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Wednesday, 21 November 2007
02:58:43 PM (GMT)
this is the step sister    
  elouai's doll maker 3
this is alichia
            elouai's doll maker 3
this is Kimmi
      elouai's doll maker 3
                           THE STORY BEGENS!
dear who ever is reading this,
if you want to read a happy story, than go to a difrent story!
this will not be a happy one.

Meg.'s dad and mom got doverced 2 years ago. her dad was all ways saying that he did
not need a nouther  wife. but one day he met this woman who he fell in love with

one after noon her dad came home from work late.
"hey where where you?" asked Meg. "me and a friend went to get coffy." said her dad
all happy and in a good mood.
"why don't you get Alichia to spend the night?" asked her dad. "ok.....?" asked
whin Alichia came over they went to Meg's room.
Meg told her her dad was acting weard. "maby he is in love!!!!" said Alichia. 
"i hope not" said Meg.

so the next day Kimmy and alichia went to the mail. 
they got lods of cloths whin Kimmy's cell rang it was her dad. he said he was not
going to be home tonight. Kimmy got so mad she started to cry. alichia tryed to
cumfert her but she would not stop crying. 
"i hate him" she cryed.

no matter how much she cryed and begged her dad fell in love with that woman. her
name was Jen. but she told kimmy to call her"mom".
but kimmy NEVER did!
one day kimmy and her dad were watching t.v. just the two of them, whin her dad
turend to her. 
"kimmy i have to tell you something." said her dad.  "what is it dad?" said kimmy
with a worried look on her face. 
"jen and i have decited to get married." he said.  "what!!??" yelled kimmy. "now
kimmy.."  he could not even finsh that sentice befour kimmy ran to her room and
locked the door. every one came to her door to try to get her to open it, whin
alichia came. 
*nock nock* "kimmy?" "its alichia" "can i come in?" kimmy opend the door just enouf
for her to grab alichia buy the airm and pull her in.

it tok alichia 4 hours to get kimmy to come out of her room
but whin she did kimmy would not talk to jen or her dad.
her dad tryed to tell her abought the wedding, she would be the flower girl, along
with alicha. 
but her dad forgot to tell her one important thing,
she would have a steep sister!
                  WEDDING DAY
so its the day of the wedding and kimmy and alichia were in the flower girl dresses,
thay walked down the ile. jen and (joe (dad) said there vowls and "poof" they were
kimmys dad came up to kimmy and alicha,
"kimmy i want you to meet ISABELLA your new step sister" kimmy spat out her dreank!
"what?" she yelled!!!!!

"oquward...!" said alicia whin kimmys dad left.
"shut up!" said kimmy
"uh... hey?" said isabella. isabella hung around kimmy and alichia all the rest of
the wedding.
whin it was over alichia went home. 
kimmy locked her self in her room all that day. she wouldent even let alichia come

so isabella got all moved in and crap like that.
but a lot of things changed
she was not aloud to be home alone anymore, (her step mom thought she was mentle) and
isabella all
ways got a say in things. kimmy hated it
her dad told her she would get use to it. 

so weeks went by, than months, tho the 2 sisters never got along they still had 2
happy parents!
           THE END!

Last edited: 21 November 2007

Kari8899 says:   21 November 2007   781874  
I love the story ^-^
Kari8899 says:   21 November 2007   231539  
I can't wait until the new story! Poor mom and dad
are getting divorced soon, but I hope my dad doesn't fall in love with
someone else...
‹<3mad_for_you<3› says :   21 November 2007   349755  
yeah its is hard some times


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