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German Brats, Black Cats, Free Hats, And Our Lives....... Part 1Category: Book!
Saturday, 20 January 2007
10:35:34 PM (GMT)
Jeremy's P.O.V.
God, i can't believe this!!!! Ariel is pissed at me!
I didn't do anything!
Jess: "Hey Jerbear!!!"
Ugh! Why does she call me that?
Jeremy: "Uh, hi Jess! Talk to Ross?"
Ross is the guy Jess is in love with.
Jess: "No, not yet, but math class is next and well it's math class!"
Bee: "Hey guys! What's up?"
Jess: "Nothing, Ariel is mad at Jeremy and I have math next."
Bee: "Ah, the 'Ross Class'!"
Jeremy: "Yeah, I have Mrs. Segailston next!"
Bee: "That sucks! I have Mr. James!! PARTY TIME!"
Mr. James is the nicest, coolest teacher ever!!!!!!
Jess: "Lucky, anyway, Bee has Micheal asked you out yet?"
Bee: "Hum, NO! I hate him Jess! You know that......."
Bee is sooooo lying her as* off!

Jess' P.O.V.
Ah, math class....I hate it and love it.
I'm failing but I sit next to Ross and he sings and flirts and is cute as hell!
Ross: "Hey Jess!!"
Jess: "Hey Ross, what ya smiling at?"
Ross: "You mean who? I'm staring at this girl who is so amazing and super nice and
sits next to me in math class."
Jess: "Hum.....I wonder who that is?"
Ross: "Yeah, she's tall and pretty, but HATES math class."
Jess: " I know some one like her."
Ross: "Oh yeah? Well will you give her this?"
Ross handed me a peice of paper with a number scribbled on it saying: "Call Me."
Jess: "Well"
Ross: "I take that as a she'll call."
He grined so sweetly I melted in it and looked up to see what we had to do for
today.....math, as usual!
Jess: "Yeah, she will be calling you Ross."

Ross' P.O.V.
I can't believe I asked her out!
I can't stop smiling! She makes me so happy!
Joby: "Ross, you okay?"
Ross: "Never been better Joby!"
Phillip: "Ya sure, you never smile this much after math class."
Matthew: "YEAH!!"
Ross: "Haha, yeah Toce, Phill I'm fine."
Joby: "Okay, whatever....."

Jeremy's P.O.V.
How am I supposed to make Ariel unmad at me?
For that matter what the fu** did I do?
Jeremy: "Ariel, what did I do?"
Ariel: "What do you mean??? You sold me out!"
Jeremy: "I didn't, who are you gonna believe? Me or them?"
Ariel: "I don't know Jeremy, I really don't!"
Jeremy: "Well Ariel, do you know if you can go out with me Saturday?"
Ariel: "What???"
Jeremy: "You heard me, wanna go out Saturday?"
Ariel: "Ah Jeremy!!! YES!!!! I forgive you!"
Jeremy: "Good!!!!!!!!!"

Bee's P.O.V.
Micheal is sooo sweet!
What am I supposed to say to him?
But I love him!
I will say yes, I mean I can't keep lying to him.
Or my friends for that matter.
Micheal: "So Bee, you free this weekend?"
Bee: "I think so, when?"
Micheal: "Saturday night, around 6:30 movies and dinner?"
Bee: "Um, sorry no, I have plans to go to the movies with this amazing guy."
Micheal: "Oh, well, that's okay."
Bee: "Micheal, I was talking about you!"
Micheal's face grew into a huge smile, so wide I thought his face would crack!

Will's P.O.V.
I'm so lost! 
This school is weird, where is the bathroom??
Where am I?
I miss Victoria!

Jess' P.O.V.
Jess to Bee and Ariel: "Ross asked me out!!"
Bee: "WHAT? That's funny, because Micheal asked me out!"
Ariel: "And Jeremy asked me out!!!!!"
Jess: "Wow, everyone is hooking up!"
Ariel: "I was mad at him and then he asked me out and I said yes and calmed down!"
Jess: "Finially! God, Bee how long has he been wanting to ask her out?"
Bee: "Forever!"
Jess: "I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!"
The dance is soon! And I have a date with Ross!! The world has become to perfect! I
love it!

loserXcitygurl57 says:   21 January 2007   544177  
Yeah I'm magical in this awesome story!
And Will is lost, lol!
Yeah I'm going out with Micheal!
MrHello says:   21 January 2007   592243  
Yeah.But why am I lost?Well it was cool
Cyanide_kills says :   21 January 2007   343859  
Lost in a school Will!


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