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Dear Note Book Diary #2Category: dEaR note BoOk diary SeRiEs
Wednesday, 26 December 2007
04:22:33 PM (GMT)
Dear Note Book Diary, Robert got punished. Finally!! He called me “Beanie” way
too much anyway, It’s annoying so I told, and I’m sure they would punish him
anyway. Did they? Would they? Can they? I wonder too much. “Bennie lets go run by
the shopping center and get a couple of stuff before we go over to Nana’s” 
Great! Going shopping with mom. What if Robert is there the word will spread. But
what If I don’t see him, but secretly could there and see me smiling. Gives me the
shivers to think that will happen. “Bennett” “Mom I’m Bennie” “Bennie
Lets go” The shopping list is easy. I wrote it my self:   Eggs and Butter! easy one
right? Oh no!!
Is that Robert? Yes It is quick frown. “Bennie what is wrong?” Maybe I should say
this louder than usual. “This stupid shopping is boring.” Aren’t  we going
Christmas shopping? I want to ask that so badly but I remember what she said  don’t
ask, for it earn it. “Mom your phone is ringing.” “Okay, Hello?” “Connie
good to hear from you again..” Who in the good name is Connie? Connie is Mom’s
older sister. “Connie I’m here with Bennie”… Does she want to talk to me?
“Oh sure He is right here” Yes she does!! “Hi Aunt Connie”  “How is it
going in Africa” “Great I brought so much food that almost all the poor spots in
Africa have food now.” “OMG!! Aunt you have done good things but this is the
best!!”  “Here talk to Mom” “Connie..” Cool!! My Aunt gave food; She is
insanely fat.  She gave it to Africa!! I’m proud. “Okay Bye Connie” And they
hang up finally!! ”We’ve got everything on the list Let’s go pay for them” If
Nana is sleeping lets go to Best Time! ”No,” “But ,Why” “ Because we are
already at Nana’s house” Why?! ”Beatrice is that you..” I want to trick Nana.
“Yes I am, Martha how are you?” “I am doing marvelously, Except my name is
Marta” “That is what I said Marta” “Anyway, why are you here with my
daughter?” “Mother put on your glasses,” “Okay”  Ha. That was very funny”
“Bennett oh come hug your Nana boo”  “Nana..” I hate when she says Nana boo! 
“Nana I’m 12 now I don’t call you Nana boo anymore I just call you Nana.”
Wow. I was really harsh there wasn’t I. “Sorry, Nana boo!”  “Oh” OH!! Is
that all she can say. Oh! I called you Nana boo what more do you want a million
dollars! “Umm  Nana boo” “Oh!! You called me Nana boo” She is so emotional.
Why don’t we just call her crazy. ”Nana your so emotional, maybe we could call
you emotional Nana!!” “Bennett lets go home.” Then what next I don’t want to
be home. I just don’t feel like it!!

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