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My Quiz result for What do The Harry Potter Characters think of you?Category: (general)
Wednesday, 27 June 2007
12:11:02 AM (GMT)
I'd put the html thingy but it doesn't work....
SOOOOOO cute!!!!))
Harry - He thinks your pranks are really funny sometimes but that you can be a bit of
an airhead at times. He thinks your pretty too but would never admit to it. ((AAAWWW
How true ))

Ron - He likes that you are such good friends with his brothers, he has a major crush
on you but would NEVER say anything or George would totally hex his butt. ((You're so
cool!! XD But, yeah. They probably would ))

Hermione - She HATES you! She tries very hard to be nice to you but she thinks your
pranks are childish and that Your even worse then fred and george! And she cant help
but hate the fact that Ron has a crush on you. ((I'm sorry. It's not my fault Ron
can't "control" his eyes XD))

Ginny - She is your best girlfriend. You guys are always laughing with eachother. But
she doesnt like how you ignore her when Fred and George are around. ((Hooway! And I'm
sorry for them being cute  I'm sorry but your brothers are so hot ))

Fred - Fred Weasley is your boyfriend. Everyone thinks its so funny how you guys are
such a perfect match! you both come up with incredible pranks. You Fred and George
are like a Trio. ((AUGH!!! I loves you!!! *glomp* ))

George - Ha well George loves you in a sisterly way because he would never fight with
Fred over a girl. But deep down he wants you. ((AAAAWWWWW. That's sweet but sorry. I
love Fred no matter what!!))

Draco - Draco HATES YOU! No offence but he despises you. So he tells his friends, but
when your not looking he's always checking you out. ((that's very creepish....))

Pansy - Wants you to die ((Thanks... ALOT))

Cho- Doesnt give a crap about you but thinks your jokes are funny ((Thanks...?))

Seamus - Wants you to die because you burnt his robes trying to make a new prank
((I'm so sorry Seamus!!!))

Dumbldore - thinks you spend too much time with pranks and not enough time with
school work but he knows your not that type of person. ((Thank... you???

Snape - Snape Hates you! all those F's he gave you got right back to him... but he
totally deserves it  (YEAHR!!!!))

Lord Voldemort - Wants to tap that butt... hahaha jk he doesnt give a crap about you.
((oh... GOODIE..)

Bf - Fred Weasley ((HOOWAY!!!))
BFF- Ginny, Harry, Fred & George, Ron ((Sweet))
Enemies - Draco Malfoy ((I can live with that ))

House - Suprisingly Hufflepuff- (but that doesnt stop you!)  ((True true ^-^))
Last edited: 30 June 2007

tree_frog_666 says:   27 June 2007   936494  

emogirl1234567890 says:   27 June 2007   774692  
where was this quiz??
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says :   27 June 2007   316763  
@Treefrog: What's this all about???
@Emo: You type in "What do the Harry Potter characters
think of you" in that little bar. 


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