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Tell Her Parents to Fuck Off!Category: So Incredibly Pissed Off It's Damn near Crippling
Tuesday, 24 April 2007
09:56:30 PM (GMT)
Today, out of the blue my Girlfriend's Mother called me. Now, for the past few days
have been hearing how fights in my girlfriend’s house have been escalating to new
heights. So needless to say I was a tad edgy when I was talking to her. So told me,
due to her daughter being, Inconsiderate, Intolerable, "Nasty", mean and Bitchy that
she had been grounded from everything for the rest of the week. I simple knotted my
head and uttered the word "okay?"  She then proceeded to ask if I would help in
keeping her in this punishment. I said nothing. She kept going and told me that I
could see her this Saturday all day though. This was simply an act of compassion for
me because she then said that she was sorry about doing this to me. I just said "I
understand". She continues... If she calls you please keep it brief. I say "no
problem" I had a slight problem about the reasoning behind the grounding but the fact
that she was giving leeway I could accept. Then I hear it. Her step-father "King of
the House" says "She won’t be calling you at all." I damn near lost it. This prick
has been keeping my love down for far too long. He's not her father so I don't
understand where this little punk son of a bitch gets off saying that. Luckily I see
one of my friends out the corner of my eye and calm a little. Her mother then asks,
"Are you ok? You sound upset." I rebottled, "Well yea I am kind of pissed 'cause I
don't understand why she's grounded for you hitting her. If you ask me I think she
has every right to be as bitchy as she wants to you. You know how I feel about that."
Before I could finish she interjects, "I didn't hit her!" This I didn't believe at
all. I have actually see bruises left by her mother. My girlfriend has worn long
sleeves to hide it. I doesn't happen often, but enough. She then says that she has
never hit her children, especially Justine. “She’s full of shit!” I thought.
Then she corrects herself. “Ok Maybe Twice, but those are mistakes that I have to
live with. “Fuck you, You Stupid Shallow Cunt!” Was the only thing that my brain
wanted to say. Then, she said, “I pushed her and she pushed me back and hit my
arm.” My only thought was, “Oh How sad for you? Fucking Cunt.” Though I say
nothing. Quickly, she senses that I'm becoming aggravated. Still I try to withhold
it. She ends the conversation with a quick “I just wanted you to know and I’m
sorry. I will talk to you later” Now I can hear her step-father murmuring in the
background. I close the phone. I look at the ground and scream, “Fuck you, you
lying piece of Shit!” My friends all turn and look at me. I stare back at them and
proclaim, “If I never fucking hear from that worthless piece of lying shit again it
will be too god damn soon!” My friends then look at the phone tightly grasped in my
hand. I’m squeezing it so hard they all thought it might break. Then one of them
looks at me and says, “Your Mom?” I turned to them and shook my head.
“Justine’s.” I nearly whispered.  A light sigh of sorrow and compassion is made
for Justine. 

	Not Even 4 hours later I get a call from my girlfriend asking me what I tell her
mother. I asked her what she knew. This is what she said “That you called my mom
from school, and started yelling at her about how she hit me.” Quickly to clear my
name I tell her, “woo, woo, woo! I didn’t call her. She called me. Actually she
called my house, left a message for me and then called my cell while I was still at
school. So fuck her ok?” A light, “that’s not what she said” came form the
other end of the phone. “You have to be fucking kidding me!” comes across my
tongue but my lips never said it.  We talk for about half an hour before her mother
picks up the phone. Prier to this, I had been trying to get Justine to confront both
her mother and her step-father about how they treat her. However, it never happened,
at least successfully, that she had told me of. Her mother and step-father  like me
enough to where I can tell them what’s wrong and not get tossed aside, but they
feed me the biggest pile of bullshit lies you’d ever hear. But I take them and find
the holes in their stories and throw it right in their faces. To be honest I don’t
like either of them. Although I do respect them enough to understand some of the
things they do. I have sided with Justine’s mother before but on this, I knew she
was full of shit. I had to end it. So when she picked up the phone and told Justine
to get off the line I said “Good, Justine get off the line I need to talk to your
mother.” I hear silence. I then explode (really it was more a contained blast but
still, it made me feel better, a little.) I get out one of the things that was
pissing me off out before the phone dropped dead. “Why the hell are you using me
against Justine? I never said you could do that and I never will! Also, why did you
tell her that, I called YOU from the SCHOOL PHONE to YELL at YOU for hitting
her?!!!?!?!” I was exasperated. Quickly I hear the two of them argue over it and
then a quick, hasty, hating “good-bye” from both of them and then dead silence.
That is right when I started writing this. Again I screamed “FUCK!!!!!” as loud
as I could. Then I began typing.

sexypandabear says:   25 April 2007   947614  
im sorry!! i told you not to get messed up in my shit life.
and by the way i told you to tell her when she picked up 
and i was on the phone still when you both hung up on me i wanted to
talk to you a lil more before burying myself in a book.
brunetbaby says:   23 June 2007   751787  
i am sorry my stepdad hates you. i know i shouldn't get involved and
you may think i am full of shit too. but they were fighting, my mom
and stepdad, bad, and then the y were fighting about you. pete said
you were a horny teenager, i am like SO WHAT  HE LOVES MY SISTER HE
MAKES HER HAPPY. But i think that because i am scared. and yes you are
right. my mom trys to make herself the victom. . .
sexypandabear says:   24 June 2007   181682  
pete said that!! where was i?? and thank you brenna i am glad you see
that =]
brunetbaby says:   14 July 2007   916856  
you dont hate me right?
Dragonfly01 says :   4 September 2007   859426  

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