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My True Love "Chapter 13 FINALE!"Category: stories
Wednesday, 20 December 2006
04:12:13 PM (GMT)

2:00 AM

I woke up. I turned seeing a boat. I woke up Bryan and Michael. They were alive. Now
I had to wake up Zack. "Zack, a lifeboat is here." I said, gently shaking his hand.
He didn't move. No, that couldn't be it! I shook him harder and repeated myself
louder. "Zack a lifeboat is here!!" He still didn't move. I felt no heartbeat or
pulse. I started to cry and lie down. Bryan and Zack started swimming to 2 dead
officers in the water blowing the whistle. The lifeboat didn't come. I remembered my
promise and swam to help them. I whistled the loudest and they started coming. As
soon as they rescued me, they gave me a blanket and some hot chocolate. I started
crying. Then, Michael came up to me, saying "I'm sorry about Zack." He then kissed me
on the hand, like Zack did when we first met. I just backed away from him, wondering
if I could ever go on with my life without Zack.

8:02 AM

I was still wearing the necklace Zack gave me. I gently touched it and placed it on
my heart. "I love you Zack.." I whispered to myself. The light of the sun shone
brighter then it was before. I think he was answering with a "I love you more." I
knew I shouldn't have told him my wish! We would probably be together right now.
Michael, Bryan, and I had our own blankets. We stayed close. I heard Cal come closer
to us. I just put my blanket over my head, hoping that he didn't see me. He just
walked by me. I sighed in relief. I just noticed I was in Oregon. Michael, Bryan, and
I were allowed to ride in a limo. The limo would be here soon. I rubbed my tummy
gently, thanking that I was alive to see this birth. I wish Zack would be here
though. I sighed and went into the limo.

"To the Salem Holiday Inn." Bryan said. I was really depressed. Michael, brushed my
hair with his fingers like Zack used to do. I was trying to hold the tears of
remembering Zack. When we arrived at the hotel, we got out of the car. I couldn't
wait to see Jessica. She'd probably be sad when she didn't see Tom or Zack. We walked
to the front desk. "Hello, we're looking for Miss Jessica Jeffersons." I said in a
lady-like voice. He gave us the key to her room. It was room number 2234 on the fifth
floor. When we arrived, Jessica was happy and upset. I told her what happened to Zack
and Tom. "That son of a bitch Cal! I don't know how I liked him!" she said angerly.
She also said she was upset about Zack. She had two double beds. So Michael and I
slept with each other and Bryan and Jessica slept with each other. The next day, I
was going to start a new life, with some help of course.


Be sure to check out My True Love 2 coming soon!

colagirl4 cries:   20 December 2006   242991  
Oh my God that was so sad.Cry
Annie1314 says:   21 December 2006   879635  
i can't wait till my true love 2

i love your writing
fashion_girl cries:   23 December 2006   623819  
omg....that was really sad and all !!!!
Iesha210 says:   28 December 2006   287259  
OMG ZACK DIED!!!!! Omg I'm like crying right now!
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   3 January 2007   278176  
I can't believe Zack died!!! TT_TT TT_TT T________T       sniff sniff
lindsay606 says:   20 January 2007   798941  
I'm like really crying now . I can not type any more but I can type

fuzzyelmoo says :   5 March 2007   432929  
me 2.... :'[

omg!!! the titanic!!!!!!! thats wat it was..... this is like based on
a new version of the titanic!!! ur storys rule...


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