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To All I Love. . . I'm SorryCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 18 December 2007
11:05:50 PM (GMT)
I feel I can't take the pain much more. . . So, I guess this is my suicide letter to all I love. This world is just so fucked up. I feel nothing but pain now. Bekah : I love you and I'm sorry I'm not able to see the beautiful children you and Alex will make. Sammy : I fucking love you. You are an amazing singer and I'm sorry I wont be able to hear your first album. Taii : Thank you for making me feel loved. I'm sorry if I never returned the favor. Alex (alex_loves_you) : Even though I've just gotten to know you, I feel as if I've known you all my life. Alex (Soul_Devourer) : I hope you and Bekah will stay together for life, and if you hurt her, I will haunt you. Kevin : Thank you so much for loving me. I love you too, please don't hurt yourelf after you read this. Tyeson : I love you, and I hope you will read this because my love for you will never end. Eddie: Thanks for your great advice, you were like my 2nd father. James : You're very sweet, for the living dead. Amanda (my wifey) : I love you sooo freakin much. . . I feel your pain. Blake : I will miss you alot, you can keep my hoodie. Jakub : You will always be my cupcake. ILY babes Ollie : I still think your hair looks like Davey Havok's and I will always think that! I love you Seren : Thanks for being a great big sister. Everyone I will see you in Heaven. With much love, tears, kisses, and of coarse hugs, Sierra Helena Beth Underwood
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sugar_were_goin_down95 says:   18 December 2007   245263  
*cries* ohmygod! sierra please tell me this is some kind of cruel
sick joke!!! please don't do anything to yourself!
Sunligth says:   18 December 2007   312851  
NO!!! don't die,who will i go to for advice on boys.No don't go its
not your time.NO!!!I'm really crying.
mY_cHeMiCal_RoMaNcE says:   18 December 2007   181894  
I HAVe...ALmOST...DONe..tha-.ahhh
PLeASe DONT ;____; sierraaa ;____;;;;;
mY_cHeMiCal_RoMaNcE says:   18 December 2007   944748  
‹internal blender› says:   19 December 2007   377362  
...... dear god...  .... i hope that you dont do it
‹internal blender› says:   19 December 2007   162992  
you cant do this... it its not fair.....
‹medusaaaa🍪› says:   19 December 2007   271111  
If you saw my face right this minute
I swear upon goodness you would feel sorry for anyone who saw me
I cannot breath because of those words
I am crying my eyes out because of this
Helena I know good and well with how stubborn and
thick-headed you are you wont listen to anyone
But, I'll miss you
With my whole fucking life
Im going to miss, your Max updates
And scaring me to death when you tell me you and him had sex
And how your going to name your kid LaQuenta
And how you always got extremely mad because I refuse to call you
And im just going to miss you
I love you Helena
I will miss you forever and ever and ever 

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Dont forget our song....ever
‹jazmineeeee :D› says:   19 December 2007   349894  
I can't believe this, Your going to... Kill yourself? I can't imagine
this. I didn't know you at all, yet I feel as if your leaving me. I am
sorry Sierra, I hope you'll be happy in heaven. Don't worry, we'll see
you soon.

Think about this.. Why would you kill yourself when you have all these
loving people here for you? 

Why would you kill yourself if we all love you?
Think would you want to leave us to never see you again?
How would we feel? Please, don't kill yourself. Just remember we're
all here for you.
loverboy3000bro says:   19 December 2007   168466  
baby plz dont think a/b the kids
Life_sucks01 says:   19 December 2007   543222  
what the hell
‹MusicDefinesLove› says:   19 December 2007   864984  
Please don't do that! ._.
sugartastic says:   19 December 2007   944559  
I sincerely hope you're not going to go through with this.

I know I don't know you, but it would hurt everyone badly to see you
take this course of action.

If you are, please don't.
If you don't end up doing it, please don't scare us like this.
jamesrgrimes says:   20 December 2007   634392  
Hi You
emex_grl says :   21 December 2007   589349  
please dnt do anything to ur self...

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