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Sunday, 16 December 2007
07:36:07 PM (GMT)
(001) Your gender: Girly

(002) Straight/gay/bi?: Straight.

(003) Single?: Yes.

(004) Want to be?: Noper.

(006) Age you wish you were: 18

(007) Have you had sex in the past week? : noper ;]

(009) The color of your eyes: Blue/grey

(010) Piercings: Industrial

(011) What is your favourite teddy bear?: My one named logan :]

(012) Tattoos: I wish

(013) Smoke: Heh..

(014) like tattoos on the opposite sex? CHA.

(015) Read the newspaper: Ew. no.

(016) Watch the news?: sometimes.

(017) Talk to strangers who IM you: Bahah. No.

(01 Take walks in the rain: LOVE IT

(019) Drive: Nop.

(020) Like to drive fast?: eh.

(021) Hurt yourself: ....


(022) Been out of the country: No :[

(023) Been in love: Yeah.

(024) Done drugs:Yeah..

(025) Gone skinny dipping: Nope.

(026) Had a surgery: Nope.

(027) Ran away from home: Nah.

(028 ) Played strip poker: Baha..

(029) Gotten beat up: Nope.

(030) Beaten anyone up: Yeah. ALYSSA!

(032) Slept outdoors: yah.

(033) Been proposed to: Yeah!!! [jokingly]

(034) Pulled an all-nighter: yeah.

(036) Talked on the phone all night: sorta...

(037) Kissed for more than an hour: bahah no.

(038 ) Slept all day: mhm.

(039) Killed someone: BAHA!!! yes

(040) Made out with a stranger: nope.

(041) Had sex with a stranger?:NO

(042) Kissed the same sex: Yeah.

(043) Done anything sexual with the same sex?: ...

(044) Been betrayed: YES!!!

(045) Broken the law: Yup/

(046) Been lead in a play?: no.

(047) Been on radio/tv: MMMMHM

(048 ) Been in a mosh-pit: ohh yeah

(049) Had a nervous breakdown: yeah...

(050) Been criticized about your sexual performance: ??

(051) Had a dream that kept coming back: yes

(052) Favorite shoe brand?: chucks/vans.

(053) Favorite music: rock/techno/gangsta

(054) Wear hats: if they are cute.

(055) Judged other people by their clothing: yeah.

(056) Judge others by their clothing: i try not to.

(057) Are you trendy: um?


(058 ) Life on other planets: Sure.

(059) Miracles: yeah.

(060) Astrology: Somtimes.

(061) Magic: love?

(062) God: yes, i believe in Davey Havok.

(063) Love: mhm.

(064) Ghosts: Yeah.

(065) Rebirth: eh..

(066) Love at first sight: No.

(067) Ying and Yang?:??

(068 ) Witches: yeah.

(069) The Easter Bunny: No.

(070) Do you like Deal or no Deal? eh.

(071) Do you consider love a mistake: depends.

(072) What do you find romantic: hugs

(073) What is your biggest turn on? scene hair and piercings.

(074) Turn-offs: meaness, annyoingness.

(075) Do you base your judgement on looks alone: nope.

(076) Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone and physically
unattractive?: Yeah

(077) What is best about the opposite sex?: eyes/hair

(078 ) What is the last present someone got you?: candy cane..

(079) Do you like/love someone? yeah.


(080) That you laughed at: Um... ALYSSA!

(081) That laughed at you: Like.. everyone?

(082) That turned you on: Your mom. :O

(083) That you went shopping with: shit.. i dont remeber..

(084) To disappoint you: Seabass.

(085) To make you do something you didn’t want to do: um... ??

(086) To brighten up your day: Sarah <3333 [SHES COMING!!]

(087) You saw a movie with: Ohhhh wow... ummm
Marissa/katie/aamirah/jen/ilse/sophia/emma/phoebe [yes at the same time]

(08 You talked to on the phone: Emily.

(089) You recieved a text off: Anna.

(090) You send a text message to: Christina.

(091) Your best friend(s):


(092) Smiled: Today?

(093) Laughed: Like... 2 minutes ago when i was talking to emily.

(094) Cried: dont remember.

(095) Bought something: gah... idk.

(096) Danced:Like 2 seconds ago ^_^
Last edited: 22 December 2007

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