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Sunday, 16 September 2007
12:07:51 AM (GMT)
Last night i went to sleep at around six. Sienna said in the morning that she had
been waiting for me and had thought about dragging me off the computer, but decided
against it, thinking i would have gotten mad. I wouldnt have, but i also wouldnt have
found kupika! well, speaking of waking up, the way sienna and i did was NOT pleasant.
Kristina shouted on the speaker over and over again for us to come and eat breakfast.
it was nine o clock. i felt like skinning her. i got my fat, lazy self out of bed and
lugged it downstairs. mom said we were going to eat pancakes from that really good
krusteaz mix, but as i entered the kitchen still wearing my new layne bryant t-shirt
and jeans from the previous day, i discovered she had changed her mind to waffles.
the only problem i had with them was discovering that they somehow got crunchy after
being cooked. oh well, at least i had the aunt jemima syrup, which was as good as it
   i didnt do much after breakfast; i went upstairs to try and get on the computer,
but capri and the girls were watching tokyo mew mew, and i didnt want to get
everybody kicked off by mom who would then proceed to tell them to do their chores.
so i decided to get a headstart on MY chores so that I could play the computer while
they were still struggling with theirs. while cleaning, i listened to the cd we had
burned at jim and dina's house while mom was at timeout for women last weekend. i was
, of course, done much before everyone else. 
   i pretty much went here trying to earn kupipoints so that i could make another
oekaki. i also decorated my profile- i added a meez and some other self-personalized
thing. i spent a lot of time commenting on a lot of other stuff and i found the most
interesting diary entry on 9/11. i copied it and have it on the computer now. i might
give it to mr. adkisson.... of course during this period of time, i had to take turns
with my sisters. sienna set the timer for 45 minutes and then kristina got to the
timer before i could, so i took a bath instead. it was very, very refreshing- i hadnt
had a bath in a looong time- i usually take showers. i stole kristina and danielle's
shampoo and conditioner because mine was in my swim bag and i simply did not want to
go and get it. i took the karaoke machine into my bathroom and played it while taking
that nice long bath.
when i got out, capri and danielle had gotten back from their morning soccer game. i
set the timer and killed time by making a couple miis on the wii. i made beedle,
voldemort, ww link and aryll, ichigo, mint, pudding, and lettuce.
   today at around one or so, mom demanded that everyone take a walk or we would all
be banned from computer/nintendo privileges. grudgingly, i left my computer desk and
headed outside. i looked in the garage pointlessly for a scooter, and left a little
sulky. kristina offered to let me see if i could fit on her bike and took that to my
advantage as i stole it from her hee hee. i rode down the big hill to hear mom
worrying about me. "be careful kayla! what if the breaks don't work?!?!" i already
had checked that the breaks worked and before i did, kristina told me that they were
just fine. i love mom to death, but sometimes she just needs to chill. going down the
hill, i was careful and slow the fist time, watching carefully for cracks in pavement
or large rocks. the only complaints i had about the bike was that when i clenched the
brakes, my arms got really tired and the seat hurt my butt. ^-^  i went down the hill
two times and as i went back up for another exhilarating ride, i found the mortenson
kids playing with capri. like zip! they joined the party. they started down the hill
and mom told me to wait for them to get to the bottom until i went. i told mom to
relax and that i would NOT run them over. when i did start, they were 3/4 ths of the
way down. i caught up to them in no time, and trickily tried to maneuver around them.
they slowed down my pace a lot, which left me very slightly irritated, but it was
really nothing. kristina then asked for her bike back and i gave it to her happily.
we then went down to the small lake, me jogging now that i had no bike. when we got
there and were throwing the stale bits of bread in, it didnt take a genius to realize
that no ducks, geese, or even fish were gonna eat it. i headed back up to the house
while mom and the tykes continued to trek on to another part of the neighborhood. 
  sienna had already gotten back and was on the computer so i set the timer and got
some really really cold water to drink. then, well you know how the rest of the
afternoon would have gone. i finally got enough kupipoints to start on my kyo oekaki,
but was interrupted every twenty minutes by sienna who would play runescape. 
  dinner was a really divine (lol) potato-tot casserole. sounds gross but is quite
the opposite. i had to then do my evening chore of sweeping (ugh) and afterwards
returned upstairs to finish my oekaki. mom left to do something with a friend while i
babysat. the kids were playing soccer while sienna and i surfed the web for music
videos. i set the timer and to kill time, played heart and soul with danielle on the
piano- funny style. by the time it was my turn on the computer, we were both cracking
up after playing hilarious parodies of the classic. one of them was a
hedwig's-theme-heart-and-soul. we watched america's funniest home videos on youtube
together, and more laughter filled the house. 
  when mom got home, she gave us some of that DELICIOUS hot chocolate i love and read
us part of the bible before saying prayer and sending us to bed. i stayed up with
sienna reading until mom had fallen asleep so that i could slip onto here and write
this. well, until next time!

ZanyZeldaFan says :   17 September 2007   517698  
ok this is saturday not sunday


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