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The Crimson School For All |Intro + Chapter One: End of the Day|Category: (general)
Tuesday, 25 December 2007
05:59:06 PM (GMT)
 Remember stealing is wrong. But fanfictions when the storie is done is
encourage.But i probably won't have fans cuz this story might be suckish. Excuse
spelling errors

Rated T+

Now trust me the story does get better, and wit pictures too! 
But for now, bare with me.

Somewhere in Japan.....

 4th Period Band
    "All right class, has anyone even touched an instrument before?" Mr. Dyed asked
in his boring-teacher voice. And as always 'Mr. Flawless' raised his hand. "What
instrument do you or did play, Juan?"......Ok, ok his name is Juan. But he is
flawless.He's always first chair. He thinks I'm physco for calling him a vampire. He
scares me and he stares at me with his stupid emotionless face just to scare me. I
guess he finds me amusing.
    Even though he was facing the teacher his dark-brown eyes wandered my way. I
turned away but he answered, "Guitair."
    "Figures." I murmured. My friend, Alex, hit me in my shoulder ans told me to shut
    "Lori, would YOU like to share something with the class?" Mr. Dyed asked
in, I guess, 'mean-teacher' tone.
    "No Dyed dearest."  The whole class execpt for Mr. Flawless laughed untill the
bell rang.

 The Walk Home

    "Your so stupid Lori." Alex said randomly as i digged in my bookbag for some
candy I stole during lunch.
    "What the hell did I do?" I asked still digging stupidly through my bookbag.
    "He likes you! Don't you notice anything at all?" She yelled angerliy at me. "Pay
attention at what about to tell you!" She grabbed my bookbag when I barly found my
Butterfinger bar.
    "Well wut is it?"
    "Juan likes you Lori!" She jumped up and down dropping my delicate bookbag.
    "Yeah right! And don't drop my bookbag!" I bend down to pick it up and my
butterfinger that is now squashed. "T^T"
    "Oh shut up! And he does! Chris told me! A couple of his buddies were spending
the night at the old mansion and Juan said it during truth or dare!" She said really
    "Wait, truth or dare? What he pick? A Dare?"
    She smacked her face and brought her hand down. "No! He would never do a dare
with his friends. You should ask him out!"
    "Are you nuts? My dad'll kill me if he finds out!" I told her.
    "Your dad can't tell a gorilla from a plant. You should ask him tomarrow in
    "Ok..I'll ask." I shuddered at the thought of a vampire being my boyfriend.
    "Yay! ^_^" she jumped up and down clapping like an idiot.
    "Hey Alex.....people are staring. Your skirt is going up too." Alex gasped and
pulled down her skirt and yelled at the to skaters across the street calling them
pervs. They took off skating before she crossed the street.
    "Hey al, I gotta go it's already night time."
    "Ok then later Lorz!" she waved bye and bounced off towards her apartment.
    I dialed my dad's number to see if he was home. No answer. I sighed and went
digging again for the squashied Butterfinger.
    "What are you looking for?" A vocie burst outta nowhere making me drop my
    "Who's there?" I asked with managing to keep my voice calm. a shadow poped out of
the bush and picked up my bag. Taking it, I squinted to see who it was. Red eyes,
white fangs, bloody shirt...."Oh crap! Juan?"
    He laughed "Yes it's me."
    I stumbled back and triped falling.
    "Don't be frighted. I won't hurt you. I drink animals blood. Not humans." He
offered to help me up but i did it myself.
    "So I was right?You are a vampire?"
    "Yes but soon you'll be mixed up with creaturs you heard of and never heard of,
you'll forget 'bout about your work. But untill then. Good bye." He faded into black
laughing a cold laugh.
    I sat down on the cold concrete,probably getting my skirt dirty, taking in what
just happened. 
   "Could i survive tomarrow?" I asked myself. I was s'pose to ask him if he wanted
to get with me. "Ah, my head hurts....."

Well that's it for chapter one...come next time to see what happens!

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