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Someone stole my art.Category: ranting D:
Tuesday, 22 January 2008
12:49:00 AM (GMT)
Well well well, would you look at this:

Looks familiar, doesn't it? Kinda like my Pucca oekaki.

My sister Jasmine was going through deviantART looking at Kupika art, and found it.
Apparently, this girl thinks she drew this.

This is her description:

"i made this pic in kupika.

i got a little help from my cousin & friend fr the back groud boy and the clothes the
rest i did it YAYS

time taken-1hr or half and hr
program-kupika (oekaki)


I love how she gives everyone details about how she "got help" from her cousin for
the background and the boy -- which is Garu, by the way -_-; -- and then says she did
the rest. She even gave everyone info on how long she took to "draw it".

I wonder how long it took her to find it, upload it as her own on deviantART and say
it was her's?
That must have been so hard.

I HATE when people steal my art. DON'T DO IT. Don't say you drew it.
It's an insult to me, a huge one. You're taking credit for something that I took time
on, something I made with my own hands. It's a slap in the face. -_-;
And if you're going to steal it, at LEAST do a decent job and remove my signature for
crying at loud. 9_9; And don't put "Kupika" in the description, and upload it to
deviantART -- a place I frequent.

The art she stole from me even got three favorites. These people obviously like it,
and think THIS GIRL drew it. UGH. How disrespectful can you be? Taking credit for
someone else's work?

-fume- )<
Last edited: 22 January 2008

mY_cHeMiCal_RoMaNcE says:   22 January 2008   449551  
>=[ that makes me mad and it's not even my art.
GAWD..makes me wanna set stuff on fire...
Steal ART ish just SAD. >=/
Im sorry about what happened...
D: I shall kickith her booty if i ever meet her

DoOp says:   22 January 2008   633574  
-huggles- @w@/// it's alright people do things like that and..when
they's best to think

"My art is good enough to be stolen!!!" O__o;; weird way to think but
hay, it is good enough : )

(I don't think anyone stolen my art xD therefore your art is better
then mine *w* kukuku ~! ) -hughug- feel better ^^ 
NeonStars says:   22 January 2008   663635  
That sucks. >:o
I went and bothered her. ^-^
sugartastic says:   22 January 2008   986412  
@Amanda: I know huh. DX -sets random people on fire- I wish people
were more original. @_@;; But thankses you! X) <3 And ahaha... You and
L. XD You crazy, crazy stalker girl. ^-^

@Doop: Aw thank you! =^-^= -hugs- <3 You're always so nice~ ♥ I
wish I could be friendly like you, always so optimistic. :O <33 And
yes, I suppose you're right, imitation is the highest form of
flattery, right? ^^ At least she likes it enough to... say she... drew
it... @_@ Immolation is also a high form of flattery, I've heard! :DD
I'm sure someone WOULD steal your art. XDD It's incredible. They'd be
worshiped if they said it was theirs. XD (Well, until you found them!
XD) And my art is not even on the same LEVEL as yours, Doop. XDD
You're the best artist in Kupika, by far. <333 Thank you. ^^

@Neon: I know. D; Ahaha, I'm sure you're not going to be the last. XD
I had to stop Jasmine from flipping out on her. XD You know how her
temper is... I'm not happy about it, but I don't want my sister to
like, kill her or anything. D: Thank you though~ ^-^ 
‹Pâtisserie› says:   22 January 2008   797893  
I HATE THAT (Even though I'm not a good enough artist for people to
do that)! People take other peoples hard work and effort and use it
just to be "popular", like come on, it's way better when the person
actually trys, this is just horrible, and the person should be
ashamed. Ugh, it makes me really mad!
mY_cHeMiCal_RoMaNcE says:   22 January 2008   649553  
^w^ yesh...I left something on there..saying life is like monopoly..
YOU GO TO JAIL >D!! I HOPE i didnt scare her to badly O--o..

L.. -dreams- hehehehe O//o...AHEM. back to the point.

Im pretty sure anyone on kupika who has a dev account will say
something ^^
angel260 says:   22 January 2008   369926  

i am sooooooooooooooooooooo (going for a million yrs) angry at my
dorky sis ><

I TOLD her NOT to steal other peoples art from websites, she said she

.. it's OK sugar , i told my sis, and now she said she is gonna delete
it * caught red handed*

(P.S she even tried to steal my one be4)
angel260 says:   22 January 2008   793768  
My sis deleted it ..........
Fabby says:   22 January 2008   588642  
-Hugs- I don't recall ever having art stolen (I'm not good enough to
where it's worth it XD) but I'd be furious.

But the picture is deleted now. Yaaay. <3
mewmewichigo says:   22 January 2008   152517  
Thats awful!
Now, lemme go beat her up! >D
Wait, I clicked on the link and it wasn't found OWO;;

I think its gone!
*does the appy dance*
mewmewichigo says:   22 January 2008   469149  
*happy xD
Emelea9 says:   22 January 2008   612859  
Cool, hey, gotta go
Uneek says:   22 January 2008   593637  
ughh, i know how stealing others work feels x_x
someone stole my video on youtube and uploaded..
Ciel_Kitty says:   22 January 2008   363552  
Poser... D<
i mean, she, not you >////<
xExotic says:   22 January 2008   384493  
That's so mean D<
My friend at school copied something I drew once..
and she showed it to one of our classmates and they were like, "omg,
thats awesome!!" 
I was like, "Ahem, and WHERE did you get the idea??"
And she was like, "uh.. my mind." Lol. I said "like" too many times.
Yeah, I hate when people steal your art and claim it as theirs. It's
annoying D<
Cheer up buttercup :]]
Aranee says:   23 January 2008   666984  
*gasps* evilness! 
i once drew something for a friend and she claimed it as her own.
it was MY style, MY signature, MY PICTURE!!!!
though everybody believed her... *cries* 
thank god i moved, i never want to see her again.
we all hate copycats now don't we?
‹ravieve› says:   23 January 2008   985218  
that girl ((the girl who stole it)) is sooooooooooo mean!! ><
it reminds me of that kid I used to go to school with; he steals my
art materials!!!
oh and some of my stuff at school, he steals it ,too, I HAVE PROOF!!!
but he's long gone now....((he about moved away! :D ))

ANYWAYS.........back to the subject.......
       People these days....--tsk tsk-- she knows you put all your
effort on it and 
all your time, but she just had to steal it, she just HAD to.....
man, what happened to the good old days????
don't worry!
the truth will always be found out! :D
...wait....was that the right quote? sorry! I'm not good at quotes!
‹ERASE› says:   23 January 2008   738676  
I'd been mad. DX
‹Kiwily<3› says:   23 January 2008   357391  
here's my Linda rant again...:

Linda would be like, "I know, it sucks... "
I remember that she made a hall of shame.... and that everyone on it
would eventually quit because of her fan club....

'twas the fun days.... now everyone just steers clear of her drawings.
Xacoustic_eyeX says:   24 January 2008   344557  
whaat a biooottch! XD
‹underage› says:   25 January 2008   547314  
GASP! *^*
Someone stole Ren-chan's beautiful art!
That person is terrible, and I hope they feel very guilty about it.
CupCakeChan says:   26 January 2008   644699  
did she delete it? :0
‹??????› says:   27 January 2008   421614  
that so mean!!

I wonder if anyone stole mine, though I suck, because I just got to
play this right now!! =']

I was busy playing runescape and fate =[

Anyways, I hate that, when it includes you working hard and some1 else
gets the credict and stuff,makes me think: I don't wanna live in this
Earth no more!! @_@ What's wrong with these people!!!??Not all of you,
but, ex:angelfreak10

I feel like exploding schools!! O_O 
‹??????› says :   27 January 2008   686636  
Nvm it's deleted, the link won't work :3

I just feel like exploding MY school. XP


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