; I was quickly drawn into those
liquid golden eyes of his. 
     I was to drawn in by those eyes I was at a complete loss for words, “never
mind.” He mumbled turning away, and I gasped slightly as I felt a light brush upon
my hand. I watched as he abruptly paused putting a gentle hand on my shoulder; a
shiver crawled up my spin. I kept my eyes trained on him as he slowly leant towards
me, he was so close that I could smell his sweet breath brush my skin. 
    “Serena, are you alive?” he questioned me, waving a hand in front of my face.
“You’re home now,” he chuckled lightly pushing me towards the door, “I’ll
come visit you at six and we can work on our homework together!” 
    In an instant he was out of my sight, and yet I couldn’t say one single
comprehensible word. Infuriated with myself I marched towards the front door digging
in my pocket for the keys, and unlocked the door, to angry with myself to lock it
again. I needed to vent badly, so I stomped all the way upstairs to write about this.

   I thought it was impossible to fall in love with your best friend. 

  My eyes started to feel like lead, and before I knew it, I was asleep. 
  The sharp crash of breaking glass awoke me, and I was forced to inspect what the
problem was. Swaying as I stood up, trying to balance myself as the last bit of
fatigue drained away I luckily managed to stagger towards my vanity table where my
alarm clock sat; the time was 5:45. 
   The sad realization kicked in, I wasn’t alone. My parents weren’t due for
another 30 minutes, and I was expecting Alexander yet, so who was it? 
    Picking up the closest object - a shoe - I prepared to fight for my life.
Creeping down the stairs, the room was eerily quiet, the door hung ajar and my
mother’s favourite vase laid on the ground in pieces. 
    I gave a thankful sigh and put down the shoe I was holding. Walking over to the
door, my muscles loosened, I was totally reassured that it was just the wind. The
wind opened the door and knocked over the vase, very reasonable. 

    “Serena…?” I felt the blood drain from my face as a familiar voice
questioned me from behind…

Continue…    Alexander’s Journal

        I looked at the bouquet, letting a small smile spread across my cheeks, but
that soon changed. I could pick up not one, but two heart beats residing within her
house; why hadn’t she told me she had one of her other friends over? I decided to
check the situation out, I didn’t want to walk in with tuxedo on and a bouquet of
flowers in front of her friend, it would embarrass us both. 
        So, I gingerly placed the flowers on the doorstep and took three steps back
to I could get a clear view of the house to see if any windows were open. 
        I began hearing muffled moans from inside the house, and I no longer cared
about embarrassment. Grabbing the door handle, I pushed the door open with minimal
control of my strength, 
        No matter, the lingering piece of my humanity left me right then and there,
for there she stood, in the tight embrace of Colin Duple. Colin snickered at my
appearance pulling Serena closer to his brood body, placing his lips on hers. I was
hard to focus on anything else when that rapid beating heart of hers didn’t falter,
its pace only quickened. 

        “Alex…” I heard her cry desperately, but my mind was gone, my body
moved on its own, and I never gave any effort to stop it. 
        “Alex!” I heard her cry again, I felt the need to drink; it was more
powerful than any feeling I had experienced. Having Colin grasped in my hands, he
seemed so small and fragile, like a porcelain doll the thought gave me grim
satisfaction. Squeezing harder I could hear his fragile bones snap under the
pressure. I wasn’t paying attention to what Serena was screaming; I was to driven
by thirst. I could see the blue veins under his translucent skin, and pulling closer
to him, I traced a line towards his neck. I could taste the blood already; just
thinking about it made my mouth water. As I gently placed my lips on the base of his
neck, I wanted his imagination to run wild. To think about what I could do to him
this very moment, but alas I did not have the time to dawdle on such trivial matters.
I wouldn’t let pleasure get in the way of my revenge. Pulling him away savagely,
and took his head in my hands and furiously twisted it.
        Now that deed was done, I turned towards the sickly pale Serena. Her tiny
body shook miserably and I could hear the restless pounding of her heart. 

        “You’re a monster!” she screamed, but that’s all se could do, just
cower on the floor and scream at me. She and I both knew that she posed no threat.
“I can’t believe I fell for-“, she paused looking down to the floor, and I bent
down to the floor cupping her head in my hands.  
         “For years you have taunted me,” I pulled her face closer to mine,
“for years I have learnt to keep a leash on my emotions and actions. I yearned for
you, every part of me, but you know I’ve come to a realization!” I declared
triumphantly. “Never fall for a human tramp.” I smirked pulling her up by her
hair, pleased by her shrieks of terror.  
           “I will no longer be made a fool of,” I growled let go of her hair,
just touching her made my skin crawl. She protested, banging her fists against my
chest, and as she presided with her tedious actions I took the opportunity to settle
things- though I didn’t plan to kill her, I just wanted to scar her for life. 
           I took a tight hold of her hands, placing them by her sides, drawing her
body closer to mine. Her sickly sweet scent only drove me into an even deeper lustful
hunger. Licking my lips, I let her squirm in my hands, I had wanted this day to come
and here it was, though it was a little different than I had imagined.  Tenderly
kissing her neck, listening to the acceleration of her heart, and I made my move.
Digging my fangs into the hollow of her neck, listening to her twisted moans of
pleasure and pain, the hot liquid filled my mouth and it was everything I dreamt of
and more. The thing was, I couldn’t stop and I could feel her body go limp in my
hands. It was only when I heard a car pull into the driveway when I was able to break
away from temptation and flee for safety…

       And that’s what my story has led up to, as I bid farewell to the place I had
grown to love and the people I had grown to love. My teacher had not returned for me,
and I was left alone in solitude. Though my body was not visibly stained in blood
anymore, that’s all I could see.

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