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Diary entry- January 9, 2007Category: Diary Entry
Wednesday, 9 January 2008
08:51:34 PM (GMT)

music player
I made this music player at MyFlashFetish.com. More colors.
I wrote this in my real life journal, then desided to post it on kupika. January 9, 2007 Dear Journal, Just read this rlly great book. I love books that inspire me and leave me feeling something different than I did than when I picked it up. It inspired me to tell the truth, even if its stupid or dumb or whatever. It's not gonna hurt to write some fuckin truth in here. The stupid truth- I'm ttly clueless about this whole adam thing. I mean, I just can't wait until he apologizes (if he is going to apologize) but I just want to let him go. I mean, I feel like I have to. Maybe I want to leave him and have him running back to me. The pathetic truth- adam still hasn't apologized and I don't think he's planning to. The awesome truth- I'm listening to a new band called "Trapt". Their song "Headstrong" is rlly good and I love the lyrics. "Back off, I'll take u on headstrong, I'll take on anyone. I know that u r wrong. Headstrong, we're headstrong." The sad truth- I'm depressed The weird truth- I think the only thing that'll cheer me up right now is stalking a bunch of hot boys at the mall. =/ The blech-y truth- I wish adam was reading this. mayb i'll post it on kupika *shrug* Well now, I'm listening to Helena by MCR. Should I say "so long adn good night" 2 adam or give him a second chance? The problem is, I don't think he deserves a second chance. I wish this story (the one below) was the case w/me and adam. It may sound a bit self-centered but... its the truth about how I feel. we all line up to go on the night hike. We step onto the dark trail of flattened leaves. I shiver in the cold while adjusting the beanie on my head. Soon, I sense a shadow walking nest to me. I turn and see it's adam. I smile as he casually slips his warm hand into mine. I no longer feel so cold, Instead, a slft and tingly feeling replaces it. We walk like that until we reach the campfire where alot of friends were surrounding the fire. Mr.Fleming was playing his acoustic guitar serenaded by many happy voices. We sit down next to each other and I rest my head on adam's shoulder. I don't remember shoulders being so comfortable. He turns his head and smiles at me. All of a sudden, I know that everything is perfect. I see the fire in adam's eyes and smile back. That was the truth, Michelle
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mcr_xylph says :   12 January 2008   839146  
wahooooooooooooooooo....i woz spazzing too much...anthony beat me up

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