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rainbow over somewhereCategory: story(PART 1)
Friday, 15 June 2007
04:58:16 PM (GMT)
rainbow over somewhere

 There once lived,a beautiful young girl named Tanya,She loved to belive in things
she heard on movies

 and t.v.When she first saw the movie,The Wizard Of Oz,She decided to look for a
place that was over

 the rainbow.But during all the rain storms and anytime there was rain..she could not
get to the 

rainbow,she would run and run and take cars and bicycles,she tried Oh so hard to get
there,but never

 could reach it.So one day,she decided to look for a rainbow,over somewhere.She
decided,she would 

travel everywhere until she found that somewhere..and she wasn't looking for a
rainbow,she was 

looking for a somewhere,and wherever that somewhere was,the rainbow would be
there,waiting for 

her.She started out on her journey,she was only 12,but she knew her heart would lead
her there.Her 

parent,who were writers,were not aware of her journey..but Tanya thought she would be

before they were done with their books.She looked everywhere for a somewhere...the

theatre,the pool and everywhere else in the city..when she couldn't find a
somewhere,she decided to 

look all the province.The first place she looked,was Greenfield park.She came across
2bad things,and 

only 2 good.As she walked past a school,(at lunch recess)there were 2 kids walking
along the 

sidewalk.She walked between them,but didn't seem to get any further,that was because
the two kids 

were holding her.She turned around and sked what their problem was.They said,They
were broke,and 

they turned her upside down,and shook her.Nothing came out.They shook her
harder,nothing came 

out.So she said"apparently i am too!"And she walked off and flicked her hair in their

 wsas passing a church,and a guy came out and gave her praise.Then he gave her a
pamflet that 

said "jesus is in your soul,amen"That was a good thingshe thought.Then,as she passed
a dark 

alley,exploading with darkness,she heardx something,footsteps.She turned around to
find and old 

man dressed in torn pants and a collared shirt with holes in it."W..what can i do for

asked."Give me you bag,I WANT FOOD!"She fled from him,and other people like him
started to gather 

around her.She backed up and backed up,until she fell into a garbage can,she thought
she was 

doomed,but then a silvery thing caught her eye.she truned her head..it was a pole of
some sort,but 

she didn't care,all she knew was that it was heavy and hurtful..she picked it up and
jumped out of the 

garbage and swung with all her might,she kept swinging and swinging..finally,she was
out of the 


                                       i will continue it tomorrow

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