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Philosophies and stuff like thatCategory: What I believe in
Sunday, 13 January 2008
12:24:41 PM (GMT)
1: No absolutes

Or the other way I always put it: 'There is no such thing as black and white in
the world, only varying shades of grey.'

This means that no matter what, there will always be another aspect of something to
consider. Even the most foul and evil thing in the entire world will have some
redeeming quality, and the most pure and good thing in the world will have its
faults. This applies to everything: people, situations...whatever. If you see things
as black and white, you'll end up prejudiced beyond belief because it either is or
isn't, no in-between. Unfortunately, everything falls in the 'in-between', it just
isn't as easy to take as having something being one or the other. You actually have
to think about things if they're grey; black and white get a quick dismissal and
they're over with. I see everything as grey not only because nothing in life
is absolutely one thing or another, but also because it interests me to think
about the different aspects of stuff. Maybe I'm weird like that but like I give a

2: Don't grieve because its over, smile because it happened

My most recent belief/truth/whatever. It helps me deal with stuff that'd otherwise
annoy or upset me. I keep thinking about brevement and how crap western funerals are.
I mean for crying out loud, losing a loved one is bad enough without the upsetting
and depressing typical western funeral!! I love the cultures which turn a funeral
into a celebration of the dead. They honour the memory of the deceased, and celebrate
what they did, how they helped people, what joy they brought into peoples lives.
Western funerals focus on the pain of loss, the more typically eastern (maybe
Mexican?) funerals focus on the joy of knowing the deceased. Sure, it hurts just the
same, but it is easier to cope with a smile than with constant grief. That's why,
next funeral (here's hoping I've still got many years to go before said funeral!)
I'll do my best to smile at the memory of all the good times I've shared with the
deceased, everything good that came from knowing them; if I'm the only one smiling at
the funeral, then so be it, at least I'm not getting bogged down in the endless shit
of the normal funeral.

3: We're all hypocrites; just try not to be such a big one

Not as nice and 'motivational poster'-y as the other two, but still something I
usually bear in mind. Like it or not, we're all hypocritical and prejudicial. Blame
the media, your family, whatever, but you're gonna be both like it or not. I freely
admit that I'm prejudicial and hypocritical but the key point is I try not to
be. I don't aim to be completely unhypocritical or prejudicial, that'd be
pointless, but I try to keep those two traits to an absolute minimum. Makes me more
bearable in the day to day, and stops me being such a dick compared to other people.

4: We'd all behave differently if we could see ourselves through other's

Truest true, and if you don't believe me, you haven't had someone tell you how they
think you're behaving (must be a negative comment; positive ones don't have the same
effect). The statement can be negative (changing to suit how people think you should
behave) or positive (looking at yourself through other's eyes to change yourself for
the better). I'm trying to look at myself through other people's eyes at the moment
so I can try and find points of improvement and to also find points which are already
prevalent and positive which I can take to heart. Someone over on Metafilter gave the
best way of looking at yourself through other people's eyes:

Sit anywhere and watch people walking by. Notice that each of them betrays a host
of obvious traits that they're probably not aware of. Now imagine what about yourself
is painfully obvious to everyone in the world except for you.

You'll notice things about yourself that you've never noticed before, some good some
bad, and can act on these new discoveries. But be careful, if you take it too far
you'll end up disliking yourself (as the same person said it can become 'dangerously
close to self-conciousness' - noticing is good, constant self-conciousness isn't). I
like to watch other people anyway so for me this is a useful addition to what I
normally do for writing inspiration.


Got any more philosophies to share? Add them in the comments. Till then I'm happy
with my short little list.

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