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I got boredCategory: (general)
Monday, 7 January 2008
05:33:12 PM (GMT)
Well you see...I got bored and decided i would write in this thinga ma bobber....lol
Im going to write a bored paper!!! ooooo I found a name.YAY
so whats up? not that I care..JK I do
is this paper pointless? well it aint to me and thats all that counts...ok ok your
opinion counts in some ways...just because im a nice person..sometimes, I can be a
smartass even thoguh I aint that smart, wait yes I am I just have blonde moments D***
it I keep forgettin to caps the "i" when I say "I' i just did it then too
wait why does it matter if I caps it? IDK im just weird like that. not to mention
random, pretty (ok so thats for you to decide)  , funny, country-fied, hyper,and a
whole bunch of other stuff that I dont feel like going into that is....NVM!!! lol
if you ever need help then shove it I dont feel like hearing your problems...JK JK JK
JK JK JK I love to help people unless you just keep talkin about that one problem for
a month or two then I just get aggravated but I wont tell you thator show
OUCH!!! my foot hurts cause im sittin on it funn (not that its any of your concern)
but Im gunna tell ya anyway cause Im bored and feel like it.
Im writing this essay in composition class and its turing out really awesome-like and
when Im done with it I can type it on here so you can read for your amusement if your
bored or what not..lol
I like to make people laugh...LAUGH DAGGUM IT!!! JK not literally MAKE but TRY
I think I want to be a comedian.....NOT!!! I want to be a CSI thing cause they are
cool and its kinda a dangerous job and I love suspense which id why I prolly do CRAZY
OOOOOOOOO I can be a DAREDEVIL awesome
but then my mom would be like "you arent gunna go and get youtself killed" and I
would be like "I wont get myself killed, and plus I dont live under your roof no more
so dont say 'as long as you live under my house you wont' cause I dont" and then she
would say "your still my child" and Id be like "mommy its want I want to be so DEAL
WITH IT" and she would say "yea I guess your right" in a real sad voice, giving me
the guilt trip and then I would feel all bad and say "it aint gunna work" even though
it might
me and my mom get into fights alot but dont worry they are playful and funny
shes just like a kid and lets me do anything I want.....ok maybe not ANYTHING she
would kick my tail if i smoked or did anything terribly bad
but she always tells me if i ever drink to call her and she would come pick me up but
I think drinking is stupid and the only thing that really taste good to me is fig
liquer YUM but I dont drink
my friend Shea does.. but he hott and we are like really close...almost like BF and
GF but well im not goin into detail
you can send a message and ask..I might tell you if im in the mood to go into to
im sure there is alot more things I could say but im gettin kinda tired of typing
(even though im not, its just an excuse which I dont have to make I can just go like

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