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Wednesday, 6 June 2007
02:26:35 PM (GMT)
The Apartment

The leaves fell off the trees, like snow flakes genteelly swaying from side to side,
dancing in the wind, and then landing on the floor. Many people just walked past and
never even notices, but other stopped to look at the amazing wonders of nature. I was
one of those people who stopped, and admired. I couldn’t help but notices the birds
singing, the sun shining. It was so beautiful like something out of a fairy tale, and
then I came back down to earth with a bump. The sound of a car had startled me, and I
carried on walking. The closer I seemed to get to the main road, the more noise I
heard. I got to the main road and let out a deep sigh. I couldn’t help but think
what all these cars must have been doing to the environment, but I carried on walking
down a little winding path that lead, from one side of the street, across the back
off some gardens, around a couple of corners. It ended on the other side. Coming out
next to the new apartment block, it had only just been built. The houses were up for
sale. I had got a good friend that had just moved into one. I walked in through the
tiny doors that lead into a hall way. Then a man appeared out of one of the tiny
little doors. The hallway was thin and narrow; there was only just enough room for
one person to walk down it, never mind two people, but some how they managed to get
past each other. She carried on and got to the door right at the end. She knocked.
Then let her self in. A man was sat in the computer chair at the desk in the far
corner. He turned around looking surprised to see her. I told you I was coming over;
I left you about three messages. She walked over to the phone and pushed a button she
had left 3 messages, but he hadn’t bothered to check. He was to occupied making his
apartment more homely, but she didn’t blame him things had been hectic, at the time
with his ex girlfriend moving out and all his mates leaving to go to uni. So she
understood and he did say he was sorry. She forgave him she couldn’t stay mad at
him. He was her best friend and anyway it was over and done with now, so there’s
nothing she could do. The man stepped away from the computer and sat down on the
sofa. She went and sat beside him they were an odd pair she was thin and not very
tall as, he was a bit larger and was like a giant stood next to her. He got up and
asked her if she wanted a drink of tea, she said yes and followed him into the
kitchen to give him a hand. 

	“I see you unpacked everything for the kitchen finally.” The last time she had
come up, everything that was meant to be in the kitchen was in boxes. So she had to
make do with the spare bits and bobs she could find, in the only boxes she could get
to. After having a small chit chat about nothing in particular they went and sat back
in the living room with their drinks. It would soon be the party season. They would
be out almost all night, but they would always stay together. Usually they would
collect all their friends together and then just go out clubbing. First they hit
Kelly’s there regular bar then into the town centre to Wizz, Bliss, Heaven or Hell,
Killer and a few other ones but they were more quiet less people and it meant they
could chill out a bit before it was time to hit the next be club. The morning after,
they would usually wake up on a park bench, in the middle of the park. They probably
would have just staggered that far and decided to give it up as a bad job and head
for the closest thing, which was usually a bench. But they always stuck together and
never came home without each other.

tell me what you think? anyone got an idea for an ending i could really use one

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