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A Death Note Sporking Part 3Category: Sporkings
Thursday, 8 March 2007
08:43:52 PM (GMT)
Author: LiL DraGoNs2er
Title: Girl with a Lock, Detective with a Key.
Rating: Three Rotten Apples
Full Name (including any titles): Saika Manami, Sin
Full Species(es): Canoncharacterus Rippofficus
Hair Color (include adjectives): "long warm chestnut hair"
Eye Color (include adjectives): "chocolate brown eyes"
Unusual Markings/Colorations/Physical Features: none
Special Possessions (if any): A Death Note, L's love
Origin: The Pit of Dispair (Fanfiction.net)
Connections To Canon Characters: Claims to be dating L, Pretending to be them.
Special Abilities: none...yet
Other Annoying Traits: It would be easier at this point to list the non annoying
traits...but there aren't any.
I Say/Notes: It's boring. Nothing actually happens...ever...even the parts with plot
development just aren't interesting. Also...Gah...just read the damn thing.

Chapter Three
Snip (yet another disclaimer and thankyou’s)
Snip (The last two sentences of the previous chapter)
Okay, I’m cutting this part because it’s boring…seriously…three paragraphs of
nothing happening…I think she walked…or something.

 “So it’s been here all this time.” she exclaimed, picking up a necklace with a
silver lock on it. “I thought I lost it!” she breathed, “Grandma would be glad
I found it.” Sin ‘hmphed’ again. “Which computer connects with Watari’s
laptop? I’ll contact him.”
“You man the old man with a funny hat?” 
“He reminds me of my late grandfather and it’s NOT a funny hat.” 

Raito: Come to think of it, Watari DOES have a funny hat.
L: Shut up, I bought him that hat.

She answered huffily as she switched on the computer at the end of the long table.
Meanwhile, Watari in his ‘secret room’ 

Raito: I’m going to pretend that “secret room” is code for “closet”
Misa: Why?
Raito: Come to think of it…I really don’t know.

with the many computers, glanced at the usually ‘off’ computer in the corner
switch on. “The mansion’s?” he asked surprised, “Something must’ve
happened!” he rolled on his chair to the computer,

L: Yeah! Like somebody pushing the “ON” button!

“How do I use this thing again...” A high pitched voice fuzzed out of the
speakers, Watari blinked.
“Miss Saika?”
“Watari? Is it just me or are the speakers making my voice sound fuzzy and awfully

Misa: It’s just you.
L: How can she hear her own voice when they’re in another room?
Raito: Closet…you mean closet. You see, Fic!Watari is a pedophile and a peeping
tom, and is thus watching her from the closet. 
Misa: Oh! I get it! *Giggles* It’s funny Because By saying Watari’s in the
closet; He’s implying that he’s a homosexual! LOL!
L: Misa, the joke is dead. You’ve killed it.

“No, Miss Saika, they’re there to disguise our voices.” Watari smiled, glad to
have finally gotten communication from Saika. He wished to see L’s surprised
expression after a long time.

Raito: Why am I suddenly reminded of that Watari/L Fic that management was so eager
for us to spork?
L: *shudders* Don’t…Just don’t.

“I found something important for Ryuuzaki, and I can’t actually send it so I’ll
have to give it to him by hand. 

Raito: *squicks* Please don’t let there be smut…I don’t think I could deal with
L: Raito-kun, I think she’s talking about the Death Note
Raito: Yeah, I know. But it’s more entertaining to take things out of context.

Do you know where I can find you two? If Ryuuzaki doesn’t want to see me I might as
well just give it to you. It’s about the Kira case.” 

L: It’s true; I really don’t want to see her.

Watari stared at blank screen in shock. How is Saika involved with this case? Any
how, he’ll believe in the girl... but just for precaution;
Back to Saika,
“I’m sorry if you are speaking the truth Miss Saika, but I need proof that you
are her.”
“Well... if I wasn’t Saika I wouldn’t be sitting in this huge Manor using L’s
computer. Plus I know L loves cake. And I know he’s known as Ryuuga Hideki,

Raito: But EVERYBODY knows that! All that proves is that she read the manga.
Misa: So she knows canon, but is raping it anyway?

“I know it’s you Miss Saika. I will give you Ryuuzaki’s location only once.”

Misa: After that, I will self-destruct.

Sai readied her pen and wrote down the address.

Raito: Misa, get the emergency cake… *restrains L*

“Thank you, Watari! I hope to see you soon and please don’t tell Ryuuzaki.
Consider it as a surprise for him.” she added with a bitter voice.
“Please be careful.” They disconnected. Saika lowered her eyes and raised her
hand that held the chained Lock. She wondered distantly if the story behind the Lock
would ever come true.

Oh Noez! A text brick! Yeah, I cut it…for reading ease. Basically it was every Sue
cliché- Everyone loves the Sue. The Stu-nigami is jealous of L. The Sue loves L and
gets all squishy about it. She’s worried about him though. *Yawn*

Saika loved L. She knew she did. Yet now she wasn’t sure anymore. Perhaps she was
afraid that if she confessed her love, and he will turn her away again like he did
before because of the Kira case? She just had to believe in him. 

Misa: I DO believe in L. I do! I do! Come on join in!
Raito and Misa: I DO believe in L. I do! I do!
Raito: The boys and girls at home too!
Misa: Who?
Raito: *nods head towards the fourth wall*
Misa: Hunh?
Raito: *sighs* Never mind.
L: …I hate you all…

There were times where she felt she was loved by him

Raito: *sporfles*
L: *blanches*
Misa: Seriously Raito, who were you talking to?
Raito: Misa, just drop it.

... for her eighteenth birthday she was given eighteen flowers. One, of which was a
L: Only because I thought she was allergic.

“They’re so beautiful...” Saika breathed as she smelled the beautiful scent. 

Misa: Unlike how she usually smells things: without breathing.

L was crouched on an arm chair, eating the chocolate cake her grandmother made for
him. He glanced at her and after swallowing,
“I will be with you always until those flowers die.” 

Raito: *as L* Or until I have to go to Japan it investigate crime.

Saika blinked.
“Flowers don’t last for long.” she whispered, suddenly in fear and soft pain.
She then noticed some thing. She pulled out the rose, “This rose is a fake!” she
exclaimed and looking at L with confusion.

Raito: L you cheap bastard! 
L: I didn’t do it! I don’t even LIKE the girl! It must have been my evil twin,
Raito: Who’s he?
L: He’s the one responsible for all of those nude photos of me circulating the
Misa: Awww, I think it’s sweet!
Raito and L: *looks at each other uneasily*

“Meaning it won’t die.” 

Raito: Well he-LO captain obvious!
L: …and neither will this fic! T-T

he shrugged again and finished his cake. He jumped off and put the plate on the tray.
He scratched his nose with a single finger before staring at her with his dark ringed
eyes, she was crying?
“L, thank you so much.” she murmured before smiling. She ran and hugged him,
“Thank you! This was a brilliant idea for a gift...the message is just perfect and
everything!” Actually, L had gotten this idea from researching on the net, 

Raito: O_o
L: Not me; remember? 
Misa: Slander for the LOSE.
Raito: Slander only applies to spoken statements. This is written, and therefore
should be referred to as “Libel”.
Misa: Fine then, whatever. Libel for the LOSE. 

but he kept that part silent as he awkwardly returned the embrace.
And now L was in danger. And Saika had to help him. Sin’s low, dark voice stirred
her from her thoughts,
“What now?”
“...We go to Japan.”
x Twelve Hours and a lot more Later...
“Watari? Watari??” Ryuuzaki stared at the screen, his already wide eyes widening,
where the ‘W’ disappeared,

Raito and Misa: *sporfles*
L: There was no reason for that to be funny.
Raito: It is if you take it out of context.
L: *facepalm* You two are SO immature. 

and the words ‘All data deleted’ 


“She?” echoed Light 

Raito: >_<

and glanced at Ryuuzaki.
“I told Watari to delete all the information he held if something unexpected
happens to him.” ‘She’, thought Ryuuzaki. His eyes widened, ‘could it be??’
He kicked the desk, forcing his wheel chair 

Raito: So…Fic!L’s a cripple…that’s…um…random.
L: But I can walk just fine. See. *gets up and walks around the theater* Wait, *sits
back down* if I’m a cripple how can I “kick the desk”.
Raito: Quite the paradox. Quite the paradox INDEED.

to roll him back to the screens where the cameras surveyed the hotel lobby.
‘Sai!’ He stood up and ran towards the door, ‘Watari must’ve told her my
location. Why now? Watari is gone...’ 

Raito: No he isn’t. I know exactly where he is- he’s in his closet.

he ran out ignoring the outbursts from the other investigators, 

Misa: *as Matsuda-san* MY HEAD ASPLODE!
L: *as self* I’m ignoring you.
‘If Watari’s dead... Misa hasn’t seen Watari before... Yagami Light?

Raito: *silent rage*

No... I didn’t let anybody know Watari’s real name. The reaper... it must’ve

Misa: Colonel Mustard!
L: In the Ballroom!
Raito: With the Lead Pipe!

He skidded from the bottom of the staircase. He did not say her name. 

Misa: *singing* Say ma Name. Say ma name. If no one is around you, say ‘Baby I love
you’ if you ain’t runnin’ games.
Raito: Please stop that.
Misa: *stops*

Not a whisper. But he could read his name off her lips as she stood before him. To
see her again after what seemed forever made L feel just how beautiful she looked...

Raito: *as Rosalia* What has Chino done to her?
L: *as Maria* Chino? Why Chino? 

yet, she had bags under her eyes and looked rather tired. “I...I don’t know if
you want me to be here, nor that you want to see me again,” Saika said slowly and
nervously, “But I—” She stopped, “Ryuuzaki?!” L fell to his knees,
clutching the surface of his heart that suddenly felt like exploding into bits.

L: Oh Noes! Kira!
Misa: Watch out for shrapnel!

Snip (Sigh, more review whoring and a completely OOC idiotic sketch)

Misa_Amame says:   15 January 2008   461322  
This is awsome!^_^
Misa_Amame says :   15 January 2008   377746  
Take away my comments,Im sorry!^_^

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