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Tuesday, 5 June 2007
04:43:37 PM (GMT)
read chapter 2!!!!


"Mom!" my twin sister, Kayley and me Kale yelled.” can we go out side now."
"You've ate all your breakfast and your rooms are clean." my mom said in disbelief,
"…and cleaned yourself up."
"Yes,” I said quickly
"Then Yes," mom said
"Thank you!" I said as Kayley and I dashed out the door, with my short dirty blonde
hair flying in my face.
"Race you," Kale said her hair was long and went down most of her back her hair was
Also dirty blonde, the major difference was our personality
 “okay," I sped up faster and as we dodged trees i slid feet first as we closed on
the river, "you know you can't win,"
"I can," said someone behind the tree.
"So can I," said someone else 
"Hey, keith," I said
"Hey, Jason!" Kayley said hugging Jason. 
 "Hey Kale"
 "Hey, kayley," jason said, "missed you too."
"I thought yall had moved," Kayley said. 
"We did, but my mom had the job turned down at the last minute." Jason said dropping
kayley, kayley and jason were going out even though, they had moved.
jason and keith were twins also, their were only two twins sets, at the school and it
was Kayley and I, and Jason and Keith.  
“That’s cool; I mean it’s kind of bad your mom lost the job." I said.         

 "Yea, sort of, but not really, I’m glad were back," Keith said.
 "I got a question for you," Jason said to me, he handed me a letter"
"Well umm, got to go," keith said.
 I opened the letter....

                         Dear Kale,~                                                
           I just wanted to tell you, that, Keith really likes you, if you just want
to be friends he says, that’s fine, or if you don't want to be friends anymore
fine too, or if you want to go out.                                                 


I thought what could I say, I did like him, but I had no idea what to say, cause
what if it didn't work out, what if I screwed up, what if i ruined his life, or
broke his heart?

I turned the paper over and wrote my answer, I just hoped it was the right thing,
Would he talk to me at school in the morning like always did.

  I handed Jason the letter and without looking at it he put it in his pocket,
Kayley looked at me "so, what was that?"
 "A letter," I said
 "what it say?" kayley put back
 "words," i said
 " what kind of words," she said
 "ask jason," I said
 "fine," kayley said as i turned around walked a distance, walked half way across a
log laying across the river, I took off my shoes threw them and my socks to land,
rolled up my jeans and let and put my feet into the water. I glanced behind me as
kayley and jason talked, kayley was happy with jason as her boyfriend, they were
similar but not really me and kayley were opposites. some examples would be I'm a
total tomboy, she takes an hour to do her hair and another to do her makeup, I
take10 minutes or less to do my hair, and just forget about make up...kayley was
coming up behind me.
   I cupped my hands and got some water and splashed it over my face, "did you say
yes?" kayley said.
  "no," I responded
  " you, said no, how can you say no, even though keith doesn’t look like most of
other guy you like, how can you say no, you'd say yes to jason, wouldn't you?
  "No, I wouldn't jason looks a lot different than keith, keith looks better, and is
nicer," I put
 " since your saying such good stuff about him...hey!" she said realizing the insult
towards jason, "why don't you just go out with him?"
  " all I said was I didn't say yes," I got up glanced at my shoes, but left them and

"Kale!" yelled kayley, "You had too of said no, or maybe," she whispered to


I ran away my feet bare, I was just walking, to no place really but still somewhere,
I came out of the line of trees and saw a house I was  at the house where i always
came when i was in a bad mood...or sad, I came a few times when jason and keith were
gone and of course no one was here, so i just would walk in, I turned around, i
couldn't go in there, not yet anyway, not till he got the answer.

"hey, hon," my mom said.
"hey, um, kale..."
"don't ask again." i said to kayley.
"Dinners ready," she said instead.


"thanks mom," i said, i grabbed a peice of pizza, and cinnomon stick too, the crust
of the pizza was filled with cheese, i sat the cinnomon stick on my plate with the
pizza still in my hand, i took a bite of the pizza, taking a piece of pepperoni in
the bite.
"yup," kayley agreed, she had a small piece of pizza and salad, and suprisingly i
was skinner not by much but i still was skinner than her, she took a bite of her

the phone rang as soon as dinner was done, kayley answered.
"hello" she said
"okay then, what,"
"okay okay, i promise,"
"oh, okay, thanks,"
"no, way"
"i, wont."
''okay, seeya"

"what was that about?" I asked, she walked out the room and to hers,

"get ready for bed girls,"

"...beep...beep......beep...beep...beep..." i clicked the clock of...yawned and
streatched, forgetting all about yesterday even the boys being back, I changed into
a pair of baggy jeans with holes in them that i had made by sliding on my knees, i
put on a pale baggy yellow shirt too...I went to the bathroom my sister already in
there...she grinned.
"hey..." Kayley said finishing up her hair.
"well your done early, whys that?" i said
"because." she answered
"wow..." i said, i looked at her, her hair swayed back and forth as she walked out,
it was not finished as in her kind of finish, no one else would notice though.
"Mom! I'm walking over to Jasons" kayley said
"jason." i said under my breath, then i blinked "jason," then i forgot jason and
keith were back, i froze. I brushed my hair quickly briefly straightned it, and
grabbed my back pack and flew out the door, chasing after kayley, I ran dashing
between trees and splashed in a puddle of mud as it went everywhere, half way there
i saw kayley.
"hey." she said. I breathed and nodded instead of saying anything. "youre muddy..."
"I know." i said firmly, stepping over a rock, nearly tripping
"got this for you..." she said pulling out a coin that was personaly made by me and
i called it my lucky coin, i had made it out of a rock that had this wierd shine to
"thanks," when we got there keith was already out the door with jason close behind.
My face turned red, i looked away.
"yall are going to have to talk, i mean come on yall are well might be going out."
jason said as the bus pulled up
I sat down and Jason ended up making keith sit beside me.
"yall have to talk" kayley said
I looked at Keiths face it was very red, I pretended not to notice. "Hey, keith"
"Hey," he said  as his face became not as red.
the rest of the bus ride was quiet


I tripped on the rug at the door way, and keith laughed, "don't trip there." he
said, as i was laughing on the floor. My face was red, because of the fall and
thankfully we were the last ones in, jason and kayley were gone. Keith lent me a
hand and pulled me up. "so was that fun?"
"actually yes" i said with a bright smile, then it slowly faded relizing something i
had felt someone watching me and i knew exactly who it was the other guy that i
and he secretly liked me and i knew it...he was looking at me and i took a quick
glance around the room acting like i was looking for a friend. quickly he turned
"you wont mind if we dont go out will you."
"no" he said
"okay, " i said " I'm still thinking about it,"

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