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Why is it always like this i need help plz!! i beg u :(Category: i need help plz
Wednesday, 5 September 2007
07:49:58 PM (GMT)
theres a guy i really like like, well i have liked him for 2 yeras and starting the
third year and he knows i like him, i like him  mostly becasue he 
makes me laugh when i am down and even if hes the one who made me sad like being mean
to me and likeing a other girl,  and other stuff i like about him is we both have
lots in  common  and i mean lots, and well hes kind of my good luck charm, and well
hes so cute but he seems not to know how he is suppose to feel  and well he knows i
like him but i haven't told him in my words because the last time a told him was in
gr.4 he got all mad at me and hated me until gr.5  cause i had to sit beside most of
the year and we became kind of friends  but then he had a gf  my ex. friend  then
he started being mean and crule when school was almost over   then i got mad and
told him that it wasn't fair that i was nice to him but all i got was a crule heart
back, and right now he and i don't talk at all   but he still seems to be my good
luck charm hes the one that keeps my friends i made in gr.4 cause i was getting lots
of attenion so then my bff friend, old best friend stoped coming and stealing her
away for some reason and in gr.5 he was trying for me to make good choses of picking
the right friends in some way, and well i picked the wrong one cause well i didn't
really fit in with my other friends well the truth i don't fit in any where the wrong
friend that i picked left me then he always tryed to make me happy until the last 2
weeks of school but right now it seems we both remeber wat happen but don't want to
talk, his 2 best friends r in his class and same is my best friend but he and one of
his best friend always stares at me but he always trys to make me laugh but i look
away cause wat he did hurt me alot he picked the wrong girl and pick the wrong side
and broke my heart, so even know it hurts to see him sad after i did not laugh and
look away i just want to forget him but its to hard way hard its not easy as it looks
casue all i do is think about him and i can't stop and when ever i look at him my
eyes start to fill in with tears  but i think i 
fell in love and hes still my good luck charm hes the one who keeps me close to my
friends even tho hes not close to me 

we are now in 
gr.6 the last year together but i don't know wat to do i can't tell him how i feel he
gets mad at me and hates me even more so plz give me advise casue i need some before
i fall apart and do the wrong thing
Last edited: 5 September 2007

Angel_bite says:   5 September 2007   699656  
Well, first
Dont hold back! Just tell him how you feel
do NOT keep it to yourself!
IT just makes things worse, I had to learn that the hard way :[

and after you tell him your feelings
Tell him how you dont apperciate being treated that way. He can't just
treat you so well, then start being a jerk when he gets a girlfriend
Maybe, he treats you so bad around other girl is so they don't see
that he likes you too

So, if you have anymore questins, just ask me :D
‹YUPPIE~~♥› says:   5 September 2007   565682  
thx thx u but i can't tell him right nwo when should i
Angel_bite says:   5 September 2007   486843  
(mt friend santana said this to me when I told her about what
happened between me and my es)
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‹YUPPIE~~♥› says :   5 September 2007   886788  


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