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A Dialogue That I MadeCategory: Dialogue
Thursday, 4 October 2007
07:05:50 AM (GMT)
Here's another one. It totally sucks. It ended in a catastrophe.

**********************************On with the

P.S: The people from the first dialogue are absent because it's there day off.
P.P.S: The old operator's whereabouts are unknown so we got a new one.

Random Operator: *steps into the rec. room* Okay, I'll start recording the minute I
sit on that chair so be alert. *goes out*
Joshua: What are we going to say? I forgot that Kougi has our lines and he was
supposed to be here today. I forgot it was his day off!! *panics*
Random Operator: *sits down*
Yumiko: Guys?
Asuka: Are you saying that us girls can't do on the spot making? If you are then
you're underestimating us!
Joshua: *stops panicking* No, I'm not underestimating you. It's just that I worked so
hard on those scripts and then they're not even going to be used! I wasted an entire
night for nothing!! 
Yumiko: Uuhhh, guys?
Miharu: I know we can do it without any help!! We don't need your stupid scripts!!
Joshua: Don't call them stupid!
Yumiko: Guys!!!!
Joshua, Miharu & Asuka: What?!!
Yumiko: The operator has been sitting on the frickin chair for the last 5 minutes!!!
Joshua, Asuka & Miharu: ......

**********************************Silence for an

Miharu: Why'd we stop talking for an hour? The operator's already asleep. *points to
operator who was sleeping on a chair outside the rec. room*
Asuka: That was when you were supposed to storm off, remember?
Yumiko: Guys, the recording button is still on!!! *glances at the flashing red
Joshua: I'll turn it off. *goes out of the rec. room and turns off switch*
Asuka: Let's leave the operator there, it's already 8:00 pm. He'll wake up sooner or
Joshua, Miharu & Yumiko: Yeah, it's his own fault why he'll be left be left behind.
Joshua, Miharu, Yumiko & Asuka: *gets out of the building*
Random Operator: *stops pretending to be asleep* Yup, they fell for it.

****************************************Out of the

Joshua: *had not noticed that there was a transmitter stuck on their shirts* I'm glad
that I'm not in there! It's like prison!!
Miharu: Yeah! Uh, Josh? What happened to the stuffed animals that you borrowed from
us? *none of them noticed yet**
Other Girls: Yeah, what did happen to them? *still not noticed*
Joshua: I...... ripped them into pieces. They were the source of my anger and
depression. I enjoyed doing it! Every rip made me lose an ounce of anger!! *still
Yumiko: You mean you ripped Mr. SillyWilly and Mrs. EinsbergRemy? *no, not yet*
Other Girls: *gasp* How could you be so cruel?!! *no*
Joshua: Yup, I ripped them. Aren't they the blue and pink bears? If so, I enjoyed
ripping both of them the most. They contained the most negative energy for me. *still
Asuka: Sarah used weapons but we'll use alchemy. Muhahahaha... *cough* where was I?
Oh, yeah,hahaha..... I'm done with my evil laugh. *not yet!*
Joshua: *whispers to himself* They are truly evil. *too early to tell whether they'll
notice it or not*
Miharu: What? *waiting for an answer impatiently* *no, sorry*
Joshua: Nothing. *sorry but wait*
Girls: *changes into an outfits like Ed's except more girly* YOU SHALL
PAY!!!! *almost!*
Joshua: *finally notices the trasmitters* Guys, *takes off own transmitter while
whispering* someone has been broadcasting what we've been saying!
Miharu: *doesn't take off costume but takes off transmitters from the others and her
own* Let's go to the broadcasting studio. I have a feeling that the new operator has
something to do this.
Yumiko: *gets all the transmitters and puts it in stuffs them into her bag* Let's not
make too much noise.
Others: *nods*

****************************goes to the broadcasting studio
Miharu: Shhhh, there he is. *points to operator*
Random Operator: Why'd they stop talking for so long? Oh well, doesn't matter. It
just adds to the suspense on what they're going to say.
Joshua: *puts on armor that looks like Al's* Charge!!!!
Asuka: Your scream will be the last I'll here from you and the last sound that will
come out of your mouth! *produces a sword out of a mic.*
Random Operator: *turns very white then runs away screaming* They were right, you
people are insane!!! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!
Yumiko: They tell me I'm gentle and sweet but to tricksters and liars, NO!!!
*tries to block doorway but unsuccessful since he already got a headstart*
Asuka: That's the end of that. *looks out window to see the gone insane operator
yelling "Crazy! people from The Dialogue program are insane. Someone save me!!!!!"*
Miharu: I wonder who would last even 2 days of being our operator? Probably no one.

****************************That's the end of yet another ( insane )

Well, I want your opinion om which is better: The first one or this one? Post your
answer as a comment. I think this one sucks though. Come to think of it, all of my
diary entries suck. But happiness is the one I hate the most. I'll delete it later.

‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   19 October 2007   167767  
Hello? I am really stupid
Joshua607 says :   8 December 2007   944935  
Ate Sarah, you may die now.


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