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Opal Fruit - Chapter OneCategory: New Story
Sunday, 3 June 2007
09:12:56 AM (GMT)
Opal Fruit was a girl, a lonely girl. She had no friends and she lived alone with
her mother, who she never saw anyway. Opal longed for someone to talk to, someone to
share her thoughts, her ideas, her worries. Her whole life was a nightmare, and it
was about to get worse.
Opal walked into the playground, ignoring the sniggers and giggles as she passed. Her
crumpled blouse and long grey skirt was nothing to be proud of. It didn't stop when
she got into the classroom. The teacher walked in and the giggles stopped but her
classmates elbowed her and kicked her as they passed her desk.
"Class, we have a new student today," said Mrs Song, the class teacher. "Her name is
Opal peered round Mrs Song and saw a girl standing there. Opal sighed as she got a
glance of the girl, her hopes for a friend drowned. Rianna had blonde highlighted
hair down to her shoulders. A nose stud gleamed and three earrings hung from each
ear. Her figure was very slim and even though there was a strict uniform policy, she
still had the coolest clothes. Her shirt was short and untucked, showing off some of
her flat stomach. Her skirt was very short and she had white trainers that gleamed.
"Now, where can you sit?" said Mrs Song, scratching her head. "Ah, there's a space
behind Opal. Wave, Opal."
Opal limply held her hand no higher than her shoulder. Rianna held her books loosely
in her hand and walked over to the desk behind Opal.
"Welcome to the school, Rianna," said Mrs Song, and then started to teach the
"Hey geek." Rianna poked Opal in the back with her sharp ruler. Opal tried to ignore
it. All through lessons Rianna poked and prodded and called names. At breaktime it
didn't get much better. Opal hid in the corner of the playground, reading her book,
but Rianna and some other girls surrounded her. They pulled her up and held her
against the wall. Rianna pulled down her skirt while Opal tried desperately to hold
them off. When the teacher came over, the girls smiled sweetly and acted like they
were chatting together.
When the bell went, Opal rushed into the girls' toilets and cried. Ten minutes later,
Mrs Song came looking for her.
"Opal, are you in here?" she called. Opal looked at her weakly and then walked slowly
back to class.
For the whole day Rianna and her gang bullied her. She had no one to turn to. As she
reached her house, someone called her name.
"Hey, Opal Fruit!" She looked round, but it wasn't anybody pleasant. It was Rianna.
"Please," begged Opal. "Leave me alone."
Rianna and her gang laughed. "We have some unfinished business."
Opal hurried into her house, slamming the door. Tears streamed down her red cheeks.
Rianna hammered on the window. Opal's Mum came down the stairs. She was drunk. She
giggled at Opal and then lay down on the sofa. She was then snoring.
Opal cried silently for ten minutes until she finally plucked up the courage to peep
through the window in the door.
Rianna was messing around in her street, chatting and flirting with some boys on
"No, they live here," whispered Opal, sliding back down against the door. She rushed
upstairs to her bedroom. It was dirty and old, for her Mum didn't care. Opal had to
do her own washing, cooking and cleaning, which she wasn't very good at.
At 5:00, Opal made herself some burnt cheese on toast and some very weak apple juice.
It wasn't satisfying, but what else could she do? Nothing. Her Mum was still snoring
on the sofa, still drunk. Opal knew it wasn't just alcohol that was doing this to her
mother. It was drugs.
Sobbing, Opal sat down at the kitchen table. She held her toy bunny in her arms,
cradling it. This was one of the only comforts she had. She had no friends, no
happiness, and soon no mother.
Opal had a shower and then watched TV until 8:00. Her Mum didn't care what time she
went to bed but Opal always went early to please her. Mum liked to be left alone.
Opal had been a mistake all these years ago. The current boyfriend just did it for
the sex. He cleared off after a week. Opal's Mum didn't want the baby, and she was
tempted to commit suicide. But then she got this other boyfriend, and got her started
on drugs. She felt good, and suicide was out of the window now. Poor little Opal had
no chance of love or caring. She was just tossed to one side, newborn and crying.
Opal's Mum did not care for Opal even as she was a baby. She was left in her cot all
day and if she wet her nappy, she would just be smacked and layed back down again. Of
course, Opal could not remember all this....

AnimeFanOVGY says:   3 June 2007   865797  
lol bad news for Opal, Is it a message to get Child abuse to stop..
my mum had the same ordeal, we don't talk to the witch no more she hit
Dawson round the head and left her uncoinsious and got Courtney drunk
and then got a sick twisted 40 year old man to rape her i was a small
baby at the time, safe in my mothers womb.
Mimzy says:   6 June 2007   847131  
Wow, I knew you were a good writer, but i didn't know you were this
good! This is really great stuff! I can't wait to find out what
happens to Opal! I am so going to read chapter two now!
bbqgirl says:   8 June 2007   335542  
that is really good yet sad
‹yeahitsLEIGH♥› says:   9 June 2007   461546  
Thankz sooo much
Ashleighxx says :   15 May 2008   564284  

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